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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Google Chrome' Category

Everything You Want to Know about Chrome 86

Google has just updated its Chrome web browser. How-To Geek’s Joe Fedewa has published an article highlighting the key features of Chrome 86. He says, “Chrome 86 is another solid upgrade from Google. Besides the usual under-the-hood improvements, Google Chrome 86 helps you quickly change vulnerable passwords and protects you from websites wasting your CPU resources (and battery power) in the background. Google released Chrome 86 on October 6, 2020. Chrome will automatically install the update or ask you to install it. If you don’t want to wait, you can check for and install the update by... [...]

Enhance Your Productivity with Google Chrome

According to a July 2019 report from StatCounter, 71% of PC users access the Internet using Google Chrome web browser. Google continues to improve the browser to deliver a smooth surfing experience to its users. Google’s Margret Schmidt has posted an article highlighting how Chrome provides a safe and easy browsing experience to its users and how it can be improved further. Schmidt says, “There are a million and one reasons you open your browser every day, and keeping track of tabs shouldn’t distract you from your goals. With tab improvements and more options to customize Chrome,... [...]

‘Google Chrome Users Are Being Baited’ – TechTalk

Kayla Thrailkill says, “A new ransomware campaign is targeting Google Chrome users.  If Chrome users visit a compromised site, an alert will pop up prompting the user to “update” a Chrome font extension.  The false update claims it need to execute because Hoefler Text is not found.  Although this text font is legitimate, the update is not. Image provided by Forbes, via Proofpoint According to Forbes, researchers have found after users execute the fake update, they become infected with the ransomware variant, Spora.  Although this ransomware variant is similar to other variants, it... [...]

How to use Chrome browser for all it’s worth

It’s surprising how many useful features browser creators place in these products we use every day, far more than “click a link to go to a site” the original purpose of browsers. Any modern browser has functions that can simplify your online life, some of them built into the browser itself, and others added by plugins. Google seems to be leading the way in supplying these advanced features, and there a many that most people are unaware of. PC Magazine recently published an article outlining some of the useful features you probebly never heard of, but would find helpful. In the... [...]

Chrome spammers duped users, developers — and Google too reports that there’s a new threat growing out of the easy extensibility of Google Chrome with add-ons. It has always been possible for someone to create a malicious or adware plugin and attempt to place it on the Chrome Web Store. Google worked hard to assure that such apps didn’t see the light of day or at the least were removed immediately. But there’s a back door Google apparently hadn’t considered: What if a good app goes bad? That’s what happened to two such add-ons, Add to Feedly and Tweet This Page. Once considered useful extensions downloaded... [...]

‘Google Chrome Can Cut Your Mobile Data Usage—But There’s A Catch’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “Google Chrome Can Cut Your Mobile Data Usage—But There’s A Catch”. Selena Larson says, “The latest Chrome for Mobile update could help lower your data usage, but there’s a caveat—it will pass everything you browse through Google servers. Google announced new Chrome data compression and bandwidth management that it says could cut your browsing data usage in half. This is an opt-in feature that you can turn on via the browser’s settings. The data compression feature is powered by an SPDY proxy connection running on... [...]

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