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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Gen Z Marketing Tips' Category

Using Video Marketing to Appeal to Gen Z

The global marketplace has never been more crowded. No longer are you competing with the Mom and Pop next door or the Big Box chain down the street. Now, more than ever before, ensuring that your online business presence not only survives but thrives also means ensuring that it stands out above a sea of competitors. While this borderless marketplace opens up a virtually infinite target market, it also requires immense skill, creativity, and strategy if you are going to cultivate a reputation (or “brand”) that your target market will both recognize and respect. And if your goal is to... [...]

8 Tips to Reach Young Consumers

In the era of mobile, marketers are getting a great opportunity to target more and more young people who consume wider variety of products. For this marketers need to cultivate a level of understanding to persuade the young generation. Entrepreneur’s Josh Felber has shared eight tips on how to market to today’s young consumers. The tips are based on his conversation with successful gen Z marketers Connor Blakley, age 17, and Deep Patel, age 18. Felber says, “Currently, if you want to learn about marketing to gen Z, you have a limited selection of sources. That’s why... [...]