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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Marketing Glossary

Nine Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are displayed in search results as a short paragraph under the title of the page. They help the searchers learn more about your site.

Seer Interactive’s Meghan Evans has shared nine tips to write great meta descriptions.

She says, “Metadata descriptions serve as advertising copy. A good meta description will draw in a reader to the website from the SERP. Using important keywords in the meta description can increase CTRs, especially if they appear bolded in the description:

9 Tips for Writing Meta Descriptions (with Examples!)

1. Optimal Meta Description Length

When your site’s metadata description is too long, search engines will truncate it:

In order to best optimize your meta descriptions for length, optimize them with a tool like SEOmofo that counts pixels (156), or you can use =LEN() to count characters. The limit is usually around ~155–160 characters since characters vary by pixel count”.

How to Write Great Meta Desciptions

New Facebook Ads Data, Topic Exclusion Controls, Account Quality Dashboard, and More

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘New Facebook Ads Data, Topic Exclusion Controls, Account Quality Dashboard, and More’.

Explore Facebook ad changes with Michael Stelzner and Facebook ads expert, Amanda Bond.

Social Media Examiner

Nine SEO Predictions for 2021

SEO remains at the core of online business growth. It helps you to extend your online reach and acquire new customers.

Wellspring Digital’s Jon-Mikel Bailey has shared predictions by nine SEO experts on 2020’s impact and SEO priorities for 2021.

He says, “These SEOs gave me quite a bit of information to work with, so I will be doing this in segments as a three-part series. Next up we have the three-letter name power trio of Jim Hedger, Doc Sheldon, and Omi Sido.

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on SEO

The first question I asked these three was “In what significant ways has the global pandemic changed SEO?” We’ll start with Jim…

Jim Hedger on the Pandemic’s SEO Impact

We are at one of the most challenging crossroads in human history and there are several real-world forces that will affect how the digital environment evolves over the coming year, along with extraordinary breakthroughs in one extraordinary technology.

Let’s deal with the largest of the real-world influences first as we can only note them because they’re very difficult to predict and our society does not have a consensus on how to handle them”.

9 SEO Experts on 2020’s Impact and SEO Priorities for 2021, Part Two

Wellspring Digital

New Top Pages Report (And How To Use It) [Video]

Ahrefs has published a new video ‘New Top Pages Report (And How To Use It)’ featuring Rebekah Bek.

The Ahrefs team says, “In this video, we’re introducing our new and improved Top pages report”.

Watch the video.


Niche Marketing Kit Affiliate Opportunity #ad

If you are looking for an affiliate product to sell, Niche Marketing Kit can be your chance.

IM NewsWatch will sponsor any of our readers who would like to be affiliates.

Read our ad for the product published yesterday, so you will understand what you will be promoting. You don’t have to buy a copy (as we did) before promoting it, but it would be a good idea.

If it looks like a product you can feel good about promoting, you can sign up as an affiliate here: Niche Marketing Kit Affiliate Sign-up.

However, as we mentioned yesterday, it has a very short launch period, today through December 30 at midnight. So you could probably do 3 or 4 mailings about it.

Niche Marketing Kit

Niche Marketing Kit: Success tools for online marketing, on sale #ad

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson have just released their Niche Marketing Kit.

It contains what they say is “over $10,000 worth of tools that are responsible for over a million dollars in sales this year.”

We have known of these men for years; we have bought products from them; we have no doubt they have achieved that million dollars in sales this year.

They have built this package of tools carefully and with great thought. They have selected their most useful tools and training, designed to work in online marketing processes that every marketer needs to master.

This sale started out when, as usual at this time of year, Thornhill and Nicholson evaluated their results to determine what they did right (and wrong) in their business. They noticed 5 specific areas that were “front and center” in helping them generate over a million dollars in sales.

Traffic Generation

Every single website online needs traffic. During 2020, they managed to drive record numbers of visitors to their websites and the websites of their clients.

List Building

We all know how important it is to be building a list of followers. Well, they had their best year ever for the list building and email marketing work they did.

Social Media

In 2020, social media played a big role in building their online business, and going forward, its role will only increase.

Video Marketing

They focused heavily on video marketing and its contribution to their business mustn’t be underestimated.

Affiliate Marketing

This year they implemented some new affiliate strategies that helped them reap record commissions. Their affiliate marketing processes won them over 50 JV competitions this year alone.

So what?

