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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Archive for the 'Ads' Category

Simpler Traffic Workshop: secrets of the top 1% revealed #ad

We managed to get you an invite to the “Early Access” Simpler Traffic Workshop on Monday (tomorrow). This unique method of getting $100,000’s worth of traffic for any offer in any niche – for free – is changing the way major marketers and advertisers think about their traffic strategies. Our readers have the opportunity to discover the revolutionary Simpler Traffic method 24 hours before the general public and, while in the workshop, to get acess to something special they are releasing. It’s in limited supply and high demand so first come, first served. In the Workshop, you’ll discover: ➤... [...]

Simpler Traffic beats UCLA (pdf blueprint) #ad

Simpler Traffic is a life saver. You are likely to think that’s a strange claim for a marketing system to make. After all, have you ever heard of a traffic method being so powerful it can beat UCLA medical experts at their own game and even save a life? (literally…) Well, it’s true. Here’s the background and the medical story. Simpler Traffic Blueprint is responsible for driving millions of sales online and nobody except a few early adopters knew about it. This new system has 3 distinct steps… … known as “The 3 P’s Of Free Traffic” (By the way, The Free Simpler... [...]

Voice2Content: Speak the word and grow your business #ad

Voice2Content is a new cutting-edge tool that allows you to effortlessly transform voice prompts into captivating marketing content using AI. With this innovative solution, you can create a wide range of content formats, including articles, ads, social media posts, and more, all with a single voice command. It’s ideal for both agencies and individual marketers. It offers 50 sub-accounts, enabling you to extend its capabilities to clients or teams. One of the major benefits of using voice content is its ability to dramatically increase engagement with your audience. By leveraging the uniqueness... [...]

Voice2Content turns your thoughts into profitable marketing #ad

Voice2Content is an AI-powered platform designed for converting voice recordings into marketable content. The Neil Napier team created it to be used on mobile, tablet and desktop. Is this for you? Here’s what it can do for you. It caters to users who want to leverage the convenience of voice recording from their phones and other devices to create marketing materials without the need for manual typing or content creation. Voice2Content is simple to use, just 3 steps: Record or Upload Your Audio Start by recording your thoughts directly with your phone or computer or uploading your pre-recorded... [...]

Simpler Traffic Book (free): what we thought about traffic is wrong #ad

Chris Munch and Jay Cruz just published their ‘Simpler Traffic’ Book to answer the question, “What if traffic wasn’t your problem?” And they are offering it to you at no charge. In their own business, they have found that with less than 10 visitors a day to their website, they were able to do 100k/year? They tell about their success in their downloadable book. Maybe you have spent thousands of dollars on ads – we have – with very little to show for it. These well-known marketing entrepreneurs have found that ads are not a necessary key to successful online... [...]

Essential Marketing Strategy Pack (PLR) from Content Sparks #ad

Content Sparks has just released their latest PLR training course, Essential Marketing Strategy Pack. As you may recall, the training from Content Sparks is two-pronged: 1. Use it to build your own business 2. Teach it to others as another stream of income. They will get their own marketing designed in a more organized and profitable way by following a standardized work flow like the Essential Marketing Strategy Pack. This is all new content that’s perfect for anyone who needs a streamlined framework (that is, a guided process) for putting together their marketing strategy. It covers the... [...]

Dr Loy’s Fall Health PLR #ad

Dr. Loy’s Fall Health PLR will give you good, authoritative content for your site if you are in the fitness niche, the wellness niche, or any family niche. This is the latest Premium Medical Content PLR pack from Loy Puckett, MD (aka Doctor Loy). Doctor Loy, an ER physician with 27+ years of experience, creates fresh, premium medical content for every PLR package he releases. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about any health subject. Premium medical content with private label rights gives you the ability to provide trustworthy information to potential customers. Doctor Loy’s... [...]

Russell Brunson’s New Secrets of Success training #ad

  Russell Brunson, author of several top books on marketing, is looking for affiliates for Secrets of Success, his new training program that launches next week. If you want to be a successful marketer (or be successful in other areas of your life, for that matter) you don’t need to (and should not) start from scratch. That would be a classic example of reinventing the wheel. Secrets of Success have been studied for over 200 years by marketing and business experts. They have studied successful people, successful projects, and successful companies to see what contribute to their success. Brunson... [...]

[Last Chance] How to Get Your Audience to Know, Like, and Trust You #ad

Actually, not the last chance to get How to Get Your Audience to Know, Like, and Trust You, but midnight tonight is the last chance to get a 67% discount. It’s the end of Launch Week for this new course from Content Sparks. As you may know, Content Sparks is a company dedicated to producing high-quality training on marketing topics of all kinds, but with a twist. Not only is the training intended to improve your own marketing, but all their courses a license to allow you to create your own training programs by using the content. The courses come with slides, handouts, and more, a complete... [...]

BiteSyzed: breaking up (videos into shorts) is hard to do #ad

To celebrate the launch of BiteSyzed, Abhi Dwivedi and team ReelApps are hosting a live reveal training webinar at 10 AM ET/NY on Tuesday, 10th October 2023. Join them for a one-time-only live training session where they will unveil the strategies top marketers are using to dominate social media and get thousands of followers, visitors & sales on demand. If you’ve ever wondered how others consistently produce captivating video content that drives massive traffic, conversions, and financial results, this training is for you. Here’s everything they will show you about BiteSyzed: 🔄... [...]