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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Archive for the 'Email Newsletters' Category

Three ways newsletters can strengthen your business

A newsletters is seen as a publication that arrives in the inbox periodically and offers the information and content from a given domain. It can be a great tool to keep your prospects and customers updated about your offers and updates and stay connected. The Entrepreneur contributor Thomas Smale has shared three ways a good newsletter can help you drive more business. Smale says, “There are few better ways to retain and market to existing customers than by offering a newsletter packed with engaging and relevant content, delivered in a consistent manner. Retention is instrumental to a business’... [...]

Nine Ways to Write & Publish Better Email Newsletters

Email newsletters help marketers connect with their audiences and share promotional offers with them. Newsletters are also used as a way to generate affiliate income. When it comes to naming some good email newsletters, people will have to try hard to get one. CMI contributor Sujan Patel has shared nine ways marketers can write and publish newsletters that stand out in a crowd. Sujan says, “Bad email newsletters are a dime a dozen. Whether it’s the design, copy, or the marketing message itself, if your recipients aren’t reading and being swayed to act, you’re not going to see much,... [...]