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Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Ads ’ Category

Kevin Harrington was chased by a Saudi sheikh with a checkbook #ad

Kevin Harrington is continuing his free training for the rest of this week and this weekend. Today, he is sharing the techniques he used in Saudi Arabia a while back to persuade a wealthy sheikh to do a multi-million dollar deal. As you will recall, Harrington is one of the original sharks from Shark tank. Before his Shark Tank days, he traveled to Saudi Arabia for a business meeting with one of the sheikhs. The sheikh was expecting Harrington to propose a business deal, but he went into the meeting with a big dose of skepticism. He had only granted Kevin a 30 minute audience and was expecting... (Read More ...)

Shark Kevin Harrington Helps Online Marketers #ad

You probably have heard of Kevin Harrington. He is one of the original sharks of the Shark Tank TV program. We still see him occasionally on reruns. Before that, he made his fortune as the creator of the As seen on TV brand. Harrington’s experience has made him a master of the Perfect Pitch. He has sold products and services in all kinds of situations. Once he even sold a big dollar product to Donald Trump. Today, he is sharing with us a case study of how he did that presentation to Trump and just 4 minutes later walk away with a deal worth $25 million. Watching him analyze his pitch to Trump... (Read More ...)

How to get up to 100% open rate #ad

That’s right, a 100% open rate. Many marketers using Facebook Messenger are getting all of their messages opened. Neil Napier says you might well be able to, also. Napier has created Leadmodo, a new piece of software that helps you build leads in Facebook Messenger at no cost. That’s good because in recent months, Messenger has given marketers a significantly higher open and click through rate than email marketing. If done right, it has the possibility of beating email marketing 10 to 1, according to Napier. Who wouldn’t want that kind of improvement in your business? Leadmodo... (Read More ...)

Inboxr Automates Your Facebook & Twitter Inboxes #ad

If your email open rate isn’t what it used to be, consider Inboxr, which directly uses people’s social communications and bypasses the email roadblock. It’s very easy to set up Inboxr. After you have it running, it runs on its own. Once Inboxr is running it will continue to produce traffic and leads for you. It also converts them into paying customers automatically. Inboxr works with both Facebook and Twitter, but don’t delay, the price will rise after the launch special ends. Here’s why Inboxr should interest an online marketer: it allows you to completely automate... (Read More ...)

“How to create a winning WP Plugin”, free with purchase #ad

Cindy Donovan and her team have just released new traffic software for getting penny clicks: PixlyPro. PixlyPro is a link shortener with built-in integration to six social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Ads, LinkedIn and Quora). It also has built-in “call to action” (CTA) software that enables you to use any URL and have your call to action associated with it. Users who click on your link are then “pixelized” and so you can retarget them. Because of this powerful retargeting capability, you can take advantage of traffic to any website and use its traffic as... (Read More ...)

Powerful Facebook Leads2List system just released #ad

With billions of users, Facebook can be the online marketer’s best friend. It lets you target people with pinpoint accuracy by using with all the targeting options it offers you. If you aren’t getting good results with your Facebook ads, you may be running into a common problem: People may close your landing page within the first 4 seconds without being tempted by what you are offering.Here’s why: A lot of people don’t like to enter their email address and share it with merchants. Small consolation I know, but it’s an industry-wide problem; you’re just one of the... (Read More ...)

Pixel Studio FX 3.0: 5,326 eCover templates; fire your designer #ad

If you want to create ebook covers that dazzle potential customers, take a look at Pixel Studio FX 3.0. Clearly, its creator, Richard Madison knows how to create good covers. When you see them here, you will agree. No surprise, though; he has been doing it for years with each version of his software more comprehensive than the last. Today, he includes over 5,300+ templates to start with and customize. That’s more than double the amount included in Pixel Studio FX 2.0. And don’t worry if you’re a beginner or not tech savvy. Pixel Studio FX 3.0 was made specifically with you in... (Read More ...)

With less than 7 seconds to get their attention, you need speed #ad

If you want to quickly (and easily) create professional attention-getting graphics for your websites, social media or other advertising, take a look at Pixamattic. Have you noticed influencers, bloggers, celebrities and smart marketers connecting with their audience, posting so much content and every second of the day? They automate a lot of the work. Otherwise, they would never get it done. If you want a chance of standing out from the crowd, you need to match the quality of the graphics you see on the “best of breed” websites. If you lack the creative, technical and design ability... (Read More ...)

Fresh highly targeted leads (and they have money) #ad

Of all the popular social media sites, the one with high-income members is LinkedIn. It’s where serious business takes place. But these people are different from the average consumer. They are not just more wealthy (LinkedIn survey reports the average member has over $107,000); they are also more discriminating. That means that you have to approach them with a product and a presentation that meet their needs. Most of them are business people and are on LinkedIn to improve their business success. And that fact is the key to your success on LinkedIn. LinkedProfits offers you software to capture... (Read More ...)

Add your video to your site in less than 90 seconds? #ad

Back in 2016, David Perdew‘s team of software developers created Simple Video Management System. It was a tool to easily manage videos and with simple short codes use them on any of your web pages. It was a popular product. Online marketers saw the importance of video in their business and saw the way this new tool automated a lot of their work. Over 1,000 marketers invested in this remarkable new system. Fast forward to today. Perdew has improved the original deign and has just released Simple Video Management System 2018, an intuitive video management plugin that lets you take advantage... (Read More ...)