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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Archive for the 'Video Players' Category

Viddle video software; launch at 11:00 ET; preview at 10:00 #ad

We want you to know about Viddle Interact or Viddle, for short, which launches at 11:00 AM Eastern time. In summary, this new software is an all-in-one breakthrough multi-purpose video marketing tool to: ➤ Create Professional Interactive Videos ➤ Import Videos Without API ➤ Host and Play Videos on an Ultra Fast Server ​​​​​​​➤ Market Your Videos, Engage Viewers, Get Targeted Traffic & Sales ➤ Includes Agency Seats, so you can have a team working with you and sell to other marketers. Look at all the kinds of videos... [...]

VidMingo: Advanced High-Speed Video Hosting Solution #ad

VidMingo has just been released, and it offers what they describe as “Unlimited Video Hosting” with no monthly fees. VidMingo currently has over 5,000 successful marketers who have built their video marketing empire from the ground up by taking advantage of its cost-effective, user-friendly, feature-rich video hosting, that is second to none. They stack up very well against YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia; better than all of them, by some measures. Keep reading to see why. And the best part is you get lifetime access to it with no monthly fees ever. If you create any form of video... [...]

Groove: There’s still time to ask questions, last chance #ad

Our readers are invited to a last minute Q and A session on Groove Lifetime. It’s natural that you may have questions before you make such a major purchase that can change the course of your business. That’s why today, the last day Groove Lifetime will ever be offered, we want to make sure you get all your questions answered. So, Mike Filsaime and his staff will spend as much time as you need to answer all of your questions about Groove and the Lifetime Platinum membership. Remember, today is the very last day it will be offered. We don’t want you to miss out on it. So,... [...]

Simple Video Management System: Modern video player with usage statistics #ad

Maybe you are like IM NewsWatch and need to use several videos in your marketing, maybe even on the same page. Suppose one video is on YouTube, one video is hosted on your site, and a third is on Vimeo. If you use the YouTube player, the Vimeo player, and the typical Hana WordPress video layer, you will notice that the three players look different and behave differently. Simple Video Management System solves that and has several other benefits. Not only is playing videos from various sites complicated but just keeping track of how you are using the videos can get complicated, too. If you are looking... [...]

WP Video Streamer: for professional video streaming #ad

Many individual marketers and small marketing companies use YouTube to host their videos. No wonder; it is free and convenient, and there’s a chance that random YouTube visitors might come across your video. That’s all good, but there are also drawbacks. Primarily, on YouTube, you don’t have control over how your content is displayed. YouTube takes over the display of your videos. Matthew McDonald, the creator if many video tools has just released a new tool, WP Video Streamer, that lets you host videos directly from your WordPress site, with no extra load on your bandwidth.  This... [...]

Kaptiwa is live, Ditch Wistia, Dump Vimeo, Drop YouTube #ad

The “old guard” of video hosting sites haven’t quite kept up with the cutting edge for their users who publish videos. There’s a new video platform that is winning new converts daily. Among the many reasons for moving your video hosting to the new Kaptiwa 2.0 platform is that currently during the product launch week, there is a very reasonable “one-time payment for lifetime use” offer. Warning: Do be aware that “lifetime” is a slippery term in ur business. More than once we have been burned by lifetime deals, only to discover that they product/ service... [...]

New version of Kaptiwa video hosting platform, discount #ad

The second generation of Kaptiwa was just released. There are a lot of features of this new video hosting platform. but fundamentally, you need to know that: 1. It hosts your videos on super-fast servers to minimize delays for your viewers and 2. There are no hosting fees, ever. That’s right, in the coming months and years there are no monthly video hosting fees, just a single upfront payment. Here are some of the details: ► Super-Optimized Video Hosting to Deliver all Your Videos at Lightning Fast Speed. Using this system, you can host and market unlimited:   • Client Prospecting... [...]

EyeSlick Video-commerce marketplace for your services & products #ad

You have probably heard of Fiverr, Udemy, and other sites that let you sell your services. These platforms specialize, focusing on one (or a few) particular kinds of service (Udemy, for example, is limited to online training courses). And, of course, you know about YouTube, which specializes in showing videos on all topics, without any special facilities for marketers. There is a new platform, brand new, known as EyeSlick, that allows you to sell services, videos on demand and products using live broadcasting, or recorded, videos. This is similar to services like GoToWebinar, but with some important... [...]

Add your video to your site in less than 90 seconds? #ad

Back in 2016, David Perdew‘s team of software developers created Simple Video Management System. It was a tool to easily manage videos and with simple short codes use them on any of your web pages. It was a popular product. Online marketers saw the importance of video in their business and saw the way this new tool automated a lot of their work. Over 1,000 marketers invested in this remarkable new system. Fast forward to today. Perdew has improved the original deign and has just released Simple Video Management System 2018, an intuitive video management plugin that lets you take advantage... [...]

Simple Video Management System builds your business #ad

It is well known that video drives the most engagement, the most sales and the most conversions of anything online. However, with the ongoing tech changes in browsers and website design, you need to keep up with that changes. If you don’t you may not get the most results from every visitor your website receives? How do you even know whether your site will display properly on all devices. On some screen sizes, your content may look half visible or look stretched out. David Perdew uses hundreds of videos in his online business, and he wanted to make sure they were seen at their best. To make... [...]