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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Responsive Email Marketing' Category

‘Gmail finally supports responsive design: answers to 4 burning questions’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Chad White says, “Gmail started rolling out support for CSS media queries across its email clients around midnight last night, following through on the September 14 announcement that it would support responsive design later in the month. With these media queries, email designers will be able to specify different display styles based on things like width, screen resolution and rotation. We’ll talk about the ramifications of this move in a second, but we should take a moment to recognize how wonderfully strange that initial announcement was. It wasn’t just that they’d be supporting... [...]

‘Lessons from the Trenches on Responsive Email Design’ – ‘’ Blog

Rachel Youngberg says, “You’re a smart marketer. You’ve kept up on the latest trends and best practices. You already know that email marketing is one of the largest growing budget areas for marketing departments in 2015. And you also know that if your emails aren’t responsive, you’re missing out on a huge engagement opportunity. According to eMarketer’s 2014 Benchmarks, mobile email opens nearly tripled from 2011 to 2014, and for the first time, mobile email usage reached 50% in November 2014. As an email marketer, my job is to get people to open and engage with... [...]

’11 easy responsive themes for ecommerce and small business’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “11 easy responsive themes for ecommerce and small business”. Christopher Ratcliff says, “Responsive design isn’t just for the giants of ecommerce, your start-up business can also grab an off-the-shelf model for a reasonable price, or even for free. Following on from David Moth’s article 10 simple responsive WordPress themes for small businesses and blogs I thought I would take a look at some of the best available templates for ecommerce sites. If you run a small business, or are looking to make the leap... [...]

‘8 Smart Ways to Combine Blogging with Email Marketing for Best-Selling Results’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “8 Smart Ways to Combine Blogging with Email Marketing for Best-Selling Results”. Beth Hayden says, “Your blogging and email marketing efforts are like chocolate and peanut butter. The nutty crunch of peanut butter and the sweet bliss of chocolate are each great solo. But when combined, you get Reese’s Peanut Butter cups — the #1 selling candy in the United States. You can get that same kind of best-selling synergy with a content marketing strategy that smartly combines blogging and email marketing“. 8 Smart Ways to... [...]

‘Show Your Emails Some Responsive Love’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Show Your Emails Some Responsive Love”. The WM team says, “Many marketers are considering how to implement responsive design on their websites, but few have extended the same focus to their email campaigns. In fact, GetResponse reports that 41 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices, while data from Econsultancy shows that just 25 percent of marketers are optimizing their email messages for mobile’s small screen. Luckily, the Web is full of responsive email templates, which ensure subscribers see messages as intended“. Show... [...]

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