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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Facebook A/B Testing' Category

Optin Gate: Create optin forms, squeeze pages, pop-ups, more #ad

If you want an enduring online business, you need to build a mailing list. To do that, you need get convince people to opt in to your list. At 10 AM EDT, Marius Price & Alex Costan release their new WordPress plugin, Optin Gate to make it easier to get opt-ins. This new plugin will help build your list in ways that were once impossible: • It comes with never-seen-before beautiful optin forms that are hard to ignore. • It comes with a live editor so you can design a guru-style optin without touching a single line of code. • It comes with split-testing so you can track with version of your... [...]

WP Scarcity: Boost Conversions with simple tools #ad

Andy Brocklehurst has a new WordPress plugin called WP Scarcity Plus. He reports that it can significantly increase your sales and opt-ins. This new plugin lets you to grow your business, and it helps you sell more. Whatever you’re selling (e-books, courses, services…etc), with WP Scarcity Plus, you can create “smart” countdown timers to generate a sense of urgency for your visitors. Urgency tends to boost your sales because people who want to think over their decision are confronted with a deadline. They can’t put off their decision, so often they decide favorably. And it’s... [...]

Hero Tower: Sell in 10, 20, 30 or even 40 niches at the same time #ad

Ross Carrelsays he has found that Facebook is the fastest tool available to marketers who want to scale up their business quickly. He has created Hero Tower to show you how. In fact, he doesn’t just show you how; he has built software that helps you do it. Hero Tower: • Automatically locates all the best, most interesting and engaging content in your niche • Syndicates that proven content back to your Facebook pages, on a schedule you choose • Integrates an unlimited number of money-making ads and offers on your page • Does all this within minutes when you make a few simple clicks Carrel... [...]

Fanpage Blaster: Put your Facebook Fan Page on autopilot #ad

Your Facebook Fan Page can be a powerful marketing tool, but only if you are consistently adding new quality content to it. And that’s the problem: in a real person’s life, it’s hard to be consistent. You have sickness, vacations, children’s school appointments (and don’t forget sleeping.) All these life activities make it hard to be consistent in updating your Fan Page. Fanpage Blaster to the rescue. This new software does two important things to assure that you consistently post new content on your Fan Page: 1. It curates content from other experts in your niche. 2.... [...]

‘Meet Airlock, Facebook’s A/B Testing Platform That Helps Build The Perfect App’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “Meet Airlock, Facebook’s A/B Testing Platform That Helps Build The Perfect App”. Selena Larson says, “Facebook’s mobile apps are built for specific operating systems. No longer solely dependent on the Web, Facebook has finer control over mobile app development specific to your iPhone or Android. But by switching to native development two years ago, the company could no longer run A/B tests. So developers built Airlock. Facebook just released new details about Airlock, the testing framework that allows its developers to compare data... [...]

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