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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Marketing Glossary

New Google Shopping Ads Strategies Uncovered, May 8 [Webinar]

It’s never been easier to get your Google Shopping Ads campaigns up and running…but there’s also never been this much competition.

Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘New Google Shopping Ads Strategies Uncovered’ on Wednesday, May 8, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET.

The SEJ team says, “Join our live panel discussion tailored for retailers and brands eager to elevate their ecommerce strategy through Google Shopping Ads. You’ll hear the ways to craft compelling product listings using Google Merchant Center Next, strategically bid on keywords, and leverage audience targeting to reach the right customers at the right time.

We’ll show you:

  • How to reduce costs while maximizing ROI using the entire Google Ads ecosystem.
  • The ways to target new shoppers with keyword bidding while maintaining engagement with your current audience.
  • How to set up Google Shopping feeds flawlessly with Google Merchant Center Next.

In this engaging session, Bryan Butler, Joshua Young, and Ben Riggle will unpack the ways to create powerful product listings and measure your success using best-in-class metrics.”

New Google Shopping Ads Strategies Uncovered

Search Engine Journal

No More High Latency: JetWebinar is Here (Live Demo) #ad

JetWebinar Software

Maybe you’ve been there. You’re hosting a crucial webinar, hundreds of potential leads are tuned in, and then the dreaded lag hits.

Questions freeze, audio stutters, visuals pixelate, and your audience loses focus. That can become a disaster for a marketer.

Traditional webinar platforms can struggle with latency, creating a frustrating experience for both you and your attendees.

But now, there’s a way to deliver a flawless, lag-free webinar that keeps your audience engaged and ready to convert.

Introducing JetWebinar, the brand-new all-in-one platform with ultra-low latency technology. Here’s how it can transform your webinars: JetWebinar Launch.

Using the newest technology, it gives you:
➤ Crystal-clear communication: No more dropped connections or choppy audio. Enjoy smooth, real-time interaction that keeps your audience captivated.
➤ Enhanced engagement: Eliminate lag-induced frustration and keep your attendees actively participating in polls, Q&A sessions, and live chat.
➤ Boosted conversions: A seamless webinar experience builds trust and credibility, leading to higher conversion rates.

Don’t settle for mediocre webinars. You need to investigate this new tech. Secure your spot at the launch event (10 AM EDT) and discover the power of JetWebinar. Space is limited, so register early: JetWebinar Launch.

This JetWebinar Training will show you how to upgrade your webinar delivery if you are already doing webinar marketing or get off on the right foot if you are itching to give it a try. You need some webinar software ; why not the newest and best?

The marketing landscape is evolving at breakneck speed. Some traditional methods are losing their pulling power, but webinars are emerging as the new power player. Yo can take advantage of their popularity.

Did you know webinars can boast a 73% conversion rate for qualified leads? That’s compared to a measly 2% for cold calls.

Neil Napier is hosting to day’s live training where he’ll reveal how you can use webinars to increase their sales and leads – plus, he’ll be revealing his brand-new software JetWebinar.

You can register for the 10AM webinar here: JetWebinar Launch Training.

During this webinar, you’ll discover:
✔️ How JetWebinar can help you create engaging webinars that convert
✔️ Proven strategies for attracting a targeted audience and maximizing registrations.
✔️ Actionable tips to keep your audience engaged and drive conversions during your webinar.
✔️ Live Q&A session with our experts to answer all your burning questions.
✔️ Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.

To top it all off, if you join the live webinar, you will be offered a special bundle of upgrades at a low price, and you also have a chance to win a free copy of JetWebinar. So, make sure you’re there.

If you decide to invest in either the basic webinar software or in the bundle, we have two bonuses to complement your software:

JetWebinar Bonuses


BoxedNiches, Bonus for JetWebinar A feature-rich, comprehensive niche package that will enable you to market in a niche in multiple ways.

Link Customizer Pro

Link Customizer Pro, Bonus for JetWebinar The Link Customizer Pro software allows you to customize all of your text links and image links and also generates button links for you. Each link can have a title tag, open in current or new window & even display separate text messages in the status bar OnMouseOver & OnMouseOut. Additionally, you can add text for ALT tags for all of your image links.

Register now: JetWebinar Launch. If you see this too late to attend, this link will take you to a recorded introduction.

NewsMailer: Done-for-you DMARC, DKIM, SPF integrated autoresponder #ad

NewsMailer AI Autoresponder
NewsMailer is a solution to your email deliverability problem. As IM News watch reported, there’s a risk that all your emails (ours, too) will go to the receiver’s spam folder due to the new compliance policy created by Gmail and Yahoo.

⇒Check our report here: Everything You Need To Know About 2024 Google & Yahoo Email Changes.

To comply with these new rules, you need to set DMARC, DKIM, and SPF in your autoresponder. Unfortunately, that’s a complex process requiring technical skills and a fair amount of time.

