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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Archive for the 'Native Advertising' Category

‘The Future Of Native Advertising for Brands and Publishers’ – Entrepreneur

Scott Ritcher says, “Within the parlance of digital publishing, four prominent pillars have solidified their long-term presence. These include: – Display ads – Video ads – Social ads – Native ads Despite being a relatively new phenomenon, native ads have emerged as the third most popular publishing strategy, along with video ads, as per a poll conducted by Salesforce encompassing 4,000 marketers. Native advertising has become an important component of most major brands’ marketing repertoire with a growth in the number of native advertising platforms. As a case in... [...]

‘Can location make native ads better and more relevant?’ – Marketing Land

Greg Sterling says, “Placecast is bringing location intelligence to native advertising to improve relevance and performance. The company also announced last week that it has been awarded two patents pertaining to “location data management and targeting.” Placecast is one of the longest-existing companies in the location-based marketing segment, having begun as an SMS-based retail marketing platform using proximity and radius targeting. The new offering, called “Placecast Native,” promises the non-intrusive benefits of native, with the additional targeting, personalization and offline... [...]

‘Report: Nearly three-quarters of native ads get failing scores’ – Marketing Land

Barry Levine, from MarketingLand, says, “Native ads can be very effective in attracting reader attention because their content relates to the surrounding editorial content, and their visual style helps them blend in. But a new study, out today, finds that most of them blend in too much, possibly tricking readers into thinking they’re not ads. The Online Trust Alliance (OTA)’s Native Advertising Assessment looked at the 100 top news websites by unique monthly visitors, of which 69 percent had one or more native ads on their home pages. The sites included such major publishers as ABC News,... [...]

‘Are You a Good Fit for Native Advertising?’ – HubSpot

Corey Beale says, “Almost overnight, native advertising has emerged as a viable revenue stream for leading media companies like Digiday, Forbes, Business Insider—the list goes on. But what about smaller, niche publishers? Is native advertising a numbers game, or is there value in helping advertisers reach a smaller, niche audience? The answer is far from black and white and depends on the unique consideration of your audience and advertiser partners. You need to take a step back, evaluate your position in the market, and determine whether native fits into your core strategy. This process... [...]

‘7 Challenges Facing Google With The Rise Of Native Mobile Advertising’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Ginny Marvin says, “Google still holds the lion’s share of mobile ad dollars, but that grip has been slipping. Google is set to lose 13 percent of its mobile ad market share globally this year, according to estimates released by eMarketer. Facebook, on the other hand, is projected to see its market share increase by nearly 11 percent. Twitter and Yahoo are also expected to post mobile ad share gains this year. (And, it bears pointing out that both Alibaba and Baidu saws significant surges in mobile ad share this year.) There is growing concern that Google won’t be able to strike gold... [...]

‘Why Native Advertising Matters And What You Should Do About It’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Why Native Advertising Matters And What You Should Do About It”. Peter Minnium says, “Native advertising is much more than the newest shiny object to appear on the digital landscape. It represents a fundamental turning point in the evolution of digital advertising, mirroring similar historical shifts in the maturation of print and television advertising. Smart marketers, publishers, and agencies are moving aggressively to adjust their core strategies to reflect this, experimenting with and learning from new tactics. This... [...]

‘Is Native Advertising Legal? Does It Matter?’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Is Native Advertising Legal? Does It Matter?”. David Rodnitzky says, “I start this article with three controversial statements: Native advertising likely violates Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules on deceptive advertising Native advertisers and publishers will profit tremendously from these violations and receive little to no punishment or regulation from the FTC This concept, which I call “regulatory arbitrage,” has been proven to be highly profitable, having been proven by many other internet businesses“. Is... [...]

‘Native Advertising: Worth Pursuing’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

The latest article on ‘The Forrester Blog’ is titled “Native Advertising: Worth Pursuing”. Ryan Skinner says, “Forrester analysts are encouraged to “make the call” and here’s a call that is sure to invite some heated disagreement (native advertising has a way of doing that). Today my report about native advertising came out and, if I had to bottle up the recommendation of the entire report in a two-word slogan, this would be it: Worth pursuing. That’s not “pour all your advertising dollars into it”, “go hog wild!” or any variant on that theme. By “worth pursuing”,... [...]