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Monday, May 29, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Software' Category

AI Auto Affiliate: ClickBank Commissions using ChatGPT #ad

AI Auto Affiliate helps you earn affiliate commissions from ClickBank, WaaiorPlus, and JVZoo. You are probably aware of the power of ChatGPT to generate text based on the input “prompt” it receives. With AI Auto Affiliate, you feed it a sales page affiliate link and it creates an instant affiliate campaign. 1. Just copy the website URL for the product you want to promote… 2. Then paste it into the software and click go… 3. You now have an instant affiliate promotion. See the results average people are getting here: AI Auto Affiliate And using this process, you can: ✓ Profit in... [...]

AI Marketo: marketing workflows automated by AI #ad

All marketing involves a flow of work from one process step to the next. AI Marketo automates these steps for many processes so your work flows more smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. A workflow is like a recipe for how to do a process right. In the case of a cooking recipe, such as when you bake a cake, you gather the ingredients, the tools (measuring cup, spatula, parchment paper, etc.), and follow the instructions in the recipe, step by step, in the proper sequence. Your work flows through these sequential steps. If you follow this process the same way every time, you get the same results... [...]

AiPlex: AI-powered solution for affiliate marketing #ad

AiPlex was just released. It is a ChatGPT4-Powered marketing tool that creates an affiliate system that builds pre-sales pages, ebooks to use as click magnets, landing pages, and emails for promoting your affiliate offer (that is, an offer for which you are an affiliate.) After automatically building these assets for you, it will drive traffic to your landing pages and pre-sales pages. Do you sense what it just did? It did everything for you. You just tell it what product or niche you need and it does the rest. It’s a new app that is just released to the market… And you can pick up your copy... [...]

AIPlex builds you an affiliate system from scratch #ad

AiPlex is the first-ever AI-driven app that creates affiliate sites and related marketing materials. Just tell it what you want. The easiest way to get started on line is affiliate marketing; no product development, no customer support; . All you do is send customers to other marketers who handle the sale and give you a commission for the sales you send to them. There are several ways you can promote products as an affiliate, but one of the best is to create a website where you do a “show and tell” about the products you promote. Mosh Bari has created AiPlex, which he calls, “the... [...]

A.I News Glitch: AI publishes and automates your news site #ad

New software, A.I News Glitch: ➤ Builds a news aggregation site for you automatically ➤ creates the news stories on your site for you automatically ➤ Requires no ongoing expense so no budget is needed ➤ Monetizes your site automatically ➤ Eliminates the need for Products or Affiliate Marketing. Let AI do its work by taking advantage of the hidden Google feature (the product creator calls it a “glitch”) that lets you earn affiliate income on sites containing curated information, rather than original content. Because these curated sites are accepted as legitimate by Google,... [...]

Maximize your affiliate earnings with B.A.G.S. Campaigns Done For You #ad

First, let’s get this out of the way: B.A.G.S. stands for “Builderall and Groove Software” These are two popular online marketing products that pay good commissions to affiliates. You could sign up to promote them and potentially earn commissions. There is, however, a barrier to succeeding as their affiliate. You need copywriting skills to create good promotions with good web pages and graphics. You may be a whiz at creating these affiliate marketing tools. If so, you can pass up B.A.G.S. Campaigns Done For You and build your campaigns yourself. But if your writing, web design,... [...]

“2-click AI” mines ChatGPT + 4 more AI engines #ad

In the last few months, there have been many new marketing tools that help you mine the inexhaustible content available in ChatGPT. 2-Click AI does more: It uses 4 new AI Engines in addition to ChatGPT: MidJourney, Run, Playground, DallE + More, depending on what you want done. It has been tested and is ready for you to try for yourself. Even if: ► You’re brand new, ► You don’t have a mailing list, ► You don’t have a product to sell, ► You don’t even have a website, that’s OK because 2-Click AI will build them all for you – automatically – if you can click... [...]

Shorts Profit Builder builds traffic-getting affiliate sites, in seconds #ad

Shorts Profit Builder, which was just released by George Katsoudas, lets you generate affiliate income simply and without any techie stuff. It’s a new 1-click app that builds websites out of existing YouTube Shorts videos. Watch the demo video here: Shorts Profit Builder Demo. Using it is simple: 1) Log in to the online cloud app 2) Choose your website name. 3) Select a keyword. 4) Click a button. Done. Your affiliate website, filled with cool YouTube Shorts videos is ready. The goal of your (instantaneously built) site is to draw traffic and have visitors, in addition to watching the videos,... [...]

FlipGuardian: Make the best animated flipbooks #ad

FlipGuardian turns an ordinary PDF into an animated e-book, and the reader flips pages by clicking. After you create the flip book, you may give it away, use it as a lead magnet in return for an email address added to your mailing list, or sell it (and there are variations on these themes.) FlipGuardian supports all these options and more. The best way to show you the many ways you can use your flipbooks is to let you see these samples created by Flip Guardian: Ungated Access – Password Protected – Lead... [...]

Supreme: AI-powered eCommerce site builder #ad

Venkata Ramana has released Supreme, a tool that makes it easy to build e-commerce stores or affiliate websites. It is powered by ChatGPT 4, just released earlier this month. This new release is much more powerful that the original ChatGPT, approximately 100 times as powerful. (ChatGPT 5 is in development and will be even more powerful.) ChatGPT is very flexible and can do many useful things. Marketers have seen the potential that it offers and in the last few months, we have seen the release of many new products that do specialized activities by using it as the “behind the scenes”... [...]