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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Archive for the 'Customer Acquisition Tips' Category

The Easiest Way to Get Clients for Your Ad Agency [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Easiest Way to Get Clients for Your Ad Agency’ to help marketers get more clients. He says, “The easiest way to get clients for your ad agency. It’s funny, everyone thinks it’s easy for me to close business. Even with a brand, it’s never easy. You always have to work hard to close deals. And when I started off, it was even harder, because I didn’t have a brand or the experience. Yeah, I still got to where I am today because I was able to close deals early on, and I continually use that money to reinvest.” Neil... [...]

HubSpot Shares 7 Ways to Find Customers

Customer acquisition is one of the most important processes you need to focus on for increasing sales and growing your business. HubSpot’s Sean Higgins has shared seven useful ways to find your first customer and retain them.  He says, “First up, let’s outline some ways for getting that first customer. While asking your family and friends to buy from your business is always a good idea, that alone isn’t enough to sustain your business for the long term. What we want to do here is attract customers who will stay with us not because they know us, but because they value our products... [...]

How to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers’ sharing some useful tips to help you convert more customers. He says, “You have all this blog traffic, but none of these readers are really turning into customers. So what should you do? Should you invest less money in blogging? Should you spend less time on blogging? Of course not. Today, I’m going to teach you how to convert your blog readers into customers”. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

How to Acquire Your First 100 Customers [Video]

Entrepreneur magazine has published a new video ‘How to Acquire Your First 100 Customers’ featuring David Roger to help marketers and businesses get more customers. James McKinney says, “David Roger is the co-founder and CEO of Felix Gray, which sells blue light-filtering glasses. In this clip from an episode of “The Startup Story” podcast, Roger talks about growth tactics he has learned and would use today to get his first 100 customers. Roger talks about the importance of getting close to customers to learn from them. He talks about scaling once you understand why people... [...]

Developing Loyal Fans: The Future of Marketing [Podcast]

To grow your business every day you need to reach more people and get loyal customers. Differrnt marketing platforms can help you to connect with your target audience and persuade them to take actions. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has published a podcast ‘Developing Loyal Fans: The Future of Marketing’ to help you create more fans. Stelzner says, “Do you want loyal fans for your business? Want to know how to build a fanbase of loyal customers? To explore how to develop loyal fans, I interview David Meerman Scott on the Social Media Marketing... [...]

How to Create Loyal Fans Who Love to Promote Your Business [Video]

Retaining customers for a longer period of time is the necessity for business growth. Loyal customers can help you to promote your business too. Social Media Examiner team has published a new YouTube video ‘How to Create Loyal Fans Who Love to Promote Your Business’ featuring Pat Flynn. SME team says, “Are you struggling to develop loyal fans? Do you want people to tell others about you and your business? Pat Flynn explains why being human and talking to your audience is the key to building loyalty. You’ll discover how to deliver quick wins that turn fans into... [...]

How to Forecast ROI from SEO [Video]

To achieve success in online marketing you need to have good grip over the search engine marketing which can be achieved through SEO. The Practical Ecommerce team has published a video recording of its webinar ‘How to Forecast ROI from SEO’ to help marketers predict online ROI. The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Obtaining sustainable, long-term organic search traffic takes much time and effort. It’s definitely not free. But is it worth the investment in people and software? In this 30-minute online seminar, which first aired on October 23, 2018, we’ll offer a framework for... [...]

7 Simple Ways to Grow Repeat Customers [Video]

Getting the continuous customer flow is one of the most important things you need to grow your business. The Practical Ecommerce team has published a video recording of its webinar ‘7 Simple Ways to Grow Repeat Customers’. Watch this video recording to learn how you can get repeat customers and grow your business. The Practical Ecommerce team says, “Repeat customers are the lifeblood of an ecommerce business. They require no acquisition expense and their average order values are typically higher than first time buyers. But in an age of cutthroat ecommerce competition, retaining... [...]

Customer Onboarding: The Key to Repeat Customers [Podcast]

Customer acquisition and retention are the two biggest priorities of most brands. Finding new customers and keep them coming again and again requires consistent efforts and a reliable product. Shopify contributor Felix Thea has published a new podcast titled ‘Customer Onboarding: The Key to Repeat Customers’ featuring Patrick Coddou to help marketers in this process. Thea says, “It generally costs a lot less money and time to sell to existing customers than it does to acquire new ones. That’s why marketing shouldn’t stop when a customer makes a purchase—not when... [...]

Four acquisition problems that today’s marketers are facing

Customer acquisition and retention is the priority of every organization as it is the ultimate thing that helps brands survive. With changing paradigms, the brands face challenges in getting new customers and make sales. Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has sorted out four common acquisition problems that the marketers face today. Rajeck says, “The main issues marketers face with marketplaces are that Marketers must advertise to get marketplace traffic Marketplaces advertisements are expensive Marketers do not receive enough customer data from marketplaces to learn about their customers The... [...]