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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Optimized Mobile Websites' Category

CodeHub: become a part of the $multi-billion software industry #ad

CodeHub lets you build your own Digital Product Selling Platform and start your own software selling business today. The software (or, more generally, digital products) industry is expanding rapidly and did a business of $ 331 Billion in 2022 alone, according to industry experts. Today, you can become an owner of a fully-functioning software selling platform (similar to that is pre-stocked with hundreds of software products. And you aren’t limited to the products already in your store. You can add products you create or have rights to. You can set your own rates for all the... [...]

Global Traffic Monetizer: Monetizing videos around the world #ad

James Renouf has produced many products for online marketers. Hie newest may be his best. It’s called Global Traffic Monetizer. Renouf is going to show you a game plan for getting traffic and converting your visitors into buyers. After all, these are the two ingredients for online success: (a) Getting plenty of traffic and (b) turning your visitors into buyers. Renouf has observed that YouTube is being changed by the changing demographic of video watchers. It used to be that almost all the viewers were PC or Mac users. Now, half or more are using a tablet or smartphone. In fact, there are many... [...]

Google’s April 21 search results bombshell; are you ready? #ad

Google believes mobile users are being shortchanged by webmasters. Many websites treat mobile as an afterthought and do little to assure that mobile visitors can use the site easily. On April 21, Google will change its search algorithm to reward sites that are “mobile friendly”. If you don’t comply, your site ranking will decline. The sites that are mobile friendly will tend to rise toward the top. Google has a webpage where you can test your site: : When we tested IM NewsWatch, it scored high, although there are a few changes we... [...]

Ultimate Mobile-Ready Landing Pages (for CPA and more) #ad

Jay Garces Jr (known to his friends as Jaggy Jay) has been doing well in the CPA (Cost per Action) business. One of the foundations for his success has been the landing pages he builds for CPA offers. They have been professional-quality, and (very important) they have been friendly to people who visit on a mobile device. Garces has put together a package of 90 fresh CPA landing pages for other CPA marketers and is making them available on the Warrior Forum. He calls them his Ultimate Mobile-Ready CPA Landing Pages. So many people are searching, buying and generally hanging out on their mobile phones... [...]

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