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Friday, May 24, 2024

Archive for the 'Video Software' Category

VidExplo AI: World-class engaging animated explainer videos #ad

VidExplo AI Video Creation Software VidExplo AI is still available. It lets you create captivating explainer videos in minutes (no animation skills needed) Here’s What Makes VidExplo AI The Last Video Creation Tech You Need: ➤ Create limitless Animated Explainer Videos in any niche in less than 60 seconds ➤ World’s First Al Driven, Drag N Drop Al 3D Animated Explainer Video Builder App ➤ Built-in 1000+ Video Templates: Create, Customize & Download 3D Animated Videos in Any Niche & Language ➤ Turn Any Text into Professional Attention-Grabbing Animated Explainer Videos ➤... [...]

VidExplo AI: World-class engaging animated explainer videos #ad

VidExplo AI Video Creation Software Brett Ingram is releasing VidExplo AI, and he reports that by using it, you can create captivating explainer videos in 60 seconds. He is holding a training webinar at 10:00 EDT to demonstrate its power. Here’s what it can do for you: ➤ Effortless Video Creation: Ditch expensive studios and complex software. VidExplo AI uses AI to simplify the process, letting you focus on your message. ➤ 1000+ Customizable Templates: No creative roadblocks! Choose from a vast library of templates to create explainer videos for any niche or industry. ➤ AI Writes Your... [...]

CaptivateAI Studio creates shorts, reels, more short videos with AI #ad

CaptivateAI Studio builds Instagram Reels CaptivateAI Studio makes short work of YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikToks, and other short videos. That’s good because these short videos are all the rage now. People consume them like they were popcorn. After all, how many reels or other short videos do you watch in a day? It’s reported that on average, people spend 3 hours a day watching reels. That’s hard to believe (unless you are one of them), but sad to admit, we don’t dare start watching, or we could be stuck for at least an hour, ourselves. That’s why it’s... [...]

AI Talkie turns any text to “virtual human” talking videos #ad

According to Seyi Adeleke, the inventor, Ai Talkie is the world’s first AI engine that generates “virtual human” videos that have the potential to go viral on any platform. And this new AI Video Creation Tool is simple to use. All you do is enter a keyword, a URL, a website, an article, or even a blog… And within seconds, Ai Talkie generates “virtual human” videos complete with scripts, voiceovers, and everything… Here is the best part… Those videos on average generate many views daily, without any paid ads. Ai Talkie will allow you to generate “virtual human” videos in... [...]

Vumu: Client meeting set-ups for marketing agencies, consultants #ad

  Vumu lets you create hyper-personalized outreach campaigns to book 20-30 meetings in 14 days. Right now, you can get it for 1/4th of its original price if you take advantage of the early bird discount. This isn’t another run-of-the-mill application. It’s a complete prospecting package designed to get you up to 90% response from your cold outreach. Watch what Ben, from Behvior Sales, says about Vumu: He used Vumu to secure 2 meetings with Fortune CEOs that turned into 5 figure deals. If you own an agency or run a service-based business, this is one of the best ways you can land meetings... [...]

VideoCardz: “easiest video creator ever” (price rising) #ad

Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky just released VideoCardz, brand new cloud-based software that will change the way you create marketing videos. To make it easy, it’s fully cloud-based so there’s nothing to download or install. Plus all the videos are created for you by AI. This software allows you to easily create marketing videos in 6 languages (5 western languages and Chinese) without all the hassle involved in other video software. Mike and Brett have been using this software successfully for a while now, with good results. Now, you can copy their exact system with proven software that... [...]

VidCraft AI creates Personalized Interactive Videos #ad

VidCraft AI is a brand new video creation and customization platform designed to elevate ordinary videos into powerful marketing tools. It can be used by any online business, marketer, or content creator with the ability to create personalized and interactive video campaigns effortlessly. It is especially helpful to marketing agencies and consultants working with local businesses because it comes with templates that are designed for several local niches. You can create videos that are both: 1. Personalized by using the receiver’s name and 2. Interactive, by letting the receiver respond to... [...]

ViralTales AI: YouTube Niche that’s still 99.99% untapped #ad

ViralTales AI was just released. This AI software makes animated children’s stories for YouTube. YouTube’s been pushing children;’s videos. Now you can profit from them. “Secret” is too strong a word. Maybe “hidden in plain sight” is fair, though because it is still 99.99% untapped by markeers. YouTube is actively promoting family-friendly content, making it easier to get discovered and reach millions of views. This is an “addictive” evergreen niche that be needed as long as there are children. With ViralTales AI, you can create 100s of high-engaging,... [...]

7-Figure Sales Machine: 3 YouTube methods for more free traffic #ad

7-Figure Sales Machine shows you how to use AI to make amazing videos, so you never have to be on camera. You are probably aware that YouTube is on the top 10 most visited sites in the world. Whatever your product is, YouTube can be a good marketing platform for you. The problem has always been that, to make a YT video, it required: ➤ A script ➤ An on-camera spokesperson (probably you, if you don’t have a big budget) ➤ A camera, lights, backdrop, etc. 7-Figure Sales Machine lets you avoid all that. With This YouTube Selling System, you aren’t selling to cold prospects that have... [...]

Coming Sunday: ViralTales AI makes kids’ videos for YouTube #ad

ViralTales AI creates unlimited YouTube kids stories videos in minutes, videos that attract views, subscribers, and commissions without any tech skills, creativity, or monthly fees. We’ll tell you more next week, but here’s a quick run-down. Now you can create highly engaging kids story videos that attract tons of views, subscribers & commissions in just 3 simple steps: STEP 1 Enter a few keywords to craft a compelling, engaging kid story in just 1-click. STEP 2 The AI then converts it into an engaging, unique kids story video with scenes, subtitle texts, images, voiceovers, music,... [...]

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