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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Marketing Glossary

MOZ Shares 6 Steps to Executing an Efficient SEO Clean-Up Strategy

It is very important to plan and execute an SEO clean-up strategy to ensure your site aligns with your business goals. To continue getting quality leads from Google, SEO is your weapon.

MOZ contributor John Allen has shared an article highlighting six steps to executing an efficient SEO clean-up strategy.

He says, “There are plenty of things a comprehensive site audit might unearth and identify. From repeated meta descriptions to broken links, a site audit will reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to your website SEO.

With Moz Pro, you can conduct site audits to identify technical SEO issues and crawl issues, as well as recommend ways to improve and fix any issues. This is a good starting place, and once you know where to start, you can follow these six actionable steps to cleaning up your website.

1. Clean up your site structure

The structure of your site can make a huge difference in search engine ranking and the way customers interact with your site.

Site menu

The first structural element visitors are likely to interact with is your site menu. Ideally, your site menu should feature a limited number of top-level items to keep it focused and easy to navigate. You don’t want to overwhelm first-time visitors with a complicated and cluttered site menu!”.

6 Steps to Executing an Efficient SEO Clean-Up Strategy


MOZ Launches Performance Metrics Suite for Improved Page Experience [Press Release]

MOZ has announced the launch of the new performance metrics suite for providing an improved page experience. Its new feature enables SEOs to analyze Core Web Vitals in bulk and view performance through a holistic SEO lens.

The MOZ team says, “The Performance Metrics beta pulls in all Core Web Vitals using Google’s Lighthouse API, as well as additional performance metrics that can improve the page experience for end users. Within the beta, Moz Pro customers are able to quickly, yet thoroughly, evaluate factors critical to their search performance. What once was a time-intensive task is now a seamless part of the Site Crawl workflow. Customers are able to:

  • Analyze thousands of pages in bulk per month
  • Compare mobile versus desktop performance scores
  • View performance data alongside additional search data
  • Understand opportunities for performance improvement
  • Receive insights from Moz’s Search Scientists on how to fix issues and why they matter”.

MOZ Launches Performance Metrics Suite for Improved Page Experience


Managing Marketing Intelligence in 2021 and Beyond, April 14 [Webinar]

eMarketer is hosting a webinar ‘Managing Marketing Intelligence in 2021 and Beyond’ on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 2.00 pm ET.

The eMarketer team says, “eMarketer is pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Salesforce Datorama’s Rebecca Haly, director, customer success, Compare the Market’s Travis Naughton, head of marketing technology and analytics, and Grab’s Asha Gourinath, performance marketing and CRM lead, growth markets. They will discuss how APAC marketers have had to pivot their strategies and accelerate digital transformation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to operationalise growth mandates and improve visibility of marketing ROI
  • How to leverage data to support business objectives and strategies
  • Insights from the field on data-driven transformation in 2021 and beyond

Managing Marketing Intelligence in 2021 and Beyond


Magnum Automated Store builder with free buyer traffic #ad

Magnum e-commerce software builds storesE-commerce is booming. You are missing opportunities if you don’t join in. Magnum makes it easy.

Here are the highlights:
✓ Build dynamic stores in a couple cf clicks
✓ Sell either digital products, physical products, or both
✓ Get traffic from 99 sources in seconds
✓ Ready-to-go stores in the hottest niches are included
✓ Step-by-Step tutorials included

Magnum is the product of the fertile mind of Venkata Ramana, who has been selling online for years and who is the author of many popular marketing tools. (Recent examples include: Breeze Funnels, Wizzard, Empire, Krowd, vSuite, and Swarm.)

You would be wise to consider e-commerce as a part of your online marketing. It is an $800 Billion industry that you can participate in as an affiliate and earn good commissions for each sale.

(And, in some cases, even get paid just for sending clicks.)

To build your store, you have a couple of options:

Option 1

• Build a store in the niche of your choice,
• Find products, create content,
• Get hosting,
• Buy a domain,
• Drive traffic to your store,
• Slowly establish yourself as an authority
• Increase earnings by rinsing and repeating.


Option 2

• Automatically create your stores in any niche using Magnum.

Remember, Magnum also gets you free traffic from 99 different sources, instantly in 1 click.

If you want to do it manually, you will learn a lot about programming HTML, WordPress, JavaScript and PHP. (If you are looking for another job, you could become a webmaster.)

However if you want to go for the automated route, it’s just $27, here: Magnum.

By the way, we have an excellent collection of bonuses for your readers. Check them out here: Magnum Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers.

However the price increases every hour so make sure you grab your copy right now.

Mastering Email Marketing: Here’s What’s Working NOW [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Mastering Email Marketing: Here’s What’s Working NOW’ as a part of Email Marketing Unlocked course.

He says, “Hopefully you’ve been implementing the stuff that you’ve been learning over the last two weeks as this is the last lesson where I’m recapping everything. And by now you should be seeing more growth in your email list. Probably not at 50,000 subscribers, that’s unrealistic within two weeks but your numbers should be growing and you should be on your way to 50,000 subscribers”.

Watch the video.

Neil Patel’s Video

Marketers Call for Tighter Social Media Rules [White Paper]

ClickZ has published a new white paper titled ‘Marketers call for tighter social media rules’ highlighting the results of a survey.

The Facebook/Australia confrontation last month sent waves around the digital marketing world, and ClickZ’s new report covers all the important questions. Download today to discover what the consensus is on charging social media sites for news content, what industry experts think the fallout of governmental/social media disputes will be, and more.

Marketers call for tighter social media rules

MozCon Virtual, July 12-14, 2021 – Initial Agenda

MOZ is going to host the ‘MozCon Virtual’ event on July 12-14, 2021.

