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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Bing News' Category

Bing launches Clarity – new analytics tool

Bing has announced the launch of Clarity, a new analytics tool aimed at helping users visualize user interactions for offering better user experience. Clarity will allow them to optimize conversion, engagement and retention. Clarity will help the users in detecting the malware on Bing and improving engagement. On how Clarity can help you improve your site, the Bing team says, “Clarity session replay lets you visualize what users see and their interactions with the web page. Being able to replay users’ mouse movements, touch gestures and click events allows you to empathize with users and... [...]

‘Bing Shopping Campaigns get inventory feeds, search query reports at product level’ – Search Engine Land

Ginny Marvin says, “Bing Ads rolled out three new features this week for Shopping Campaigns. Search term report at product level: Advertisers can now see which search queries triggered product ads a the product ID level with Product Search Term. This report will show whether products are triggering for appropriate search terms. But in the blog post, Bing Ads also points out that this report can help guide product title optimization in ways you might not already be thinking about, such as seasonal triggers: Example: If you’re selling personalized photo frames and you notice seasonal... [...]

‘Bing Ads Editor gets Review Extension support, better keyword import & more’ – Search Engine Land

Greg Finn says, “A slew of helpful new changes have made their way into Bing Ads Editor’s new release, version v11.10. The changes enhance functionality, add features and alleviate issues within the Bing platform. Support of Review Extensions Thankfully, the new version of Bing Ads Editor supports Review Extensions and will be a godsend for paid search managers everywhere. No longer will advertisers be relegated to the web version for review extensions. The upgrade will allow for managing of the third-party reviews, along with implementing shared Review Extensions that can be added to... [...]

‘Bing has a chatbot answering local search questions’ – Search Engine Land

Matt McGee says, “Bing has added a chatbot to help users with some of its local search results for restaurants in the Seattle area. After getting a tip from a reader, I was able to reproduce the chatbot option in Bing’s desktop search results, but not in its iOS app nor in the mobile browser search results. The new feature appears at the bottom of the listing for some individual restaurants in the cities of Redmond (where Microsoft is based) and nearby Bellevue, Washington — both are just outside of Seattle. I’ve seen it on about 6-8 different searches for specific restaurants, such... [...]

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