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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Email Handling' Category

Alexa wants you to change your email marketing approach

Email is one of the most used marketing tools today. And as we know, most of our emails are now read on mobile devices. The addition of voice-based devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home have changed the way consumers access the information online. A new Alexa feature has given it the capability to read and manage emails. This change would land the email marketers new challenges. Talking about this new feature, Marketing Land’s Greg Sterling says, “Alexa will read the sender and subject line. Then it asks whether you want to “read, reply, delete, archive or next.” If you ask... [...]

HubSpot shares seven steps to organize your email with multiple inboxes

Handling email overload is one of the daily challenges we have been facing for years and there doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution except building our capability to read and respond to more and more emails everyday. HubSpot columnist Ginny Mineo has shared seven steps to help marketers handle the email overload when they are using multiple inboxes. Mineo says, “My email inbox acts as my to-do list. Some of my emails are threads around a pending project, some are about a relationship I’m working with a new writer, and each one requires a certain response and prioritization... [...]

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