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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'PPV Marketing' Category

Facebook Social Lead System: Get More Buyers For Your Business #ad

Ryan Shaw has been using Facebook in his marketing for years, and he has found that its members spend a lot of time there and buy a lot of products. So he concentrates a lot of his marketing energy on Facebook. Facebook has improved its ad platform and it’s better than ever for marketers. With Facebook, you avoid a lot of difficulties presented by other marketing processes. For example, you don’t need to do any grandiose product launches that require a lot of setup time and a lot of long hours. You don’t have to work with affiliates who aren’t always reliable. Just wisely... [...]

PPV Spy: Jenna says, “Get your CPA business running in days” #ad

If you are new to PPV (Pay per View) it can be a very confusing. A guide, who has done it before and can show you the way, could make your life a lot easier. Jenna Mantigani is offering to be your guide. In PPV Spy, she reveals how she makes over $1000 weekly with CPA offers using PPV She shares: • What she does to get conversions on the CPA offers she promotes • Different ways that you can run the campaign has has found to work for her • The exact campaign that brings her $10-$100 or more for each Conversion • The Exact Offers, Keywords, and Landing Pages she uses; nothing... [...]

LeadImpact Training Course: How to get leads for under 2 cents #ad

Ken Reno just released his training on how to use, the largest CPV/PPV network online. It can help you reach an audience of millions of consumers through its PPV ads that combine precise targeting with creative display ads, for higher ROI. But this powerful advertising platform may be daunting when you first start out. That’s why Reno created LeadImpact Training Course. This inexpensive (about $5, but rising) training shows you all the ins and outs of getting yourself established on LeadImpact and then using its low-cost traffic to grow your business. Look at the techniques... [...]

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