NewsMailer was just launched, and it has “Done for You” DMARC, DKIM, And SPF compliance built in.
It is up-to-date and compliant with Gmail & Yahoo’s 2024 Update, and it lets you send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with no monthly fee.

That’s just the beginning. Look at what NewsMailer offers you:
➤ 100% Done For You DMARC, DKIM, and SPF compliance to get higher inboxing & clicks
➤ Send Unlimited emails to Unlimited Subscribers
➤ Generate unlimited leads using AI technology
➤ Build your list with a 1-click opt-in for users
➤ Get 100% verified email addresses instantly
➤ No monthly and no restrictions at all
➤ Free SMTP for unlimited Email sending
➤ 100% beginner-friendly, no coding or technical skills required
➤ Enjoy 24/7 expert support for whatever you need
➤ FULL Commercial License Included – Sell lead generation services to clients
➤ ChatGPT-powered Autoresponder with Free SMTP at Unbeatable 1-Time Price.

What do you think? Is it time for you to say goodbye to old-school autoresponder and lead-generation methods?

Then, for more information go here: NewsMailer.

Special 30% Coupon Code = NEWSMAIL30

Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship, May 14 [Webinar]

More and more businesses are turning to third-party creators, influencers and affiliates to fuel their growth, and establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships is critical.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship’ on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 1.00 pm ET.

The Adweek team says, “Discover everything that brands and creators should keep in mind to ensure a successful working relationship from leaders at LinkedIn influencer agency Creator Authority, We Are Verified and social commerce creator Orca. You’ll find out:

  • Industry best practices right now that those getting into the space need to be aware of
  • What both parties needs out of the relationship in order to be happy
  • Strategies to create long-term brand partnerships and revenue streams, and ensure ROI”.

Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship


NeuraRephraser: Don’t you wish you could write this well? #ad

Neurarephraser Content Rewriter

With NeuraRephraser, artificial intelligence is sounding more intelligent and less artificial than ever before. Now you can churn out cogent, engaging articles and blog posts (up to 1000 words at a time) in just moments when it rewrites content you feed into it. Thanks to the incredible power of NeuraRephraser, the new AI-driven content re-writing tool, you can become both a prolific author and a wordsmith.

The first version of NeuraRephraser was released about 7 months ago. If you invested n a Lifetime License at the time, you don’t need to read this ad. You already have the upgrades in version 2.0, released yesterday. If you didn’t (we did), you should think seriously about getting the Lifetime License now, although there is a one-year license if you want to test the water before going all out.

NeuraRephraser is a ChatGPT-driven rewriting tool, created by PromptCoreDyanmics, that came out last year and is now being upgraded. It allows you to rewrite any content, such as PLR, old blog posts, etc., using the help of AI. This new version 2.0 includes the ability to generate images inside the app, in addition to text.

It has multiple styles to choose from. Each of the 11 styles will rewrite the content you paste in, showing its output side-by-side with what you paste in, in the style you have chosen.

Besides the standard rewrite style, you are getting:

  • Re-Writer #2: Benefit Booster – Transform basic benefits from your content into persuasive and captivating promises that enthrall your audience.
  • Re-Writer #3: Analogy Architect – Harness the power of creative analogies and vivid metaphors, making your articles, blog posts, and stories unforgettable.
  • Re-Writer #4: Empathy Engine – Perfect for narratives and posts that connect deeply, invoking genuine feelings and shared experiences.
  • Re-Writer #5: ConvoCraft – Frame your content as an intimate chat with your reader, forging trust and a bond that lasts.
  • Re-Writer #6: Narrative Nurturer – Ideal for weaving personal tales, real-life testimonials, or insightful case studies.
  • Re-Writer #7: Data Digger – This tool is a must for content where concrete data and indisputable facts reign supreme.
  • Re-Writer #8: Intrigue Innovator – Craft intros or openings that ensure your reader is instantly captivated and hungry for more.
  • Re-Writer #9: Saga Sculptor – Breathe life into your content, be it social media updates or blog posts, by giving it the twist of an enthralling tale.
  • Re-Writer #10: Solution Spotlight – This tool is a goldmine for those product descriptions, sales pages, and materials where you present the panacea to your customer’s woes.
  • Re-Writer #11: Motivation Maven – Ideal for writing speeches, motivational articles, uplifting social media posts, and energizing newsletters.

Rewrite your text more than once, using different styles until you find the one that fits your needs best.

You can paste in up to 5000 characters of content, which is about 1000 words. If you have content exceeding 1000 words, simply split it up into multiple parts and do one part at a time.

When you select a style, NeuraRephraser creates prompts for ChatGPT to tell it what do do to get the text rewritten in tht style. You wil need a ChatGPT account (GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.0) for it to work with to get the rewriting done.

