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Monday, December 11, 2023

Archive for the 'Business Blogging' Category

15 Tips to Maximize Your Guest Posting Campaigns

Guest posting is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your domain. It also helps you grow your business followers. Search Engine Journal contributor Ron Lieback has published an article featuring 15 guest posting tips to provide your site SEO value and build your brand. He says, “I’ve listed 15 tips to maximize your guest posting campaign and increase your brand awareness. 1. Stick To Your Niche & Exploit Your Expertise If you’re a digital marketer that focuses on content in your business, write about content. Exclusive to video marketing? Offer guest content about... [...]

‘Here’s Why Every Successful E-Commerce Site Has an Active Blog’ –

Anna Johansson says, “We’ve all seen blogs – both personal and business – launch with great imagination and aspirations, only to eventually fade away and fail. A company blog is a tremendous asset for e-commerce companies and the benefits are numerous. Four Reasons E-commerce Sites Need Blogs If you’ve yet to start a blog for your e-commerce website, then it’s probably because you don’t understand the value it could provide your brand. Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons why thousands of e-commerce sites have made the plunge and the investment. 1. Blogs give your... [...]

Simple, effective blog tactics you can setup in less than 90 minutes #ad

Daniel Sumner is a blogger who flies under the radar, but who make consistent earnings month after month. In his Blogger’s Roadmap 2016, he shows how he does it, and how other marketers can do it, too. Blogging is an online opportunity for anyone who has something to say. And you can do it from anywhere in the world. If you do it right and advertise affiliate products in you blog, you should be able to earn a reasonable living from your blog. Creating an engaging and successful blog doesn’t happen over night, but Sumner shows you how to do it as effectively as possible. The information... [...]

One good blog is powerful; a network of blogs is more powerful #ad

Perhaps you have heard of “private blog networks”, a tool to improve your visibility in search engines. Some SEO experts say that no other method of increasing your ranking compares. Todd Spears and Clinton Dixson have a solution for people wanting their own private blog network: Blog Network Blueprint. In this new training, they have created 15 fun, easy-to-understand videos that will show you how to set up your network of blogs that will effectively promote your site in the search engines. They are so sure of the quality of their training that they are offering a 30-day, 100% refund... [...]

‘The 9 Most Common Business Blogging Mistakes’ – ‘Web Marketing Today’ Article

Pamella Neely says, “Blogs are one of the best ways to get free traffic, engage your customers and grow your business. You know that. But while many local businesses are trying to make headway with their blogs, a lot of them aren’t seeing much for their efforts. Here are nine ways to turn that around, fix common blogging mistakes, and get more results from your blog. 1. Your Blog Is Not Hosted on Your Site Whether it’s on, or, or, having a blog hosted somewhere besides your site (as in “”) is a major mistake”. The 9 Most... [...]

‘6 Tactics That Turn a Blog Into a Business Engine’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “6 Tactics That Turn a Blog Into a Business Engine”. Stanford Smith says, “
Somewhere, a business owner is writing a blog post. She writes the headline first, pens a killer introduction, and makes her point with 892 carefully crafted words. Satisfied, she hits “Publish” and waits for fortune to arrive with a roll of $100 bills in one hand and a book deal in the other. This is the legend of the lone blogger who climbs the mountain of success one post at a time. I’m not going to debunk this story“. 6 Tactics That Turn a... [...]