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Monday, September 27, 2021

Marketing Glossary

Nine Ways to Grow Your Instagram Reach

By growing your network on social media platforms, you can boost your sales. On Instagram too, you can achieve sales growth by reaching more people.

Social Media Examiner contributor Corinna Keefe has shared nine useful ways to help you improve your Instagram reach.

She says, “For business accounts, the algorithm rewards novelty: new content, formats, and connections. That’s why it’s important—regardless of your specific strategy—to keep up a steady flow of posts and never stop testing. Here are some tactics and settings you can test to improve your organic reach on Instagram.

#1: Use the Full Range of Instagram Post Formats

Instagram is never slow to add new features. By now, you can post:

  • A single photo, photo carousels, and short video clips in your feed
  • Stories, including options for AR lenses, polls, questions, links, shopping, and fundraising tags
  • Story highlights
  • Reels
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Live video streams, including shared streams with other accounts
  • Guides, which are collections of posts around a specific topic
  • Products in an Instagram shop

When it comes to social media, businesses are typically advised to pick one or two channels to focus on”.

How to Improve Instagram Reach: 9 Ways

Social Media Examiner

Neil Patel Shares 7 Hidden Tactics From The Fastest Growing E-Commerce Companies [Video]

E-commerce has redefined the 21st-century business. Starting from eBay and currently the leaders such as Amazon and Alibaba have created stellar examples of how e-commerce business can be run.

Neil Patel has published a new video highlighting seven hidden tactics from the fastest-growing e-commerce companies.

Neil Patel Shares 10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Start an Online Business

A  strong SEO strategy helps you create an equally strong base for your business. By picking up the right niche, you can give a good start to your business.

Neil Patel has published a new video ’10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Start an Online Business’ to help you learn about some of the most profitable SEO niches.

He says, “A lot of niches suck because they’re too competitive and they’re not profitable. Today I’m going to break down the 10 most profitable SEO niches to start a online business in. Sometimes you need to find a customer first, not a product. That’s a simple way to find profitable niches. So keep that in the back of your mind.”

Neil Patel’s Blog

Nine Best Email Autoresponder Services

Email autoresponders allow you to manage your list passively while leveraging automation to drive conversions.

Quick Sprout contributor Lars Lofgren has published an article sharing a list of the nine best email autoresponders.

He says, “What’s the best email autoresponder? After extensive research and testing, I’ve narrowed down the top eight autoresponders on the market today. Continue below to learn more about the features, benefits, pricing, use cases, and potential drawbacks for each one.

#1 – GetResponse — Best Overall Email Autoresponder

  • STARTS AT $15

GetResponse is our top overall pick in this category. In addition to traditional email marketing tools, GetResponse offers exceptional automation features, including autoresponders.

This software has everything you need to manage the complete life cycle of email subscribers. You can generate leads and add people to your subscriber list with GetResponse landing page tools and webinars”.

Best Email Autoresponder

Quick Sprout

Neil Patel Shares Secrets of Generating Passive Income with SEO [Video]

When it comes to making money using the Internet, there are several opportunities you can utilize. All you need is to focus on what you choose.

In his newly released video, Neil Patel has shared the secrets of generating passive income with SEO.

He says, “There are many ways you can earn passive income. You can do this for almost any industry, and I’m going to show you how. Today I’m going to break down how I earn passive income every day with SEO and you can too.”

Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil Patel Shares Most Effective Ways to Market Your Business With No Budget [Video]

Marketing is the backbone of your business. It helps you reach your potential audience and promote your products and services.

In his new video, Neil Patel has shared some useful ways to market your business with no budget.

He says, “Who says you need money to get traffic to your website? Today, I’m going to break down the most effective ways to market your business with no budget. I’m going to break down some of the easiest ways to get traffic when you have no money.”

Neil Patel’s Blog

Need an Easy Repetitive System for an online business? Ask Kevin Fahey #ad

Easy Repetitive System TrainingPerhaps you have heard of Kevin Fahey. He has built two businesses that reached seven figures and a third that reached six figures. He shows you how he did it in Easy Repetitive System.

Fahey reports that this system allows him to manage everything working just a few hours per week. This same system is responsible for a million in online sales. He is finally revealing everything inside Easy Repetitive System.

