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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Software' Category

Commission Gorilla: Are you making these affiliate marketing mistakes? #ad

Version 3.0 of Commission Gorilla is has just been launched. Its goal is to assure that affiliate marketers succeed, by eliminating mistakes they – particularly, new marketers – often make. Even if you’re still somewhat new to affiliate marketing, you know there is plenty of opportunity to make mistakes. You have made them; so have we. Every day and every promotion is a learning experience. But you can slash your learning curve by avoiding these three mistakes: Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Mistake 1: Promoting Anything and Everything Your subscribers and blog readers are looking... [...]

VidAmaze video creator triggers higher engagement, ROI #ad

The launch sale for VidAmaze has been underway for several days and will end soon. The heart of its unique selling proposition is that it can automatically customize your video for each person you send it to. People see their own name inside the video. When they do, according to psychological research. they go into a state of high alert and watch every second of your video. You are speaking directly and specifically to them. So, of course, they pay more attention than to an ordinary video. The customization has “triggered” their intense interest. With VidAmaze, you can easily create... [...]

Countdown Hero: easy-to-use countdown timer for marketers #ad

Here’s the promise the creators make for Countdown Hero: Simply Copy n’ Paste One Tiny Snippet of Code & Have a Sales-Making, Ticking Time-Bomb Appear On Any Page Or Email, With A Personal Urgency Deadline Magically Coded To Each Individual Visitor…All In Less Than 60 Seconds What they are talking about is their countdown timer. You can place it in any email you send and on any web page you create. When you do, you create a sense of urgency (and consequent scarcity) for your offer. These immediately increase interest in the minds of readers. “If only a few can have... [...]

PitchKickstart makes ChatGPT work for marketers; webinar at 11 #ad

At 11:00 EST today, Andrew Darius, creator of PitchKickstart for ChatGPT (or just PitchKickstart, for short), will be hosting a free training webinar on how to 10x your business with ChatGPT. In the first part of the training, you will learn: ➤ How to boost your email deliverability, open rate, and affiliate authority with ChatGPT ➤ How to turbocharge your ChatGPT prompts ➤ The simplest ChatGPT business you can start immediately In the second part of the training, he will share his 3 pillars of how to generate high-impact sales scripts with ChatGPT without writers’ roadblocks... [...]

Leadono siphons emails from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, & Amazon buyers #ad

Leadono allows you to capture names and email addresses, with a touch or click, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and the biggest eCommerce company on the planet – Amazon. This clearly would be a premium list of prospective customers, from the most successful online merchants ever. They are much more likely to buy than anonymous people you send cold emails to. The creators say that these are exactly the people you will be adding to your email list when you use Leadono. Plus, on top of that Leadono includes an incentivized referral traffic system for viral traffic.... [...]

Leadono bundle available at reduced cost #ad

We told you yesterday about the new Leadono tool that builds your subscriber/customer list much faster than normal opt-in pages. This is a unique product, which collects email addresses better than the old methods. Plus it has a built-in incentivized referral traffic system. Leadono is groundbreaking technology with smart LDO technology that finally allows you to effortlessly capture verified emails with just a touch or a click and use these email addresses to grow your list virtually on autopilot, using viral incentives. Now, You can auto-build a subscribers list even without a website and easily... [...]

PowrSuite 2.0 replaces PhotoShop, ClickFunnels, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, CouponTools, more #ad

Neil Napier just launched PowrSuite 2.0. It’s the new generation of this all-round marketing tool and has been highly anticipated. It just went live with a super early-bird discount. Click here to be one of the first to check it out: PowrSuite 2.0. What exactly is PowrSuite 2.0? PowrSuite 2.0 helps you: ➤ Find Leads ➤ Write A.I. Driven Copy ➤ Build Websites ➤ Create Logos and Social Media Designs ➤ And a lot more. No longer do you have to assemble a collection of unrelated tools to do your work. With PowrSuite 2.0, you have an integrated platform so that... [...]

ProductDyno Lifetime subscription, sale ending #ad

The world is shifting to a new kind of business model. ProductDyno was designed to adapt your business to this new model. The direct-to-consumer eCommerce market, as well as many other service industries, have all moved to subscription billing, for better or worse. On the minus side, the consumer has to continue paying, rather than paying just once. On the plus side, that ongoing income to the seller allows the seller to continue supporting the product or service, including making improvements and matching changes in the underlying technology (as a trivial example, consider that some upgrades to... [...]

RapidReviewz: AI-written video product reviews #ad

RapidReviewz fits into a natural slot in marketing infrastructure. People considering buying a product often seek out reviews of the product to assess how well it will fit their needs. Marketers can create reviews that are then picked up by search engines and are ultimately found and read by interested buyers. In the review, the marketer links to the sales page for the product. When a reader clicks and buys, the marketer earns a commission. However, some marketers – maybe you’re one of them – may not have the creativity to create a review from scratch and need help in creating... [...]

Christmas Special Deal Marketing Tool Sale ending #ad

The holiday season will be over soon. And Christmas Special Deal will be over at midnight. The creators,Eric Holmlund and the Firelaunchers have assembled a list of 5 of their top products and are offering each on them for 50% off until midnight. You can grab one, two, three, four, or all five, depending on what your marketing needs in the coming year. Helpful hint: in the USA, a business can write off software purchases as an expense under the IRS code Section 179. If you are in another country, you may have a similar law there. This is the perfect time to make that purchase before the end of... [...]