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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Google Gemini' Category

AI Advances in OpenAI and Google Gemini

OpenAI and Google both introduced new AI advances in their respective artificial intelligence systems recently. OpenAI unveiled GPT-4o, an all-encompassing multi-modal application with enhanced voice and vision capabilities. Here’s how Open AI describes its update: GPT-4o (“o” for “omni”) is a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction—it accepts as input any combination of text, audio, image, and video and generates any combination of text, audio, and image outputs. It can respond to audio inputs in as little as 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds,... [...]

Does Google Gemini Stack Up To ChatGPT-4? [Podcast]

HubSpot has published the latest ‘Marketing Against The Grain’ podcast episode ‘Does Google Gemini Stack Up To ChatGPT-4?’. The HubSpot team says, “Google Launches Gemini! Kieran and Kipp discuss the impact of Google’s Gemini AI on the future of search. They highlight three core aspects that stood out to them: a better search experience, the ability to build bespoke web experiences, and the potential for multimodal search. They explore how Gemini will change how we search, transform the search user experience, and redefine the role of the searcher. They emphasize... [...]

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