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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Archive for the 'Video Marketing Creation Software' Category

AI Clone: YouTube shorts are now monetizable #ad

James Renouf just released fascinating powerful AI software called AI Clone. It will create videos of people speaking your message. Here’s one he created of himself using this new tool. Remember this is not live; it’s AI-generated. So you can clone yourself with AI Clone and have your virtual self speak all your sales messages and training messages. etc. If you wanted to, you could even use it to ask someone to marry you (but we don’t recommend that:) One of the best ways to use this technology is to drive traffic to your offers. What you (and other marketers) need is traffic... [...]

VidAmaze video creator triggers higher engagement, ROI #ad

The launch sale for VidAmaze has been underway for several days and will end soon. The heart of its unique selling proposition is that it can automatically customize your video for each person you send it to. People see their own name inside the video. When they do, according to psychological research. they go into a state of high alert and watch every second of your video. You are speaking directly and specifically to them. So, of course, they pay more attention than to an ordinary video. The customization has “triggered” their intense interest. With VidAmaze, you can easily create... [...]

Voice Profit Engine creates pro voiceovers in seconds #ad

Voice Profit Engine may solve a problem you have needed solving for a long time. Do you want professional voiceovers for your product promotions? Of course, you do. High-quality voices make the sales copy come alive. If you aren’t a good speaker, don’t try to do it yourself, though. You really need it done well. But professional voice actors don’t come cheap. A voiceover for even a short commercial can cost you hundreds of dollars, even on generally low-cost platforms such as Fiverr. If you’re like us, you don’t want to throw away that kind of money based on the hope... [...]

VidZura-Complete Edition: Templates for professional videos for you and clients #ad

VidZura, just released, makes it easy to make eye-catching videos like a pro. It is a collection of marketing video templates that you load into PowerPoint to create Hollywood-style Videos. The difference between ordinary videos and cinematic videos is only a few clicks. It includes 150+ new video templates and added specialized video templates. The main video module includes templates such as: • Fresh 2022 Promotions Video Templates • Fresh 2022 Product Preview Video Templates • Fresh 2022 Story Telling Character Video Templates To make your video even more professional, VidZura-Complete... [...]

ReviewReel: easy product review video creation #ad

ReviewReel was launched yesterday. And in the first day, over 250 copies were bought by marketers eager to take advantage of its singular capabilities. We were among the buyers, investing in the bundle of all the upgrades along with the basic version. It will make our product reviews more helpful, we hope, as well as easier to produce. If you’re still on the fence, pick up ReviewReel using the secret discount code reviews. As a summary of our ad yesterday: What exactly is ReviewReel? It is a cloud-based review video creation app that helps you create profitable review videos without complex... [...]

Prezentar: Replace PowerPoint, Keynote, and Camtasia #ad

Prezentar is being launched (pre-launch party 4 PM EDT; Launch 6 PM); makes stunning slides in under 60 seconds. It is brand new SaaS software that allows you to create remarkable presentations and videos easier and faster than old fashioned tools like PowerPoint®, Keynote®, or Camtasia Studio® and do it with minimal effort. Get $150 OFF Prezentar through our special link here: Prezentar Launch Discount. This software will help you create all the media you’ll ever need as an entrepreneur: • Courses • Tutorials • Webinars • Videos • Incredible Slides •... [...]

Explaindio Business Edition builds videos for you to sell #ad

Did you know that short custom videos are sold for as much as $200 to $500 per minute of length with a simple gig on : Upwork and : Fiverr. Explaindio Business Edition lets you join the other sellers. Be realistic in your expectations, though. Not all videos sell for hundreds of dollars, but many do. Take a look: Fiverr Pro Video Gigs. Over time, you can build a reputation and begin to ask for substantial fees for your videos. And you do not even need to have any video making skills to get started. Explaindio Business Edition gets you going with ease. Anyone can do it by simply selecting and filling... [...]

Explaindio Business Edition creates 5 types of marketing videos #ad

Explaindio video creation software was first released in 2014. Since then: • Over 35,000 people have used it for their videos • It has gone through many upgrades. This week the sixth upgraded version is available, Explaindio Business Edition. Each new generation has increased its power by leaps and bounds. This latest version (available for a 66% launch discount today) has advanced its ability dramatically. Now it will create 5 forms of videos for you: ➤ 2D Animations ➤ 3D Animations ➤ Explainer Videos ➤ Doodle Videos (a.k.a. Sketch Videos) ➤ Full Motion... [...]

[CLOSING] Your Profit Machine “The 5-in-1 PrimeApps” #ad

PrimeApps is closing at midnight. It is an integrated collection of 5 applications that automate important marketing processes. => Go here to find out more about The 5-in-1 PrimeApps. Today is your last chance to claim it before the doors close on this application bundle. You’ve got till midnight. Then it’s gone. Here are the main applications that are included in this package: 1. Prime Virtual: 360-degree Virtual Tour Video Software 2. Prime Ecom Store Builder: World-Class eCommerce Store Builder 3. Prime Speech: Top-Notch Text-to-Speech Software 4. Prime Proof: Brand-New Conversion... [...]

PrimeApps Automate Businesses, Maximize Returns #ad

PrimeApps is a software solution to automate your online business, and keep it automated for the long term. If you are like many marketers, you are overworked and would find automation a big help toward having a normal life. This new integrated collection of applications will help you grow your business without a corresponding increase in work. It will save you time, money and frustration. Its capabilities cover a wide range of your marketing needs. You won’t need to go elsewhere for: • Voiceover artists. • Creating immersive 360 degrees virtual tours and other video services •... [...]