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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Yahoo News and Updates' Category

Everything You Need To Know About 2024 Google & Yahoo Email Changes

Google and Yahoo announced new email changes in October 2023. These changes are expected to start on February 1, 2024. The changes are designed to improve the email experience and keep users safe. Digital Marketing Institute contributor Emma Prunty has published an article featuring information about the 2024 Google & Yahoo Email Changes. She says, “In this blog, we’ll explore the new regulations from Google and Yahoo, and look at ways you can adhere to them and clean up your email lists. Let’s get started. 1) Unsubscribe and opt-out links While many companies make it easy for consumers... [...]

Yahoo! Small Business Introduces ‘Website Builder Lite’ for $1

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business has introduced  ‘Website Builder Lite’ that will cost webmasters $1 a month. After the first month, a Lite subscription is $5 per month. The software features 150 website templates. Raghu Kodali, Director, Product Management, says, ”With Lite, connecting a domain to your site has never been easier – choose an existing domain you have with Yahoo or a domain from a third-party provider. And unlike our other plans, Lite lets you connect a domain name after you’ve already built your website. In the meantime, you’ll be able to see your website... [...]

‘In final earnings report, Yahoo beats Wall Street with $1.3B in revenue’ – Marketing Land

Greg Sterling says, “Yahoo mostly beat Wall Street expectations with what is probably its final quarterly earnings report as a public company. The company went public in April 1996, 21 years ago. Revenues and earnings per share both beat expectations. The company reported revenues of $1.3 billion and adjusted earnings of $0.18, though revenue ex-TAC was down year over year. The group of properties and channels Yahoo calls MaVeNS (mobile, video, native, social) revenues grew to $529 million. Mobile itself saw significant growth, to $412 million from $260 million a year ago”. In final... [...]

‘Yahoo’s Story Serves as a Cautionary Tale for Businesses (Watch)’ – Small Business Trends

Annie Pilon says, “When a company sees its value decrease by hundreds of millions of dollars, that’s usually considered to be a very bad thing. But not for Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO). The company is still in buyout talks with Verizon. But after a series of recent data breaches, Verizon wants to cut the purchase price by about $250 million. This is far from an ideal situation for Yahoo. Of course, the company would still like to be valued at the previous price tag of $4.8 billion. Or even better, it would like to travel back in time by about a decade. But those aren’t realistic options for the... [...]

‘Verizon-Yahoo deal closing said to be close after $250 million price discount’ – Marketing Land

Greg Sterling says, “According to Bloomberg, Verizon is close to a renegotiated deal for Yahoo, which would bring the price down $250 million. That’s quite a bit less than the previously rumored $1 billion being sought by the telecommunications company. The originally announced purchase price was $4.8 billion. Another provision of the renegotiation, which probably kept the purchase price from being cut further, is shared liability between Verizon and Yahoo successor Altaba for any data breaches or hacks. The latter will retain assets not being sold to Verizon, including the company’s... [...]

‘Yahoo beats Q4 earnings expectations, pushes closing of Verizon deal into Q2’ – Marketing Land

Greg Sterling says, “Yahoo released fourth quarter and full year earnings this afternoon, beating analyst expectations. The company announced $1.47 billion in Q4 revenue and $5.2 billion for the full-year. The company also said that the Verizon deal, which was supposed to close in the first quarter, will now close in the second quarter: Yahoo has continued to work with Verizon on integration planning for the sale of its core business. In terms of timing, Yahoo had previously stated that it expected to close the transaction in Q1. However, given work required to meet closing conditions, the... [...]

‘Yahoo to Change Name, Lose Marissa Mayer as Board Member’ – Entrepreneur

Tom Brant says, “Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will step down from the board of directors and the internet giant will change its name to Altaba, Inc. after part of the company is sold to Verizon, according to a Monday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Verizon announced plans to acquire Yahoo in July for approximately $4.83 billion. The deal doesn’t include Yahoo’s share in the Chinese online retail giant Alibaba or Yahoo Japan, which would continue to exist seperatley as part of Altaba. The Wall Street Journal reported that the new name is a combination of the... [...]

‘Yahoo Q3 revenue beats estimates though search and display revenues were down’ – Marketing Land

Greg Sterling says, “In what might could be its next-to-last earnings release as an independent company, Yahoo posted better-than-expected results this afternoon. Total revenue came in at $1.305 billion, just beating consensus financial estimates of $1.30 billion. This comes amid some uncertainty about the status of the more than $4.8 billion acquisition of the company by Verizon. The widely reported Yahoo data breach is being considered as a potentially “material” event by Verizon. However it’s unlikely to totally kill the deal. Yahoo paid search clicks were off in Q3 by 22 percent,... [...]

‘Verizon Purchased Yahoo: What Does This Mean for You?’ – Entrepreneur

AJ Agrawal says, “Yahoo is no longer an independent entity. Verizon has purchased the service for $4.8 billion in a purchase that makes Verizon even larger than it was before. This broadband and cell phone company has quickly grown to become a major entity in the world of online marketing. Advertisers have to take note whenever Verizon makes a move because it impacts them. Last year, the company purchased AOL for $4.4 billion, which gave it access to a range of technologies that allowed it to better target its ads. So, how does the Verizon purchase impact advertisers? The context First,... [...]

‘Verizon is buying Yahoo for $4.83 billion’ – Marketing Land

Greg Sterling says, “Following several rounds of bidding and rumors this weekend, it was confirmed this morning that Yahoo is being acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion. In 2015, Verizon acquired AOL for roughly $4.4 billion. Effectively, AOL and Yahoo will be merging, a deal once proposed by AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong but rejected by Yahoo. Here’s what the combination offers Verizon: The addition of Yahoo to Verizon and AOL will create one of the largest portfolios of owned and partnered global brands with extensive distribution capabilities. Combined, AOL and Yahoo will have more than... [...]

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