Cheryl Draper has announced the initial agenda for the event.

She says, “Last year we took MozCon to the virtual stage for the first time, and we loved it so much, we’re doing it again! Only this time, we’re taking it to the next level with exclusive performances by world-renowned local SEO jugglers, automation acrobats, link building magicians, and so much more!

We know SEO doesn’t stop — searchers keep on searching, and marketers need to stay on their toes to meet their needs. (Cue the tightrope walkers!)

Join Ringmaster Roger and marketing experts from around the world for three days packed with presentations on SEO, search marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and more — all from the comfort of home”.

The following people will be speaking at this event:

  • Amanda Milligan
  • Areej AbuAli
  • Brie E Anderson
  • Britney Muller
  • Casie Gillette
  • Cyrus Shepard
  • Dana DiTomaso
  • Flavilla Fongang.

Check out the full list here.

The MozCon Virtual 2021 Initial Agenda

Mobile vs. Desktop Usage In 2020 [Study]

Perficient has published the results of a study titled ‘Mobile vs. Desktop Usage In 2020’. This study is a comprehensive review of mobile versus desktop usage on the web.

Eric Enge says, “Mobile devices drove 61% of visits to U.S. websites in 2020, up from 57% in 2019. Desktops were responsible for 35.7% of all visits in 2020, and tablets drove the remaining 3.3% of visitors.

Globally, 68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices—an increase from 63.3% in 2019. Desktops drove 28.9% of visits, while 3.1% of visitors came from tablets. However, desktop devices remain very important, as they drove 53.3% of total time on site in the U.S. and 46.4% of total time on site globally.

The following table offers an in-depth overview of mobile versus desktop usage in 2020. Tablet data is also included”.

Mobile vs. Desktop Usage In 2020


Marketibot fully automates free traffic, leads, and sales #ad

Introducing Marketibot

Marketibot softwareMarketibot works by combining the power of engagement and automation through Facebook Chat, Instagram messages, auto-replies, and automatic content creation in blog style.

It communicates and drives traffic through 8 Social Media Platforms for maximum reach.

It also gives you an e-commerce solution to build your own stores and sell products.

As a result, it may be fair to call Marketibot the world’s easiest All-In-One software for passive profits.

And the nice thing is that it works in any niche.

It will help with (1) engagement, (2) automation, (3) selling, and (4) collecting leads.

You can generate automated affiliate sales or sell your own products online by automatically connecting and reaching your audience on complete autopilot.

On top of that, you are getting a Commercial Licence so you can offer these services to clients.

Marketibot Makes Marketing Easy

It’s an easy 3-step process to use Marketibot:

Connect your social media

Connect your social media accounts to it. Marketibot supports the 8 most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, etc. It can automate your interaction on all of them.


Set up:
• E-commerce stores (You can set up a fully automated store and then sell on autopilot)
• Automated messaging
• Social engagement.

It’s simple, taking only minutes to set up.

You’re done. Watch what happens

Watch how Marketibot starts building your business on autopilot for you.

Marktibot is an All-around Solution

Marketibot is an All-in-One Chatbot Salesforce, eCommerce Solution + Facebook Chat manager, Comments manager, and Likes manager, with Powerful Email Broadcast capability for Multi-Channel Audience Reach.

Specifically, it gives you these features:

1. Facebook Comment Automation: Auto Comment Campaign

2. Comment Automation: Auto Reply Posts

3. Unlimited Facebook Accounts

4. Unlimited Facebook Pages

5. Facebook Posting: Text, Image, Link, and Video Posts

6. Conversational Promotional Broadcast messages

7. Unlimited E-commerce Stores

8. Unlimited Email Broadcasts (either SMTP Integration or Autoresponder)

9. Unlimited Email Phone Opt-in Forms

And that’s just the beginning. As we said, this is an all-around marketing communications manager.

Here is what one user says about it:

I was quite skeptical about using Marketibot in the beginning but eventually started using it and got some great results too. It is an amazing tool to comfortably execute your social media strategy. Also it is very efficient, easy-to-implement solution that often works better than SMS and email marketing. I’m able to increase my subscribers list by 15% in last quarter on month-on-month basis.

Ahmed Mashaal,
Business Owner

And another says:

I recommend this App its bug free and all the features work as expected. Do not hesitate to buy as the Support team is very responsive and professional they will assist anyone through the whole process. My app is working perfectly. It does all, right from selling goods to communicate with customers so even when you are asleep it gets you the revenue in your business.
Ashish Joshi

Get your copy early. It launches here: Marketibot.

Microsoft Shares Ethical Advertising Principles

MJ DePalma of Microsoft Advertising has shared an article highlighting ethical advertising principles and 9 steps to build trust.

DePalma says, “Ethics are a set of moral principles that govern a person’s or organization’s behavior, or the conducting of an activity. Ethical advertising is about truth, fairness, and equity in messaging and consumer experience. An ethical advertisement is honest, accurate, and strives for human dignity. It also considers the advertising environments that are chosen for placement, and it examines potential for data bias in analytics.

Based on the latest Edelman 2020 Trust BarometerOpens in new window, ethics are more important to creating trust in companies than competence. Transparency is the most important ethical guiding principle, as well as the need to conduct ourselves, our businesses, and our relationships with consumers in a fair, honest, and forthright manner.

Percent of predictable variance in trust explained by each dimension:

Pie chart depicting survey results that articulate the importance of varying drivers of trust in companies. 76 percent said ethics, which are comprised of integrity (49 percent), purpose (12 percent), and dependability (15 percent), are most important, while 24 percent said competence, which solely is comprised of ability, is most important.

Trust is not something naturally given. It is earned. Consumers are not readily trusting of the digital environment”.

9 steps to build trust: Ethical advertising principles