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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Software' Category

DEVio: First AI software engineer companion powered by ChatGPT 5 #ad

DEVio, what the creators call “the world’s first AI software engineer”, builds you an AI-driven app-selling platform in just 30 seconds, powered by the latest ChatGPT 5, along with over a thousand DFY software applications with a Commercial License for you to sell. Unlock a 30% discount at the checkout by using the code “DEVIO30”. Now, regardless of your experience or skills, yoou can create, publish, and sell trending generative AI apps, software, plugins, and more. And it comes with a built-in audience, making it easier to make sales. Get ready for the future of software... [...]

Evoke: Sell on Facebook without buyng ads #ad

Evoke Software for Facebook MarketingEvoke has just been launched. It’s a brand-new AI app that turns any Facebook account into a “set & forget” marketing machine in 60 seconds flat. You can do this without: ❌ Tech skills, ❌ Existing followers ❌ Any previous experience… In fact, all it takes is just a few clicks and a few seconds to set up… And you are done. Even if you never if you have never earned anything online before, the authors say Evoke will still work for you, because: ➤ It is 100% Newbie Friendly. ➤ 100% automated ➤ It is an All-In-One Solution. The... [...]

MegaSuite: Blue Ocean Market With 58M Active Buyers #ad

  Maybe you’ve never heard of a Blue Ocean Market, like the one MegaSuite addresses. Harvard business professors came up with the concept 20 years ago and published their research in the Harvard Business review and later in book. A blue ocean strategy is finding a unique and profitable market space that is untapped and has little competition. That’s what the creators of MegaSuite, and since this blue ocean opportunity is so large, they have no fear about sharing it with you. They can continue to do well with this niche even if you become a competitor and do well yourself. This... [...]

AI Affiliate Builds Automated Affiliate Machines #ad

AI Affiliate, just released by Neil Napier‘s team, uses deep filtering to discover hidden affiliate gems worldwide so you can earn more affiliate income. Affiliate marketing provides the easiest path into online marketing and, for some online marketers, it can be the perfect side income or even a full-time income. Doing affiliate marketing successfully requires three things: 1. Finding an attractive product to promote 2. Finding the right audience to promote it to, an audience that is naturally attracted to the promised benefits of the product. 3. Presenting the product to this audience... [...]

NFT Collection Maker: Create NFT Collections in a Flash #ad

NFT Collection Maker Software Andrew Darius has just released NFT Collection Maker 2.0. It lets you take basic artwork and turn it into massive crypto NFT art collections automatically. And you can make these NFT art collections automatically with Darius’s TTC AI tech that is built into this new SaaS software. NFT Collection Maker automatically creates Unique NFT artwork (that is Software-Verified to be unique) that you can offer for sale on the Etherium Blockchain. One of the points of NFT collections is to make a large number of variations of the base art by changing various attributes... [...]

Slick AI: Unlimited Webinars, Video Conference Meetings, more #ad

Slick AI Webinar and Video Conference Software If you use GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, or Zoom, Slick AI is for you. Why? Look at the costs and problems you will avoid: ❌ GoToWebinar costs $199 per month ❌ WebinarJam costs $499 per year ❌ Ever Webinar costs $199 per year ❌ Need to spend hundreds per month for an expensive system ❌ Need to pay upfront recurring expensive fees per month whether you use it or not ❌ Need to spend hours trying to figure out how the software works ❌ Often complicated to use them ❌ Wait in the support queue for hours ❌ Limited meeting room capacity With... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate online marketing toolkit launch ending #ad

Brett Ingram‘s new MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs, is still available at launch pricing, as of this writing, but not much longer. Have you ever wanted to simplify your marketing activities? It would be a big help to be able to perform all marketing tasks- Creating Websites, Videos, graphics, images, from one dashboard and get unlimited benefits without paying huge monthly fees to third party platforms, and without paying expensive fees, hiring freelancers or depending on self proclaimed marketing gurus. MarketingHub does exactly that. This is the world’s... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate toolkit for website, video, graphics, etc #ad

Brett Ingram has just released MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs. This new-generation all-in-one AI-based platform does everything: ➤ Creates Stunning Websites, ➤ Builds Mind Blowing Videos, ➤ Creates Eye Catchy Graphics, ➤ Crafts Stunning Marketing Content & Copies, ➤ Gives Instant Replies to Customers, ➤ And Much More From One Central Dashboard. First-to-Market MarketingHub replaces 18 complicated, expensive marketing apps. Now you can create mind-blowing websites & landing pages from just a keyword or URL in under 60 seconds. With the help... [...]

Coursemate AI: Like Udemy, but you own it #ad

Coursemate AI, which was just released by Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund, creates your own Udemy-style (or, if you prefer to say, Teachable-style) online academy powered by AI. You probably are familiar with one or both of these online educational platforms. They host courses that students may buy and study online. There are other platforms, but these are two of the most popular eLearning platforms, with tens of millions of users. How would you like to have your own online academy, similar to Udemy and Teachable? That is what Coursemate AI gives you. However, unlike Udemy and Teachable, where... [...]

Gravity AI Offers Free Traffic, Leads & Sales #ad

Gravity AI may be your best chance to crack the Amazon code and earn good Amazon commissions. Glenn Kosky has been studying Amazon’s affiliate program, looking for simple ways for an affiliate to increase their commissions without a lot of hassle. He happened upon a method that not only delivers an endless stream of free traffic but also showers you with improved Amazon commissions. How effective is it? How about: ➡️ No more tedious setups. ➡️ Bid farewell to costly traffic sources. ➡️ Say goodbye to meager earnings. To earn your commissions, all you need is people watching videos... [...]

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