If you don’t already have an OpenAI API Key for either 3.5 or 4.0, it’s easy to get, including some free credits to start out. Then you will charge your ChatGPT use to your credit card after you use your free credits.It’s an inexpensive “pay as you go” system.

You’ll be able to rewrite dozens of posts or articles for less than $5.

If you are like us, you have a pie of PLR content that needs to be refreshed. Just copy and paste your text into NeuraRephraser and watch as NeuraRephraser transforms it into fresh versions in minutes that would have taken you days.

It’s not just PLR. Let it rewrite old blog posts to give them new life.

Struggling with clickworthy email subject lines? Let NeuraRephraser handle them and watch your open rates rise.

In a digital landscape flooded with repetitive content, NeuraRephraser empowers your content to rise above the noise. It doesn’t just replicate; it reimagines and revitalizes, making your content a beacon of originality and engagement.

Discover the power of NeuraRephraser today and watch your content (of all kinds) sparkle.

Get this powerful sftware today so your content can reach its full potential: NeuraRephraser.

NewsCaster AI: Self-updating, SEO-optimized Broadcasting Sites #ad

NewsCaster AI Software

NewsCaster AI is a brand-new next generation AI appliction that launches your self-updating newscasting sites in any niche and in any language in seconds, delivering breaking news directly to your audience.

These SEO-optimized broadcasting sites are automatically filled with ready-to-use trending content.

By using NewsCaster AI, you can legally take advantage of any news videos and articles from top platforms, such as YouTube, New York Times, and many more, and then use it in your business.

With this new software, you can create stunning news websites in 100s of niches and dozens of languages.

It includes an integrated AI-powered Chatbot that engages visitors and answers their queries instantly.

Your site will be loaded with proven, converting, and ready-to-use lead templates and promo templates, along with an easy, fast editor that lets you customize them.

Your site will include:
➤ AI Self-Monetization by placing Banner Ads to your site
➤ AI built-in traffic to drive thousands of visitors
➤ AI templates to capture leads, promote offers discounts
➤ AI graphics to generate stunning graphics for site.

You can operate your news site using your own custom domain, if you choose, for brand consistency, or use the hosting they provide.

With NewsCaster AI, you get:
➤ SEO-Friendly Pages Created Automatically
➤ 100% Mobile-Optimized Websites
➤ Sites that Market Your Content in 100s of Languages in One Click
➤ A Built-in Content Spinner to Make Your Content Plagiarism-free and More Engaging
➤ A Subscription Form on your Site to Grow your Subscriber List
➤ Seamless Autoresponder Integration to easily build your targeted list
➤ Shareable Site Content Sent Directly to Social Media with Built-In Sharing Icons.
➤ Built-in Legal Pages and Cookie Consent for your Site
➤ No Domain Or Hosting Required
➤ Precise Analytics Included
➤ Commercial License Included

Build your sites on autopilot, with:
❌ No Content Creation
❌ No Camera
❌ No Teams Needed
❌ No Upfront Cost for the site

Just enter a keyword and let AI create stunning, trendy news sites across any niche – sports, travel, gaming, affiliate marketing, and many more.

Use NEWS5OFF – $5 Discount Coupon on the basic product and the upgrades

Get your copy during this short launch period: NewsCaster AI.

Navigating Personalization and Measurement in the Post-Cookie Era, April 24 [Webinar]

Post-cookie, advertisers must determine how they’ll continue delivering personalized and relevant brand experiences while also measuring cross-media campaign effectiveness. To chart a path forward, media buyers and planners need to know about all the cookie alternatives out there and how to manage an increasingly complex ad tech environment.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Navigating Personalization and Measurement in the Post-Cookie Era’ on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 1.00 pm ET.

The Adweek team says, “Discover what’s involved in measuring campaign effectiveness without cookies from The Trade Desk’s Jennifer Ng, GM of advertiser insights, Lee Beale, managing partner of independent media agency Crossmedia, and Stephen Jepson, president of media effectiveness at DISQO. You’ll find out:

  • How new cookieless solutions are being tested, and what’s been learned so far
  • The mix of alternative identifiers and approaches for targeting and identity-based measurement that can prove campaign effectiveness with definitive outcomes
  • The role of AI in the cookieless era”.

Navigating Personalization and Measurement in the Post-Cookie Era


Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship, May 14 [Webinar]

More and more businesses are turning to third-party creators, influencers and affiliates to fuel their growth, and establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships is critical.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship’ on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 1.00 pm EDT.

The Adweek team says, “Discover everything that brands and creators should keep in mind to ensure a successful working relationship from leaders at LinkedIn influencer agency Creator Authority, We Are Verified and social commerce creator Orca. You’ll find out:

  • Industry best practices right now that those getting into the space need to be aware of
  • What both parties needs out of the relationship in order to be happy
  • Strategies to create long-term brand partnerships and revenue streams, and ensure ROI”.

