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Friday, March 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

FlipGuardian: Make the best animated flipbooks #ad

FlipGuardian turns an ordinary PDF into an animated e-book, and the reader flips pages by clicking. After you create the flip book, you may give it away, use it as a lead magnet in return for an email address added to your mailing list, or sell it (and there are variations on these themes.) FlipGuardian supports all these options and more. The best way to show you the many ways you can use your flipbooks is to let you see these samples created by Flip Guardian: Ungated Access – Password Protected – Lead... [...]

Supreme: AI-powered eCommerce site builder #ad

Venkata Ramana has released Supreme, a tool that makes it easy to build e-commerce stores or affiliate websites. It is powered by ChatGPT 4, just released earlier this month. This new release is much more powerful that the original ChatGPT, approximately 100 times as powerful. (ChatGPT 5 is in development and will be even more powerful.) ChatGPT is very flexible and can do many useful things. Marketers have seen the potential that it offers and in the last few months, we have seen the release of many new products that do specialized activities by using it as the “behind the scenes”... [...]

PLR Funnels: Create auto-updating PLR funnels for any niche #ad

PLR Funnels was just released. It fills a need that many marketers have, especially those who are: • Not tech-savvy • Those who are just beginning (but its benefits will attract some established marketers, too. A marketing funnel is key for a marketer’s lonng-term success. Selling a single product to a customer doesn’t build a business very quickly. You want to have a series of products that you can offer to your customers who bought your first product. People who invest in your first product may find that related products that you offer are also attractive and buy them as well. This... [...]

AI Authority Blog: Full PLR to complete Lead Gen Website #ad

Nick Mann released AI Authority Blog today. It’s the latest “done for you” solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to build assets for online marketers. As you know, AI has made significant inroads into marketing, automating a lot of activity that formerly was done manually or with rudimentary tools. If you are an authority on AI (or can quickly become one) there is an opportunity in selling your services to marketers. At least being familiar enough with AI to provide basic AI consulting can give you the start along that road. Most businesses have no clue... [...]

Content Gorilla AI 2.0: write like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, etc. #ad

Content Gorilla AI 2.0 lets you get higher rankings on search engines by content marketing. The more high-quality content your site has, the higher your rankings in Google, Bing, etc. Content Gorilla AI 2.0 makes content writing easy. That’s good because creating & marketing content consistently isn’t an easy job for most of us. Especially if you are trying to write authoritatively as other influencers do. This new tool is “smart” enough to phrase its output in the way that well-known influential people might phrase it. This is its A.I. Content Paraphraser. It helps you... [...]

AI Buildr cloud app uses ChatGPT to build affiliate sites #ad

AI Buildr just went live. It allows you to use the power of AI (specifically, ChatGPT) to create affiliate sites in a matter of seconds. It doews so: ➤ Without having to create any content… ➤ Without having to install anything… ➤ Without having to get a domain name or hosting… ➤ Without having to setup your site. AI Buildr does iit all for you.     We all know that creating affiliate sites can be a real chore. But with this new ChatGPT-powered site-building app, it’s never been easier. It just seconds you can create affiliate sites with: ✓ Done-for-You Articles ✓... [...]

VR Studio: AI-Based Interactive Video Maker, no monthly fees #ad

VR Studio 2.0 creates interactive virtual reality videos and images that audience loves in just 3 clicks. Interactive Videos are the future of video marketing, and they are already becoming popular now. But, until now, creating eye-catching interactive videos that the audience loves hasn’t been easy. With VR Studio 2.0, making the best use of interactive videos and images to connect with widely scattered customers with no physical presence becomes a practical, affordable reality. Here are some of the benefits of VR Studio 2.0: ➤ Create Interactive Virtual Reality Videos To Get Lots Of Customers ➤... [...]

What is Content Gorilla AI 2.0? #ad

Neil Napier will release Content Gorilla AI 2.0, the fourth generation of a content creation tool, at 11:00 EDT today. It is a cloud-based app that offers a simple and effective way to transform any YouTube video, Vimeo video, or your own video into stunning, one or more AI-enhanced blog posts in just 60 seconds. Napier will demonstrate this new version of the system live on a free call today at 10 AM EDT/NY. You can book your slot here: Content Gorilla AI Training. During this free call, Napier will show you how to: ➤ Create content on demand easily, ➤ Write content in anyone’s voice... [...]

❌ [Closing Forever] ExplainerVideoz @ 1-Time Price #ad

For the past week, ExplainerVideoz has been available with a Commercial License, for a single payment. But today is your final chance to get it at a 1-Time Price. => Click Here and Grab This Now Before it goes Recurring: ExplainerVideoz. Here’s a money-saving special $4 Off Coupon VIDEOZ4 (Expiring; if you find it expired, use VIDEOZ3). This new software enables you to create powerful, persuasive videos: ➤ Fully Cloud Based System ➤ Generate & Customize Unlimited 3D Cartoons Characters For Your Project ➤ Millions Of Pre-Made 3D Cartoons Characters with built-in Video Editor ➤... [...]

RPS Express: Help local businesses get funds owed them #ad

Simon Warner and Brian Anderson announced RPS Express a few days ago. It is about to close. This is a training, software, and support system they offer to online entrepreneurs who want to offer a service to business owners, helping these owners get funding from the US Government, funding available to them that they aren’t aware of and without your help, may never take advantage of. It’s a part of the COVID recovery process the government set up. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the USA who have never heard of this funding from the government and who need this assistance... [...]