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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Viral Marketing' Category

ViralCB FAQs: The Secrets of Smarter Affiliate Marketing #ad

ViralCB builds your online business through free links from viral videos created by AI that you place on TikTok or Instagram. Do I need to install anything? No, it’s completely web-based, ensuring easy access. Can total beginners use it? Absolutely! It’s designed for beginners, but at the same time, it is powerful for experts. What about content creation? With the tool’s strategies, content creation becomes a breeze, saving you time and effort. Are results guaranteed? While individual results may vary, leveraging this tool’s tactics aligns well with effective marketing trends. It’s... [...]

ViralCB Launch Day: Transform your ClickBank marketing #ad

ViralCB is a digital product designed to enhance your sales results. It specifically targets sales on platforms like ClickBank, Buygoods, and Digistore. It capitalizes on underutilized aspects of social media giants like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to drive organic traffic to users’ offers. As a result, it eliminates the need for paid advertising by generating leads and sales every day by leveraging these viral channels. ViralCB offers a new approach to achieving sales success – and doing it within a short span of time – emphasizing the power of viral marketing and organic... [...]

Last day for UpViral $1 trial #ad

UpViral is a major platform for running giveaways and contests, events that generally bring in many new subscribers. It is so prominent in the industry that competitors mention it in their ads. Until Midnight EDT tonight, you can sign up for a $1 2-week trial of UpViral. In that two weeks, you can run at least 1 (maybe even 2) viral events to see how your audience responds. It was created by Wilco De Kreij, and he reasonably says that it will change the way you do marketing forever. De Kreij created it about 7 years ago, and he has been improving it ever since. The 2022 edition makes it easier... [...]

UpViral: Free Viral Traffic to your sites, funnels, landing pages #ad

If there is one thing your business can’t survive without, it’s qualified leads. UpViral has you covered. Normally, collecting leads through ads is expensive, and may not give you the results you want. Even worse, after you pay, you end up with fake (and thus, worthless) email addresses, And that means you may on lead gen with little to show for it. UpViral is a better, faster, easier, and much cheaper way to receive almost unlimited leads for your business. The secret to effective and economical lead generation is referral marketing. Here’s how it works: To receive your lead gen gift,... [...]

Have you heard about ViralLead Funnels viral-loop technology? #ad

ViralLead Funnels is live, having launched on Monday. This newly enhanced viral marketing system has been recognized by many of your fellow marketers as the right tool for this moment in marketing history. It simplifies your application of viral marketing principles to build your online business. It implements what Ifiok Nkem calls ‘Viral-Loop’ technology to generate high-quality leads for your business and for your clients. The first visitors to your website are encouraged (through incentives) to invite others to visit. Those “2nd generation” visitors are also given incentives... [...]

Win a Free Copy of ViralLead Funnels today only #ad

ViralLead Funnels is an unconventional 2-Step List Building System for Building Quality Leads Fast, and it is being launched today. And the product creator is giving away several copies in celebration. Ifiok Nkem, a 7-figure marketer and coach, shared with us that, using a simple 2-step system, without spending anything on Ads, he was able to build a list of 11,745 Leads From 1,092 Visitors In 15 Days. Nkem is hosting a webinar today to show how he did it. On the call, he will be revealing an unconventional 2-step system that he and his team are using to generate thousands of leads daily. This... [...]

BuzzPress: earn passive, recurring income (well, almost passive) #ad

I wouldn’t want to be completely passive. My mind and my body need exercise. Mental muscles as well as physical muscles need to be challenged or they will go flabby. My wife spent 6 weeks in bed with COVID-19, and now she has to rebuild her strength. When it comes to earning a living, it’s nice to not be tied to a desk or a factory floor, or a shop or store. On the other hand, it’s good to keep involved in your business, just don’t get tied down. There’s a new tool that has just been released that will help you cut back on your active involvement in your business... [...]

BuzzPress builds viral news sites, Cyber Monday discount #ad

BuzzPress was released over the weekend by its creator, Ariel Sanders. It hasn’t been promoted heavily, perhaps because of the holiday in the US. But it appears to be a useful tool for building a website that gets viral traffic. If your site attracts visitors virally, your increasing traffic will build your business for you. Thar’s what Sanders says his new software will do for you, with: ➤ No coding Required ➤ No expensive Hosting Required ➤ Plenty of Content, Increasing Daily ➤ No Huge Learning Curve ➤ No Monthly Fees ➤ Simplicity, Not Confusion If that sounds good, read... [...]

Sell More with EngagBot #ad

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have just launched a new application that many online marketers will find helpful. EngagBot is a brand new, visually-engaging system that immediately grabs your visitors on a personal, human-level and engages them to first, hold their attention and then, to encourage them to buy. It is smart software, loaded with powerful words of wisdom overlaid on striking pictures. When you use this new software to generate these “memes” in your social media accounts, it creates a positive impression of you and your products and services. At the same time, it drives traffic... [...]

NewsProfix Pro: Automated sites that sell #ad

Viral traffic, where your website visitors encourage other people to become visitors, is the best kind of traffic for two reasons: 1. It costs you nothing. 2. The invitation comes from a consumer, not a marketer, and typically the “recommender” is known by the ones invited, so they have high credibility, and that brings a high response to the invitation. NewsProfix Pro builds automated sites that are naturally enticing for visitors, containing news-related content, automatically added, along with visuals. Your viral traffic comes initially from 32 sources (automatically) and builds,... [...]

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