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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Archive for the 'Voice-over Software' Category

AutoVoiceProfits: Simple AI Voiceover Creation Service #ad

AutoVoiceProfits lets you sell voiceovers generated by its breakthrough Artificial Intelligence. Use them yourself or sell them on any of the popular gig sites. Because these voiceovers are made by the artificial intelligence in the software, you don’t need to speak a single word, nor do you need any fancy audio equipment. ​You can use the voiceovers for any marketing purpose, of course, such as in your own sales letters and training videos, but the inventor suggests that offering this as a service is a good way to take advantage of this audio creation capability because it is so simple: The... [...]

Voice Profit Engine creates pro-quality voiceovers for your marketing & for sale #ad

Text-to-voice systems have been available for more than 20 years. Those early versions were not very life-like, but in the years leading up to 2023 great improvements have been made. The artificial voices sound about 99% human. Only if you listen very carefully will you ever be able to detect an inflection that doesn’t quite fit with the context of the sentence. Voice Profit Engine is one of the best voice engines available. It does create high-quality voiceovers for you, and you don’t need to have a website, tech skills, or past experience in creating media. In addition, there’s... [...]

VoiceBrigade: Remarkable “Human-Sounding” Voiceovers for Any Script #ad

VoiceBrigade’s AI text-to-speech technology helps your business achieve your marketing goals by reaching a global audience with human-like narrations for videos, audios, e-books, etc. in 20 languages. Watch this quick explainer video now to see it at work: VoiceBrigade. Text-To-Speech Apps have been available for over 20 years, but many have created their narrations using mechanical-sounding voices that make a video monotonous. For a while, the novelty effect was enough to get people to listen, but today robotic voices are a big turn-off. People expect a clear, professional, realistic narration... [...]

VoiceBrigade converts any text to natural-sounding voiceover #ad

VoiceBrigade is live at 11 AM EDT with early-bird discount. Text-to-Speech doesn’t have to sound robotic. This new ground-breaking app uses AI technology to voice-over your scripts in professional voices and many languages within minutes. • Transform Any Text into Stunning Speech • Choose from 40+ Human-like Voices • Both Male and Female Voices included • Works in 20 Languages • Adjust the Tone, Rate, Pitch, and Volume of the Voice for Custom Requirements • Alter Speech Speed • Works with All Video Creation and Editing Software: Adobe Premier, Imovie, Camtasia, etc. • Frequent... [...]

Vocalic creates voiceovers and videos, any language #ad

In just 5 minutes, Vocalic can create a voiceover or a video with voiceover for any product in any niche. This new SaaS software was just released by Dr. Amit Pareek‘s team. Now you can provide in-demand video creation services as an Agency and earn passive income. The video creation industry is growing daily. Why? Audiences prefer this form of promotion. Marketing tools and techniques are always evolving as marketers keep trying different combinations to reach their audience and make sales. Video marketing is one such tool. It has become the most effective online sales tool ever. Whether... [...]

[Closing] Vidvoicer: AI Powered Video + Voice-over Creation #ad

VidVoicer is an AI-powered app that creates profit producing videos with real sounding voice-overs in any language in a few clicks. You build your voice-overs and videos with an all in one dashboard. And it is versatile. You can create: ➤ HD quality whiteboard Videos, ➤ Explainer Videos, ➤ Any Kind of Video, actually, ➤ Voiceovers, ➤ Podcasts, ➤ Audiobooks, ➤ High Ticket Webinars And you can do it in any niche. The voice-overs it creates are far superior (more human-sounding) than those Amazon Polly or Wavenet can produce. In addition, you save money with VidVoicer because you do... [...]

VidMingo: Better for marketers than YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia? #ad

VidMingo is better in one important way. It loves marketers and their videos. Don’t they all? Actually, it is reported that last year over 20 Million YouTube videos were removed by administrators, and over 1.98 Million YouTube channels were deleted. A second way VidMingo is better is the cost. If you’re still hosting your videos on other (and costly) platforms such as Vimeo or Wistia then you need to get this new platform for your videos today for a low 1-time price. (when you do, you will also receive some remarkable bonuses that will save you more money. Keep reading to learn more.) If... [...]

VidMingo: Advanced High-Speed Video Hosting Solution #ad

VidMingo has just been released, and it offers what they describe as “Unlimited Video Hosting” with no monthly fees. VidMingo currently has over 5,000 successful marketers who have built their video marketing empire from the ground up by taking advantage of its cost-effective, user-friendly, feature-rich video hosting, that is second to none. They stack up very well against YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia; better than all of them, by some measures. Keep reading to see why. And the best part is you get lifetime access to it with no monthly fees ever. If you create any form of video... [...]

VidScripto creates video transcripts, translates them to any language #ad

  Why VidScripto was created As you may know, YouTube, by default, allows you to use one of its videos on your website. The video creator can prohibit this, but most videos are available for you. There are many apps and plugins that assist in setting this up on your site. But they all have a major limitation, the video is in the original language only. But that overlooks a far larger audience than you can address with only your original language. For example, the United States alone has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, after Mexico. And with nearly 900 million... [...]

Avatar Builder: Powerful AI 3D Animation Video Maker #ad

Today, at 3 PM EST, Paul Ponna is releasing his new animation software: Avatar Builder. This new video creation tool has incorporated three crucial technologies needed for effective animated marketing videos: ■ 3D Animation, ■ Artificial Intelligence, ■ Automated soundtracks in any language Together, these technologies allow you to create natural-looking and natural-sounding 3D animated presenters, and to do so without any technical skills. As we mentioned yesterday, prior to the release, at 2 PM EST, he is holding a webinar to show off what this new tool can do for you. Introductory Webinar To... [...]