Why are we telling you about what helped them this year? In Niche Marketing Kit, they are sharing what worked for them. They say it’s everything you need to succeed in these important marketing processes. And, as they also say, that is only the beginning; there is a lot more in the package.

However, this sale is a holiday special event and is only available through December 30. So get yours while you can because once it’s gone, it’s gone, period, full stop.

Niche Marketing Kit

The Niche Marketing Kit really does contain all you need for marketing success in 2021. This sale is an annual event but this time it’s bigger and better than ever, and at this price you really can’t go wrong.

This is a robust offering. In each of these key areas of internet marketing, you are getting multiple products:

Traffic Seven products to help you build your traffic, including 150,000 PLR articles you can use to build your social media or website presence.

Video 11 products, many with resale rights.

Affiliate Marketing 12 software and training products (some with resale rights) to help you be an affiliate and also to recruit affiliates for your own products.

List Building 11 products, some with resale rights, for building lists that will be your path to future success online.

Social Media 10 software and training products (some with resale rights) for making Facebook and Twitter your marketing tools.

As if that were not enough, they are including 12 more products on other internet topics, all designed to build your business.

For 5 days only, you can get all these quality tools for far less than their usual price. The price is so low that you will be shocked when you see it. (At least, we were, and we are pretty jaded.)

Get your copy here: Niche Marketing Kit.

New Pinterest Tools: What Marketers Need to Know [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘New Pinterest Tools: What Marketers Need to Know’ to help you learn about the new Pinterest tools you can use in marketing.

The SME team says, “Explore Pinterest’s newest suite of merchant tools to help marketers and retailers reach customers this holiday season and beyond with special guest Jennifer Priest; this week on the Social Media Marketing Talk Show with Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy”.

Watch the video here.

Social Media Examiner

Nine Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts

A strong SEO strategy can help you to escalate your blog or website to a new level. By keeping pace with the changing search algorithms, you can continue to benefit from the search engines.

SEMrush contributor Connor Lahey has shared nine tips to help you optimize your blog posts for SEO.

He says, “Whether you’re a small business owner looking to launch an e-commerce site or an SEO expert, below is an in-depth overview of our top blog SEO tips to help you optimize your next piece of content. More specifically, we’ll explain how great content should:

Leverage Topic Clusters to Organize Your Content

In the past, blogging and SEO have focused primarily on optimizing individual posts. While this is important, you can improve your search engine rankings even more by using topic clusters. Following this model, you select a larger “pillar” topic or target keyword you want to rank for and create individual pieces of “cluster” content based on specific keywords related to that topic. This results in greater interconnectedness between individual blogs, enhancing the website’s overall authoritativeness and your audience’s user experience”.

Blog SEO: Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts

NicheCheetah builds sites with quality content and ads in minutes #ad

NicheCheetah, in short, allows you to create “Content-Ready” Websites For Any Niche.

Yes, it builds the website, and then it populates it with content. And it does it almost instantaneously.

And you’ll also be getting Resale Rights to this new software so not only can you build niche sites for yourself; you can start selling it to other marketers right away and keep 100% of each sale you make.

NicheCheetah creates text articles bsed on YouTube videos. That’s permitted under the YouTube Creative Commons license (although individual creators can opt out so make sure any videos you use are under “Creative Commons”.

Here is how it works:
1. Choose your niche. Among the millions of videos on YouTube, there will probably be several for your niche.
2. Search YouTube for keywords related to your niche
3. Choose the best vdeos you find and enter their URLs into NicheCheetah, along with the title you want to use for the article being created.
4. NicheCheetah creates the article with its title on your Windows PC, ready to upload to your site.
5. To have your site built, enter the name you want and other settings you want NicheCheetah to use.
6. It builds your site and adds the articles it created to your site.

You can also tell NicheCheetah what products you want to promote on your site, and it will insert your ads for you.

You do this whole process without needing any technical skills. The software has all the tech skills, not you.

This software sits on your Windows PC, so you can use it at any time to build as many sites as you choose.

Get the whole story here: NicheCheetah.

New LinkedIn Company Page Features Improve Visibility [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘New LinkedIn Company Page Features Improve Visibility’ featuring Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy.

The SME team says, “On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, join Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy as we explore new LinkedIn Company Page features, updates to LinkedIn ad targeting, and more with special guest, Louise Brogan”.

Watch the video here.

Social Media Examiner