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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Amazon Marketing Strategies' Category

SEJ Shares Inventory Tips & Tactics For Amazon Sellers

Search Engine Journal contributor Robyn Johnson has published an article featuring inventory tips and tactics for Amazon sellers. She says, “Amazon controls your storage capacity limits based on storage utilization and your sales history:  Total Capacity Limit This limits the amount of inventory you can restock to Amazon’s FBA warehouses in one shipment and the overall maximum number of units you can store at Amazon. Accounts that have been active for less than 39 weeks are not subject to these restrictions. It is important to note that this is only true for those accounts on the Professional... [...]

Rachel Rofe’s Mini Income Streams Training #ad

Rachel Rofe is a well-known, experienced internet marketing training and e-commerce marketer. We frequently see her ads on YouTube and in other venues. We joined her mailing list in 2012. About that time, she started talking about her unique e-commerce approach, which she refers to as “mini income streams.” She also uses this approach to make a healthy six-figure income. Because it is just one of her income streams, she does it in just a few hours of work each month. This week, she is launching an updated formal training program for this game-changing method that’s helped countless... [...]

HubSpot Shares Five Ways to Figure Out What to Sell on Amazon

Amazon offers a huge sales potential to businesses with its 300 million active customers. By findings out what people want to buy on Amazon, you can grow your business exponentially. HubSpot contributor Caroline Forsey has shared five ways to figure out what to sell on Amazon. She says, “Amazon itself curates a list of current best-sellers, ranging from toys to books to video games —and the list is updated hourly. Here are some of the top product categories: 1. Home & Kitchen Given the wide range of products that fall within Home & Kitchen — appliances, furniture, décor, and... [...]

SEMpdx Shares Effective Amazon Marketing Strategies for 2021

SEMpdx contributor Kent Lewis has shared some useful effective Amazon marketing strategies for 2021. He says, “Since 1996, I’ve helped clients generate awareness, clicks and conversions via search engines. Over the past decade or more, Amazon has transitioned from a major advertiser on Google to a real threat to Google’s future. According to a Kenshoo study, 56 percent of consumers start product searches on Amazon. That number increases to 2x in a similar BloomReach study. On the seller-side, 63 percent of Amazon Advertisers plan to increase budget next year (a larger percentage increase... [...]

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