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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Archive for the 'Sales Funnels' Category

QuickFunnel: Lightning-fast marketing funnel & page builder #ad

QuickFunnel, which builds web pages and can link them together into a funnel, is a ClickFunnels Alternative but for a limited time, is available at a 1-Time Price, rather than a monthly fee. But this pricing lasts only through Thursday. Whatever online business you are in, you need to build funnels for your marketing if you want to grow your business and your sales. Funnels let you increase your customer value by giving them options for more products, upgrades & services. 8-Figure Marketer, Dr. Amit Pareek has created this 100% beginner-friendly and fully cloud-based powerful SaaS, QuickFunnel... [...]

Accelerate Your Marketing with’s Landing Page Funnel Builder #ad

When the Groove Marketing System was released in 2019, we became an early adopter. Earlier this year, when was pre-announced to Groove members, we saw potential for our work so we got on the waiting list right away. Mike Filsaime and his team told us that it would become become available in September, but they were looking for backers who would help them complete development, And they offered us a discount price as a reward. Well, its official launch is September 1, but they are still offering a special pre-launch price during August. That promise of a discount was why we invested so... [...]

Simulatri: Never Build an Unprofitable Marketing Funnel Again #ad

A Marketing Funnel is a series of marketing offers, connected together so that there is one “gateway” product, perhaps free, that is offered to a wide array of people in order to get as many as possible into the funnel. Those who take that offer are then offered a second product. Those who invest in the second product may be offered a third, and there may be other offers after that. The word “funnel” is used because the number of people accepting each successive product becomes smaller and smaller, just as the neck of a funnel does. Simulatri makes creating sophisticated... [...]

Simulatri designs and builds your marketing funnels #ad

Simulatri is fresh software from Architech Labs that’s perfect for online mearketers looking to improive their results. It lets you map out, pre-optimize, and simulate all kinds of sales funnels before you build them. Saving you time, expense, and removing the guesswork before you press click to instantly build the funnel for you. In today’s online environment, this is critical. We’re no longer in Kansas, Toto. Remember when funnels were simple? You’d send traffic to an opt-in page; they sign up. You’d send an email and make a sale. Or someone would click on a banner and go... [...]

Sales Funnel Supremacy: how to make funnels that sell more #ad

Larry Kearney just released Sales Funnel Supremacy to show you the secrets for building a sales funnel that can convert your leads into High-Ticket customers. In this course, you’ll discover the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs, and even the big brands use to convert visitors into customers. This is how it is done. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel funnel. If you want to make money online, then the very best way to do that is to sell a product. And if you want to sell as many products as possible, then you need to use a sales funnel; that is, a series of related offers... [...]

Infinite Core: Autoresponder + funnel builder + webinar host #ad

Infinite Core: New Multi-function Online Marketing Software Infinite Core is a software bundle that allows you to cancel all your monthly subscriptions. Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers, create unlimited funnels/pages and even unlimited webinars for a low one-time fee. This three-in-one solution (Email Autoresponder, Webinar Host, and Funnel and Page Builder) can meet all your basic marketing software needs for a single payment. Here are the Unique Features of Infinite Core: ➤ Autoresponder: Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers using our autoresponder. ➤ Funnel Builder:... [...]

Marketing Funnels: The key to improved online sales; free virtual summit #ad

Russell Brunson is well known among our readers. He has authored several books on marketing and is the owner of a major marketing software company. He is hosting a multi-day virtual summit on building marketing funnels to improve your online sales. Brunson and 30+ other entrepreneurs (like Dean Graziosi, Peng Joon, and Natalie Hodson) are going to share — page by page — the exact sales funnels they’re using to grow their businesses. Several years ago, Russell Brunson wrote the book DotCom Secrets, where he talks about the 10 core funnels that he uses every day to market and grow his companies. To... [...]

FunnelMates: That’s not a funnel; THIS is a funnel #ad

I laugh every time I think of the scene in “Crocodile Dundee” when a punk pulls a knife on Dundee. Dundee replies, “That’s not a knife; This is a knife.” Well, Cindy Donovan has accomplished something even more interesting for marketers. It is an ‘instant affiliate funnel builder’, but it’s a lot bigger than most others. You can have entire funnels designed, hosted and branded with your site’s name. ✓ It will work in any niche and for any audience. ✓ You can even request to have one made specifically for you. ✓ All emails are written and scheduled... [...]

FunnelMates: Funnel Builder That Pays You To Use It #ad

FunnelMates, just released by Cindy Battye is a complete funnel creation, lead generation and email followup system that automates all aspects of creating entire marketing funnels. With it, you can also build a list of unlimited email subscribers, and create, store, and send automated email sequences to them. Here are some highlights of FunnelMates : ✓ You can access a library of DFY Affiliate Funnels that are integrated with JVZoo, W+, Clickbank, and Pay Kickstart products ✓ Each of these Funnels has:  • DFY Lead Magnet  • DFY Landing Page  • DFY Download... [...]

Breeze Funnels: DIY Marketing funnels for small businesses #ad

Serial product developer Venkata Ramana has just released his latest software, Breeze Funnels. It creates a brand new, unique type of sales funnel that he has worked with an underground group of marketers to beta test. It’s now ready for all online marketers to put it to use. He calls this new type of funnel a “magic-funnel”. They are “magic” because they are so much easier (and quicker) to build and use than ordinary funnels. They have a complete marketing system included, including traffic generation and hosting. With Breeze Funnels, you can deploy your new funnel... [...]