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Friday, September 29, 2023

Archive for the 'WSO Marketing' Category

How to build your list and earn a profit from WSOs #ad

For better or worse, the Warrior Forum is a major force among small businesses and individuals that do internet marketing. Thousands of people visit each day, many of them explicitly go there to find tools and training to help them do a better job of selling on the internet. That means that the Warrior Special Offers section of the forum is a fertile ground for finding buyers fo training and tools to help people market better. Some very successful offers (not the average, but the best selling) have brought in over $100,000 in the course of a week or two. The top seller brought in over $500,000.... [...]

Quick, easy Newbie-friendly formula to create a WSO from scratch #ad

There’s one thing you can say about the Warrior Forum: just like IM NewsWatch, it is visited by a lot of online marketers. That makes it a good place to sell products that marketers would be interested in. And the best place on the Forum to do that is in the Warrior Special offer (WSO) section. You may have been reluctant to test this marketplace, but Bill Hugall says it’s a fertile field for reaping rewards from marketing training. He has done it, he says, and it works. Now, in The Simple WSO Payday., Hugall shows you a way that even a beginner can create and sell a winning WSO product. In... [...]

“WSO in a Box”: How to quickly create an information product and sell it #ad

Karen Haworth, a 64-year old grandmother made over $78.000 on her first WSO. That’s surprising, but she had a little help. Her son, Derrick VanDyke is an experienced internet marketer and he lent his expertise to getting her first WSO launched. Derrick has had many successful products (including an earlier one on WSO marketing), and now Karen has had two, even though she knows little about computers and is something of a technophobe. Together, they have created WSO in a Box to show you how it’s done. In this new training, you discover: • What kinds of products are proven to sell-... [...]

WSO Street Cred: How to create a WSO and make it into a bestseller #ad

At 9:00 NY time, Buford Mobley is releasing his video training on how to use the WSO (Warrior Special Offer) process to release and sell your product. Whatever your preferred learning modality, Mobley has you covered.  WSO Street Cred comes with videos, PDFs and audios, all covering the WSO process, from beginning to end. Starting in the planning phase, Mobley takes you step by step through releasing a WSO: + Creating your product + Recruiting affiliates + Writing the sales copy + Delivering your product + Many more details of the process (17 modules in all) If you want to releaase a WSO,... [...]