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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Windows 8.1' Category

‘Microsoft Will Show Us The Next Version Of Windows In Two Weeks’ – ‘ReadWrite’

David Hamilton says, “The word is official: Microsoft will host an event in San Francisco on September 30 with news on “what’s next for Windows”—a presentation all but certain to involve a good look at the long-awaited replacement for Windows 8, currently codenamed “Threshold.” Microsoft likewise appears likely to release a beta version of the operating system either at the event or shortly thereafter. That “technical preview” of Threshold will let developers and big organizations start planning for the major changes in the operating system. It’s... [...]

‘Windows 8.1 May Become A Freebie OS’ – ‘ReadWrite’

The latest post on ‘ReadWrite’ is titled “Windows 8.1 May Become A Freebie OS”. Adriana Lee says, “Microsoft is reportedly building a variation of Windows dubbed “Windows 8.1 with Bing.” It’s apparently part of an experiment to offer the operating system with tighter integration to featured Microsoft apps and services—primarily, at least at first, Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Windows Bing may also be part of a plan to boost adoption by giving away the OS for free or at a reduced cost to both individual users interested in upgrading their Windows... [...]

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