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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Blog Monetization Tips' Category

Using blockchain for targeted marketing

The Forbes contributor Yoav Vilner has shared an article on how blockchain can be used for targeted marketing while monetizing the end users. Vilner says, “For companies of all sizes, there are fine lines and many overlaps between marketing and advertising campaigns. One of the biggest conversations that regularly take place revolve around whether it would be more strategic to conduct campaigns at mass, or in a more targeted fashion. Both methods are highly effective when done right, and can drive leads and sales for businesses – all in their own unique ways: Mass Marketing – The... [...]

Better monetize your blog with these tips

Blogging is one of the most used and successful marketing tools that we have ever seen. Apart from marketing, your blog content also can be a revenue-generating element. HubSpot columnist Clifford Ci has shared five strategies to help marketers monetize their blogs. Chi says, “Whether you’re running a personal blog as a hobby, or managing the official blog on your company’s website, monetizing your work is entirely possible — it just takes a good amount of time and effort. While there’s no exact formula to start making money, there are some tried and true strategies... [...]

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