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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Archive for the 'Pinterest Advertising' Category

Pinflux 2.0 puts Pinterest to work in your business #ad

Many people turn to Pinterest to get ideas for what they should buy. New dress, new car, new house; it doesn’t matter; people have come to expect that someone on Pinterest will have a picture of something that’s just right for them. As a result, merchants of all types have started placing product pictures on Pinterest, to attract views leading to clicks leading to sales. Now it’s your turn. You can use the power of Pinterest to build your online business. TeknikForce, headed by Cyril Gupta, has just announced Pinflux 2, an enhanced version of their software announced two years... [...]

Shopify’s guide to Pinterest advertising and promoted pins

Shopify columnist Ana Gotter has published ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Advertising and Promoted Pins’. The guide offers tips and strategies to righly use the Pinterest’s advertising platform. Talking about the promoted pins, Gotter says, “Promoted Pins absolutely can and do work for businesses with products and services that are a good fit for the platform. Keep in mind, however, that even organic content on Pinterest can have a lot of sales potential—93% of pinners say they use the site to make purchasing plans and research products, and 40% of users have... [...]

Pinterest testing wide-format video ads

Pinterest is testing wide-format video ads with advertisers such as adidas, Kohl’s, American Express, Tropicana, Chevrolet, P&G, and Paramount Pictures this summer. The format is available in16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios so brands can try new and existing creative. Pinterest’s Nancy J says, “With Promoted Video at max. width, your video stands out to drive impact and brand awareness. The format is easy to spot; it spans wider than our standard format in feeds and in search on mobile, so people can sit back and watch your story. People on Pinterest really are more interested in videos... [...]

Pinterest’ small business advertisers grow by 50% year-over-year

Pinterest has announced that its small business advertisers have grown by 50% year-over-year since 2017. The company has stated that more than 1.5 million businesses use Pinterest to find customers, share their products and get their ideas out into the world. Pinterest’ news release has highlighted Pinterest Propel which helps businesses grow. Jon Kaplan of Pinterest says, “For some businesses, self-service tools are enough. But we know that many companies prefer one-on-one support to help them get the most out of their time and marketing budget. A year ago we launched Pinterest... [...]

Pinterest expands Shopping Ads to more businesses

Pinterest has announced the expansion of its Shopping Ads to more businesses. The social network’s Shopping Ads allow businesses to turn their product catalog into visual, actionable ads. team says, “We’ve already seen great results with initial partners like Ulta Beauty, Venus, Overstock, Lowe’s, eBay, Wayfair and IKEA Canada”. Prama Bhatt, Senior Vice President of Digital and eCommerce at Ulta Beauty has been quoted saying: “Pinterest has proven to be a great match for Ulta Beauty, offering a platform for guest education, exploration and fun that is very similar to... [...]

Mashable announces Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint course

Mashable has announced ‘Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint’ course. This course teaches how Pinterest works and how marketers can use it. Mashable team says, “One of the central challenges of marketing through social media is sorting through buyers and sellers to get a high conversion rate. On many platforms you have to invest big to get a sustainable conversion. However, the vast majority of Pinterest is comprised of buyers, which means well-targeted campaigns have a much higher success rate. This course teaches you how to use Pinterest as a powerful marketing channel and... [...]

Pinterest Introduces Autoplay Video Ads

Marketing Land has reported that Pinterest has started adding autoplay video ads to its users’ feeds and search results. These promoted soundless videos will start playing automatically. The autoplay video ads are seen on the accounts of Adidas, L’Oreal, Toyota, Universal Pictures and Visa. Tim Peterson says, “Since the video ads play automatically and are therefore more likely to get views, they will likely also cost less for advertisers, as has been the case with Twitter’s autoplay video ads since it relaxed its viewability standard. Pinterest will charge advertisers based... [...]

Pinterest to Use Image Recognition for Ad Targeting

Pinterest has announced that it is going to use photo data to target ads on its network. This new update will help Pinterest users easily connect to the products they are finding. Pinterest team says, “When a potential customer spots a table they like the looks of on Pinterest, visual discovery helps us recognize the style, textures and shapes that make it unique. We can identify it as a “rectangular, mid-century modern dining table,” and show similar products that match the look and feel. We help people find your ads in the very same way, connecting people to products they like the looks... [...]

‘Pinterest launches Propel, a hands-on support program for new advertisers’ – Marketing Land

Greg Finn says, “Pinterest has seen a massive influx of tens of thousands of advertisers leveraging the ad platform for exposure. A new program launched today will make it even easier to advertise, thanks to one-on-one support from Pinterest ad experts. The program, Pinterest Propel, helps to teach, train and build campaigns alongside advertisers. In order to qualify for Pinterest Propel, an advertiser needs to be ready to spend $100/day on ads, and the program is only for US and Canadian participants. Those that sign up for the program will receive: phone support and customized tips from... [...]

‘What marketers need to know about Pinterest’s new search ads’ – Econsultancy

Patricio Robles says, “Pinterest has proven to be a revenue-driver for retailers, and for that reason, it has been made an important part of digital marketing strategy for many brands, including ASOS and Now, marketers will have even more opportunities to reach consumers on Pinterest thanks to the launch of search ads on the popular service. Here’s what marketers need to know about Pinterest’s new ad offering, which had previously been tested by a number of major brands. The ads are inserted as Pins into the search results page On Pinterest, when a user enters a search... [...]