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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Conversational Copywriting' Category 10X Faster and more responsive AI-powered copywriting #ad

Yesterday we told you about‘s Landing Page Builder and Funnel Builder. Today we want to explore its copywriting capabilities. And we want to remind you that at 1:30PM Eastern (10:30AM Pacific, 5:30PM GMT), there will be a Training Webinar for to demonstrate how to use this powerful tool in your business. With this new copywriting tool, you can say goodbye to writer’s block and create world-class copy that sells, thanks to‘s cutting-edge AI copywriting technology. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, speed and responsiveness are crucial... [...]

[Closing] Bypaiss: Humanized AI Content Creator #ad

Bypaiss addresses one major problem (or two, depending on how you count):It’s becoming more and more important for anyone using AI content to dress it up so that its origins don’t interfere with its marketing work. ➤ Sometimes AI-created text doesn’t sound genuinely real. It sounds robotic. That’s not good for engaging your readers, prospective customers, or actual customers. ➤ It’s also not good for search engine rankings since the search engines may doubt its value for people doing searches. Bypaiss adds a human touch to text, including text created by an AI... [...]

Bypaiss removes “AI traces” from AI-generated text #ad

For a lot of reasons, you don’t want your content sound like a robot created it (even if it did.) Bypaiss revises your content so that anything that “smells” like a robot talking is changed to sound like a real human. This is important because your readers want to read content that flows smoothly, with the nuances of writing that a human would naturally include. Further, search engines prefer human content to AI content. Did you know that: ➤ There already have been rumors about search engines possibly starting to penalize AI content ➤ There are already nearly a dozen “AI... [...]

Four Ways to Improve Your Writing

Effective writing skills play a very important role in your marketing journey. It helps you be more persuasive when it comes to reaching out to your prospects. Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has shared four useful tips to help you improve your writing. She says, “Study these four tips and related before-and-after examples to get ideas for peppering powerful verbs into your writing. The “before” excerpts come from paragraphs in writing-advice articles I found online and from my own work. (I do love irony.) I itched to edit some of the examples to correct more than verb... [...]

Copyblogger Shares Aristotle’s Ancient Guide to Compelling Copy

Copyblogger contributor Amy Harrison has published ‘Aristotle’s Ancient Guide to Compelling Copy’. She says, “Aristotle was also well-versed in rhetoric and persuasion, and he thought some of the Sophists might be using rhetoric to manipulate by focusing too much on emotion, and rather handily washing over “fact” with large brush strokes. It’s not that he was against persuasion. When you’ve got an important message that can inspire, educate, or help people, you need to be able to communicate that. He believed there was a better way of persuading people without using bloated... [...]

Three conversational copywriting myths busted

A website that deals with Conversational Copywriting defines it as no-hype, zero-jargon, totally transparent, high-engagement, trust-building approach to copywriting online. As the term suggests, the conversational copywriting helps you to easily connect with your audience and drive them into desired direction. Copyblogger columnist Nick Usborne has shared three myths that exist about conversational copywriting. Osborne says, “Before I get into what makes me scream, shout, and reach for hard objects to throw, let me be clear about my definition of “conversational copywriting.” It’s... [...]

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