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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Newbie Affiliate Secrets: How to get started in affiliate marketing #ad

Newbie Affiliate SecretsStuart Stirling has just released Newbie Affiliate Secrets to help new affiliate marketers (or those who haven’t yet found affiliate success) to get going on the right foot.

He says his goal is to make it easier for you to earn affiliate commission by doing affiliate marketing the smart way.

Since he created this training specifically for marketers who haven’t yet found success, this may be the best newbie-friendly, step-by-step affiliate training you’ve ever seen. year.

We all were beginners once. Some of us still are. After 17 years online, we still have a little of the Beginner DNA in us. Maybe you do too. If so, it’s certainly worth your while to check it out.

Newbie Affiliate Secrets is a complete, step-by-step course that teaches beginners how to make their first commission online.

It is delivered in 5 x PDF guides with full screenshots and labeling to show you the exact steps to take to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

The tools revealed in Newbie Affiliate Secrets are very low-cost. They are a combination of free and cheap tools.

Plus, you don’t need to spend a cent on advertising because the traffic generation method shown in this training is also at no cost.

This may be the ultimate beginner’s affiliate training course. Get your copy here: Newbie Affiliate Secrets.

New Stori software makes creating professional web stories easy #ad

Stori software builds web storiesStori is a no-code tool that helps designers, affiliate marketers, eCommerce owners, brands, local businesses, and just about anyone else create, design, monetize and distribute engaging web stories without any coding or technical skills.

It is the world’s first web story tool that combines the power of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and Mobile commerce. This means that marketers, eCommerce vendors, and business owners can now sell and collect payments directly on their web stories through Paypal and Stripe.

Google now features web stories in its search results, making this a great way for both online businesses and local businesses to leverage Google search traffic, Google images, and Google Discover just by telling visual stories. By using stories in your marketing, you won’t need to spend so much on traditional SEO.

With Stori, all you do is pick a template, customize your web story with its super-easy web story builder and then publish. In less than 60 seconds you can have a stunning web story that you can sell your products on ready to use.

You can add eCommerce stores, polls, quizzes, and other engaging and interactive elements to your web stories. With your Commercial License, you may create and sell unlimited web stories to local businesses.

With Stori, the possibilities are endless.

Other similar web story builders out there cost over $1,499 monthly, and you keep paying them forever. And they don’t even have half the features of Stori.

Sample Stories created with Stori
Gym –
Restaurant –
Law –
Ecom –
Salon –
Pizza –
Pet –
Digital business –
Coaches –

If you want to use the power of stories in your own marketing, get your copy here: Stori.

They are offering optional enhancements to you after you buy the main product. If this looks like the way marketing should be done in the future and want to get the most from it, you may want to get all the enhancements, along with the basic product, for a discount price, rather than getting them piecemeal: Stori Bundle. Use coupon storibundle to get $50 off the bundle price.

Neil Patel Shares Three Ways to Boost Conversions [Video]

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or mobile app.

In his latest video, Neil Patel has shared three easy ways to boost your conversions.

Neil Patel Talks Marketing Trends And Finding Motivation Through Others [Forbes Video]

Forbes has published a video featuring marketer and author Neil Patel on ‘Marketing Trends And Finding Motivation Through Others’.

The Forbes team says, “One of Forbes’ Top 10 Marketers Neil Patel sits down with Forbes contributor Rhett Power to discuss marketing trends in 2022, tips on time management, and how to find personal motivation through helping others.”


Neil Patel’s Favorite Webinar Tip

Webinars help us get more followers. You can use webinars as a content marketing strategy in the digital world.

In his latest video, Neil Patel has shared useful webinar tips.

He says, “67% of marketers say that they were increasing their investment in webinars. So, how can you capitalize on all of this webinar enthusiasm? Check out my favorite tip for hosting a webinar.”

Neil Patel’s Blog

New Year 2023 PLR Bundle: 16 Products to call your own #ad

Jason Oickle‘s New Year 2023 PLR Bundle is a time-limited New Year offer that includes all the PLR internet marketing packages he released during 2022.

You’re getting 16 PLR Lead Magnet packages targeting many different sub-niches in the Internet Marketing category.

Each package includes:

  • A beefy guide that you can give away,

  • A mobile responsive squeeze page, and

  • some pretty nice cover graphics too.

Everything comes with the source files so you can edit all of the content any way you see fit.

However, there is a catch…

The investment required to get this New Year PLR Bundle increases with every sale, so be quick.

Go here now to see everything you get: New Year 2023 PLR Bundle.
New Year 2023 PLR Bundle

Nine Ways to Optimize Content

Content optimization helps search engines and your target audience easily understand your written text.

Search Engine Watch contributor Robert Phillips has published an article featuring nine useful ways to optimize your site content.

He says, “Let’s find out how you can benefit from all this, and more, by effectively optimizing your content.

Think about your topic

Before you write content, you need to decide on the topic you’re going to cover. This might sound obvious, but it’s worth thinking about. Spending some extra time planning will help you to identify specific subjects and talking points you can discuss. This will help shape your keyword research, which plays a huge role in creating SEO-friendly content.

At this stage, it’s worth thinking about what you want to focus on. You want the topic to be broad enough that you can produce detailed content about it, but not so broad that you won’t be able to cover it all. It might be the case that you need to split the topic into multiple articles. Or if your topic is too vague, you may need to home in on something more specific.”

How to effectively optimize content

Search Engine Watch

Non-HTML files on the web [Podcast]

Google Search Central has published a new episode of the ‘Search Off the Record’ podcast titled ‘Non-HTML files on the web’.

In this episode, Gary and Lizzi chat about file types on the web beyond HTML, like PDFs, PowerPoints, and images. We cover issues with all sorts of file types, if you should convert your weird file into HTML, what file types are indexed, and more on non-HTML files.

Non-HTML files on the web

Search Off the Record

New SEO Strategies: 3 Steps to Perfect SEO Content Creation, October 6 [Webinar]

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, it’s crucial that your SEO tactics continue to evolve. Search engines are known to reward websites that publish high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: What You Need to Know’ on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET.

The SEJ team says, “If you’re looking to boost organic traffic and drive more conversions, you should join our next webinar.

It’s time to learn how to execute a winning content strategy that delivers the best ROI for your efforts.

Key Insights:

  • Content strategies that used to work but don’t anymore.
  • How to future-proof your content strategy.
  • Tips to scale your content strategy to increase organic traffic.

Carlos Meza, President & CEO at Crowd Content, will explain how to optimize your content for user intent and relevancy by using a meaningful content structure.”

New SEO Strategies: 3 Steps to Perfect SEO Content Creation

Search Engine Journal

NLP SEO Explained

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a change in Google’s algorithm that affects SEO. It focuses on understanding the context of Google searches, not just selected keywords.

Rank Ranger contributor Darrell Mordecai has published an article explaining the NLP SEO.

He says, “Natural language processing allows search engines to bring surprisingly accurate answers to user queries and brings quick answers to questions in the form of SERP features. It also helps the users to refine their searches when the question is broad or vague.

In other words, think about this…

Have you noticed that when you type a query into Google, you get a surprisingly accurate and relevant answer?

How does Google do it?

In reality, Google solves two problems at the same time.

First, Google has to understand the query.

Think about it.

How do you word your query so that it will bring you the results you are actually looking for? For the most part, you use natural language.”


Rank Ranger