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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Niches' Category

Cuisine Master: Recipe videos for your foodie site #ad

Cuisine Master is your Cuisine video collection that can help your social media or your website being in lots of visitors – maybe even go viral; who knows. If you have a site or a social media account in the Cooking/Recipes niche, you know that spicing up your site (pun intended) with food graphics and videos can bring you more traffic and more fame. This new collection gives you access to a treasure trove of culinary inspiration and resources that you can use at will to take your online presence presence to the next level. In the Cuisine Master, you are getting: ➤ 500 Viral Cooking Videos, ➤... [...]

FrugalRecipe: Personal Label Rights for Frugal Recipes #ad

Recipes are one of the most popular niches on the web. FrugalRecipe PLR was just released by Super Good Products, and it will get you started in building your own recipe site. This is a library of 100 delicious yet cheap frugal recipes that everyone loves. Each frugal recipe comes with a design card and full PLR rights. With high inflation, these recipes concentrate on the cheapest ingredients that are still tasty, helping families save money. Included in the FrugalRecipe PLR collection are delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And there are optional bundles of extra recipes that... [...]

TinyBrander Launch webinar today, 10 Eastern #ad

TinyBrander is a first-to-market real world e-commerce solution – completely hands free for you. This new software (and support system) builds a custom e-commerce website for you in one of four health-related niches. The company has gathers health supplements in each of these niches that they will brand with your unique logo and colors so you can sell them under a brand name of your own. They handle: ➤ The setup of the product label with your branding ➤ The e-commerce website design and installation ➤ The product manufacturing ➤ The product shipping ➤ The product support In short,... [...]

Commission Map Pro: what to sell online & how to sell it #ad

Commission Map Pro is a digital “map” that shows you: 1. “weird” niches that are easily monetized and 2. powerful traffic sources for customers to sell your products to. The niches included in this package are the ones Jamie Lewis (the product creator)used to build up his own successful business online. Now, he has built software that automates the process for tapping these niches (which are no overrun by other marketers) to earn recurring payments using the free traffic sources he also shares with you. Think of it. He is offering you a business with: ✅ Low Competition ✅ NO Money Needed ✅... [...]

Your Blog can become create T-Shirt income #ad

You have probably seen training that teaches you how to sell Teespring shirts via Facebook ads. That’s not a bad business; some people have done well with it. In addition, designing T-shirts takes a lot of time, requires skill and software that can be expensive, and the whole process can be a pain. However, there are other (and easier) ways to build your T-shirt business. IM Wealth Builders just announced an alternative system, one that lets you profit from the T-shirt market with no cost of goods and with no risk. Covert Shirt Store, Version 2 was just released. It’s an upgrade to... [...]

Done-For-You Viral Slideshow Niche Websites #ad

Pat Flanagan and Brad Gosse have just released their new “done for you” service, a complete done-for-you WordPress viral “clickbait” website, including 10 graphic “tips” slideshows in the niche of your choice (choose one of 10 popular niche websites). Plus, your website is: ■ A customized blog design, ■ Complete with trending pages, ■ Taboola-ready, ■ Filled with additional features; see the sales page for full description. If one site isn’t enough for your business empire you can upgrade to sets of 2, 3, 5, or all the remaining 9 viral slideshow... [...]

Niche Reaper 3.0 finds profitable niche markets in seconds #ad

Matt Garrett began work on Niche Reaper in 2008, for his own business. Eight years later, after many refinements and improvements, he is releasing the third edition so the rest of us can take advantage of it. Many people waste time and money jumping into niches that don’t have much profit potential. Niche Reaper 3.0 thoroughly researches niches to assure you which ones can actually pay back your investment of time and money with profits. This powerful web-based software is building a massive database of keyword searches- over 20,000 new keywords daily- and ranks each keyword on how well it can... [...]

New Covert Shirt Store 2.0 for t-shirt profits #ad

The IM Wealth Builders team (Soren Jordansen, John Merrick and Cindy Battye) made a surprise announcement yesterday. They have just released a new version of their popular software for selling t-shirts online, Covert Shirt Store 2.0. Anyone who invested in version 1, whether last year or just last week, gets a free upgrade to the new version that is redesigned for the latest version of WordPress. (All buyers get free updates for life.) If you didn’t invest in the original version, it’s not too late. Version 2 help you will make up for lost time. With the Covert Shirt Store 2.0 theme... [...]

Free training on selling teeshirts online #ad

Radio stars Bob and Ray once asked, “Is it proper to drink coffee in a teeshirt?” Most people think the answer is “Yes”. Millions of teeshirts are sold each year. A lot of them are sold online. And many online teeshirt businesses are doing well in this business. You can start your own teeshirt store online and participate in this growing market. There’s a new WSO TeeSpring Warrior Guide that shows you how to get started, and it’s free. Here’s what’s in this new training: • The mission and history of Teespring • How to your own custom designed... [...]

Summer is here; tee shirts are in demand, big profits await #ad

Millions and millions of tee shirts will be sold in the coming weeks. Some in brick and mortar stores, but many more online. You can participate in this e-commerce bonanza by setting up your own online tee shirt store. You may think it’s hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a software package that sets up a tee shirt store on your blog that you can have running in an hour or less. The IM Wealth Builders (Cindy Battye, Soren Jordansen, and John Merrick, have designed a WordPress theme, called Covert Shirt Store, that can have your online tee shirt store running in less than a day. The... [...]