Here’s what he says:

There are so many systems out there and so many new launches, so what makes The Easy Repetitive System different?

First off, the system is backed by 14 years of experience and millions of dollars in proof.

The system has been tweaked over the past 4 years and repeated across 3 different brands, 2 of which are 7 figure brands and one 6 figure brand.

(You’re talking serious numbers when you put this system into play.)

It does not rely on paid traffic, SEO, social media or anything time-consuming. (Strictly no time-consuming work needed on your behalf)

It will work in any niche. In fact, there are over 100 niches to choose from inside the training and my way of helping you find a niche is amazing.

But Fahey doesn’t like to spread his private information too widely, so he started selling it only Wednesday and is closing the sale at midnight tonight. Besides that, the price rises with every sale, and once the launch special ends at midnight, it will more than double.

This training comes in a variety of formats including:
➤ Hours of video training,
➤ 30 pages of written content,
➤ Spreadsheets,
➤ Funnel diagrams and
➤ Webinar presentations.

Although, as he mentioned, he has shared some of his processes in the past, this latest training has been completely rewritten and is 100% new and unique. The content was created over the past few months.

This is a system for you to copy that is proven to get results. If that’s what you want, check it out here: Easy Repetitive System.

NFTs are the latest art investment fad. MotionNFTMaker creates them #ad



NFTs (“Non-fungible tokens”) are a type of digital artwork that collectors seem to be eager to buy. Some NFTs have sold for millions of dollars.

You may find it hard to understand why NFTs have become so popular (we certainly do), but a wise marketer sells what people want to buy (within ethical and legal bounds).

That’s why the Andrew Darius team created MotionNFTMaker.

This software can reasonably be called “groundbreaking”. It is the first commercial software built to create NFTs. It was built with proprietary CRA Artificial Intelligence technology, which allows you to make motion crypto art NFTs by simply clicking your mouse.

Once you have created your NFTs, sell them on auction websites (like eBay) or your own art gallery website. Sell them to collectors, investors, and speculators. When you do, you are allowed to not only charge one-time payments but also automatically collect passive royalties every time your NFT is resold on the secondary market.

And because MotionNFTMaker’s CRA AI technology does all the heavy lifting, it is mathematically almost impossible for you to not get any collector worthy results, even if you have not made any art in your entire life and have no tech experience at all.

On top of that, inside the member area, you will get important resources on how you can avoid the so-called minting fee until your crypto art NFT is already sold.

Because of proprietary CRA AI technology, anyone can make NFT ready crypto art without any prior art skills or technical experience, even you.

Watch the explainer video to learn more about how you can get into the crazy world of crypto art, even if you have not made any art in your entire life and have no tech experience at all: MotionNFTMaker

Nine Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing

For continuous performance improvement, your content needs to be promoted well. By using the right tools to create and promote your content, you can make the most of your investment.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Kelsey Raymond has published an article highlighting nine content marketing tools.

She says, “As the CEO of a content marketing agency, I’ve seen firsthand how the right tools can take a marketing strategy to the next level. To help you avoid tool fatigue and give you a starting point as you decide which tools to use to strengthen your marketing efforts, I’ve outlined nine of the most important types of content marketing tools out there, along with some advice on how to make sure you select the right ones for you.

1. A content management system (CMS)

WordPress is perhaps the most well-known CMS, but many solutions allow you to manage online content and provide access to as many contributors as you need to create, edit and publish content. At my company, we use HubSpot’s CMS, as well as our own in-house software”.

Every Content Marketer Should Use These 9 Tools


New Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Groups Tools, Shopping Features, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘New Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Groups Tools, Shopping Features, and More’ featuring Mari Smith.

The video covers the following:

  • Intro
  • Live Audio Rooms
  • Podcasts Streaming to Facebook
  • Facebook Groups Tools
  • Facebook Messenger Tools
  • Facebook Shops Expansion to WhatsApp and Marketplace
  • New Facebook Shops Ads Solutions
  • Facebook AR and AI Product Image Recognition
  • Facebook Bulletin
  • Embed Facebook Videos to Play At a Timestamp
  • Guides for Facebook pages
  • Facebook Fan Subscription Fees
  • Facebook AI Text Style Mimic
  • Facebook Report on the Future Opportunities of AR and VR.

Social Media Examiner