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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Archive for the 'Google Advertising' Category

HubSpot on AdWords vs. AdSense

AdWords and AdSense are Google’s advertising products. AdWords is a system that allows businesses to bid for advertising space in Google search results and on other Google-affiliated properties. AdSense is a system that allows publishers and website owners to sell ad space to businesses. HubSpot contributor Clifford Chi has published an article breaking down the differences between AdWords and AdSense. She says, “When it comes to generating traffic and brand awareness, digital advertising is the way to go. It’s surpassing traditional advertising, and Google is a huge reason why.... [...]

Optimize your Display campaigns [Guide]

The Google Ads team has published ‘Optimize your Display campaigns’, an official guide to display campaigns. The Google team says, “Reaching the right customers is essential to every advertiser’s success. With Display campaigns, advertisers can serve engaging, relevant ads while customers browse websites, apps, and Google-owned properties such as YouTube and Gmail. This guide offers Display campaign best practices for connecting customers with relevant ads across the web and apps. Learn tips for setting up your campaign with effective ads, reaching the right audiences, and... [...]

How Zoe Financial uses Google Ads & HubSpot to Find the Right Customers [Video Case]

Google Small Business has published a new video case study on ‘How Zoe Financial uses Google Ads & HubSpot to Find the Right Customers’. The Google team says, “Zoe Financial, a New York-based wealth planning platform, used Google Ads and HubSpot to better understand the value of each lead and optimize their marketing spend to add more high-intent potential customers to their sales pipeline.”  [...]

What Is A Good Conversion Rate For Google Ads? [Answered]

Koozai’s Senior Paid Media Executive Joaquin Lopez has published an article sharing the facts about a good conversion rate for Google ads. He says, “A good conversion rate for Google Ads depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of your business, your industry, and your target audience. However, there are some general benchmarks that can provide a starting point for evaluating the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. Knowing what your current conversion rate is and taking action on ways to improve it will benefit your business in the long run. To begin with, it’s... [...]

Here’s What Facebook and Google Aren’t Telling You About Your Ads [Video]

In his latest video ‘Here’s What Facebook and Google Aren’t Telling You About Your Ads’, Neil Patel shares Google and Facebook advertising secrets. He says, “Marketing has turned into omnichannel approach in which you drive traffic and sales through multiple channels, not just one. And in marketing, they talk about this thing called the rule of seven, which reinforces omnichannel. What the rule of seven is about is when someone hears or sees or interacts with your brand seven times, they’re more likely to convert in a customer, evangelize your brand, love it,... [...]

Maximizing budget efficiency across media

Effective advertising campaigns can help you establish your business presence and keep the sales growing. When it comes to online advertising, Google is the ultimate solution. Google Marketing’s Ketaki Sheode has published an article featuring three tips to maximize budget efficiency across media. She says, “For years, we’ve seen leading brands improve the efficiency of their ad operations and media using Display & Video 360 as a way to unify their campaigns across inventory sources, devices and markets. Today, we’ll share these marketers’ three best practices... [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to How Google Ads Work [Guide]

Google Ads is the leading online advertising platform for placing ads on search engine results pages. Most Internet ad campaigns are powered by Google. MarketingProfs has published ‘A Beginner’s Guide to How Google Ads Work’. Lisa Sampson says, “Google Ads works the same way as an auction would. If you’re looking to use Google for your advertising, then you need to understand that cost per click (CPC) is the amount you pay for a click on your ad. The higher your bid, the higher your ad’s chance of being seen—which in return increases your potential for... [...]

These Google Ads Strategies No Longer Work in 2022 [Video]

Aaron Young has published a new video featuring the Google Ads Strategies that no longer work in 2022. He says, “Over the past 12 months Google Ads has made some major changes to their platform, because of these dramatic changes I want to take you through the Top 3 Google Ads strategies that no longer work in 2022.”  [...]

Improving Click-Through Rate in Google Ads

Click-through rate, in general, is a ratio of clicks to impressions. So in Google Ads, an impression occurs when your ad appears on the SERP, and a click occurs when the person viewing your ad clicks on it. WordStream has published an article featuring 12 ways to improve your click-through rate in Google Ads. The WordStream team says, “There are a few approaches. The first is with your targeting. 1. Target the right keywords For starters, make sure you’re targeting the right keywords. Here are three types of keyword to focus on for higher click-through rates: Commercial intent keywords: Commercial... [...]

What Is Cost Per Click (CPC)? [Answered]

Search Engine Journal contributor Brooke Osmundson has published an article explaining the Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding. She says, “CPC (cost per click) is a common term used in paid advertising. It is also sometimes referred to as “pay-per-click.” This comprehensive guide will dive into the basics of CPC, why it’s important, and when to use it. What Is Cost Per Click? Cost per click is a bidding model that determines how much advertisers pay for their ads. The technical definition of cost per click, according to Google: Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding means that you pay... [...]