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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Archive for the 'Media Buying' Category

Media Profit Revolution: how to buy profitable ad placements #ad

Timothy Miranda and Marcus Christian have been studying the process of buying ads in various media to find ways to build their affiliate and CPA businesses. They have found that paying for ads can be productive and can result in a significant increase in their commissions. They have shared their tested and refined process in Media Profit Revolution. There’s something “hit or miss” in using SEO. You may get good results; you may get none. That’s not true with paid traffic. This new training shows you how to buy media around the web to get the kind of traffic your website... [...]

Five Complete Online Businesses in a Box #ad

Dr. Amit Pareek is offering to set you up in 5 online businesses, all of them designed to attract clients looking to promote their business online. With this new offer (he calls it his 2 Cent Traffic System), you can help business people with these marketing needs: ■ Facebook Ads Made Easy. ■ Facebook Remarketing Made Easy. ■ Google AdWords Made Easy. ■ Pay Per Click Made Easy. ■ Media Buying Made Easy. Pareek includes the following components for each of the 5 niches: • High quality & High Definition Video Series (70-80 Videos total) for you to sell. • Ready to... [...]