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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Split Testing Software' Category

Split Test Monkey: a simple way to sell more products #ad

  Split Test Monkey may solve a problem that has been worrying you. If you’ve heard of the power of split testing but been put off because it sounds complicated or confusing, then this new software likely will solve your problem. Split Test Monkey was first launched on 2016. Big businesses had been able to split-test their sales materials for years, but this new software made it affordable for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to split-test their marketing. The idea is that you create two or more versions of your sales material. Some prospective customers see one version.... [...]

Split Test Monkey: Discover which ads work best #ad

Split Test Monkey lets you test, track and tweak your ad campaigns and sales processes, based on data, not guesses. Some headlines work well; others don’t. Some graphics work well; others don’t. Some benefits work well; others don’t. You’ll never know which work best for you unless you test. You need to figure out what’s working so you can invest your time and money into the things that work the best. And you need to find out what’s not working so you can either dump those things or fix them. People who are successful product vendors don’t guess about... [...]

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