Navigate the Complex Brand-Creator Relationship


Niche Domination Prodigy: high traffic keywords, low competition, more sales #ad

Niche Domination Prodigy Training

Niche Domination Prodigy training puts you in the position of being able to find niches where you can become a major marketing force and then take advantage of your position in the niche to build a successful online business.

Specifically, in this course you will discover how to do advanced keyword research and niche selection by finding super high traffic keywords with low competition. This works best outside of the IM/MMO niche. Hey, there’s a big world out there. Don’t limit yourself to one relatively small niche.

Then you will discover how to get LinkedIn Pulse articles written for you for about 50 cents per article.

Third, you will discover how to get your articles indexed and ranked at the top of Google for your keywords so you can drive massive amounts of traffic to your offers.

Trevor Carr, one of the creators of this training, explains it in detail here (Ignore the $997 sign in the video. This week, your price is $12.95.):

Buy Niche Domination Prodigy

Along with this training, you are also getting these bonuses that will help you further monetize your niche marketing:

1. Tribe
Tribe shows how you can build a Facebook group in any niche and grow it to up to 14,000 members and market to that Facebook group to make sales.
Learn more here:

2. Passive Pro
Passive Pro shows you how you can create a passive income online on Clickbank
Learn more here:

3. Middle Man Money
Middle man money shows you how to act like a middle man on Fiverr. When you get an order for a high value gig you simply buy the gig from someone else on Fiverr for a much lower price and deliver that to your buyer. You pocket the difference in the process:
Learn more here:

4. Fergal Downes’s 7 Day Challenge:
(Fergal is another one of the creators of Niche Domination Prodigy.) Inside Fergal’s 7 day challenge he challenges you to make your first $297 sale inside your first 7 days by creating an online web design business. When you get an order for a website you can either outsource the creation of the website or make it yourself with wordpress templates.
Learn more here:

You get all of this additional training when you invest in Niche Domination Prodigy.

But time is short. this launch ends at the end of this week so don’t delay. Find your niche(s) with this new training now: Niche Domination Prodigy.

NFT Collection Maker: Create NFT Collections in a Flash #ad

NFT Collection Maker Software

NFT Collection Maker Software

Andrew Darius has just released NFT Collection Maker 2.0. It lets you take basic artwork and turn it into massive crypto NFT art collections automatically.

And you can make these NFT art collections automatically with Darius’s TTC AI tech that is built into this new SaaS software.

NFT Collection Maker automatically creates Unique NFT artwork (that is Software-Verified to be unique) that you can offer for sale on the Etherium Blockchain.

One of the points of NFT collections is to make a large number of variations of the base art by changing various attributes (called “traits”). If, for example, your art is of a person and the variable traits are:
1. The hat they are wearing,
2. What they hold in their hands,
3. The color of their shirt, etc.
by asking NFT Collection Maker to vary those traits independently, you can use it to create hundreds or thousands of variations, each unlike any of the others.

Each creation can be truthfully offered for sale as (and guaranteed to be) “one of a kind.”

With the TTC AI Technology, your collection can be as large as you want it to be. Just add more variables.

Here is your chance to discover the dynamic world of crypto art NTF Collections and discover how even a non-artist can get in.

Now, the main problem with creating of massive NFT Art Collections isn’t creating the variations. The software handles that efficiently and quickly. What’s hard is putting your new artwork up for sale and delivering actual NFTs (as opposed to just a piece of paper with art that you claim is unique) on the blockchain.

Well, the good news is that NFT Collection Maker handles all that tedious technical work, too.

Not only that, it makes sure that when your buyer eventually sells their NFT, you can get a commission on that sale. How great is that? Not only can you get the initial sales income, but you also get a lifetime income stream from any future resales.

Are you ready to discover the first to market groundbreaking app with proprietary TTC AI technology, which allows you to automatically generate software-verified unique artworks you can sell as NFTs? Then go here to see the coolest demo you’ll ever see: NFT Collection Maker.

This is a 100% turnkey solution which generates massive NFT collections ready to be sold, and allows you to not only charge one time payments, but also forever automatically collect passive royalties every time your NFT gets resold on a secondary market, such as OpenSea.

And because TTC AI technology does all the heavy lifting and makes as many variations as you want, it is mathematically almost impossible for you to not get any collector-worthy results, even if you have not made any art in your entire life and have no tech experience at all.

Plus, you will get all the info you need on how to sell as many pieces of art as humanly possible as well.

And don’t worry, generating massive crypto art collections with NFT Collection Maker is as easy as it gets.

Because of our proprietary TTC AI technology, anyone can make a NFT-ready crypto art collection without any prior art or tech experience.

Watch the demo now: NFT Collection Maker.