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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Online Shopping Carts' Category

‘The Top Four Reasons Consumers Abandon Online Shopping Carts’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “More than one-third of consumers (37%) say they most often abandon an online shopping cart because they decide at the last minute that the purchase is too expensive, according to a recent report from The second most common reason for not completing an online purchase is finding a better price on another website (cited by 24% of respondents). Some 12% of consumers surveyed say they most often abandon an online shopping cart because they cannot find a coupon code; 7% say they often abandon carts because they are confused by the checkout process. Just 20% say they... [...]

‘5 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience’ – ‘Mashable’

Tom Wentworth says, “It’s time to talk about customer experience on the web. If a woman is shopping for a new pair of heels and the store clerk offers her men’s loafers, she’d be frustrated and probably less inclined to shop at that store again. Online however, she brushes off the analogous experience as just another piece of irrelevant advertising. Why is our tolerance level for these poor experiences so low in person, but so high online? The best brick-and-mortar experiences are hyper-personalized. When you walk into a store, you rarely make it a few steps before someone asks if... [...]

‘3 Surprising Online Shopper Preferences’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Amberly Dressler says, “When online conversion tactics like personalization, alternative delivery locations and live chat are part of everyday shoppers’ lexicon, it’s time for businesses to get serious about making it easier to purchase their goods and services. Recently, comScore and UPS released the findings of its third annual UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Study. Overwhelmingly, the results showed that customers have higher expectations when it comes to their online experience. For example, 53 percent of respondents want access to customer service within the checkout experience,... [...]

‘They want you to want them: Win your cart abandoners back by showing you care’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog is titled “They want you to want them: Win your cart abandoners back by showing you care”. Kassidy Keller says, “The customer visits your site, browses your sales section, throws a few items into her online cart, browses some more and then (for whatever reason) she LEAVES before making a purchase! You’re probably thinking: What can I do to get her back? Well, for all you email marketers out there, here’s a tip: Show customers you care by making your abandoned cart emails dynamic and personal! And here’s why… Based on our recent... [...]

‘How Consumers Use Online Shopping Carts’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

The latest article on ‘MarketingProfs’ is titled “How Consumers Use Online Shopping Carts”. Ayaz Nanji says, “Most online shoppers (59%) put an item in their online shopping cart only when they are planning to purchase it, according to a recent report by Sociomantic. However, 19% use online shopping carts as wish lists/reminders, putting in items they like to keep track of, and another 13% say they collect items in their carts until they get an offer for free shipping or a deal based on spend amount. One in ten (11%) say they abandon their cart more often than they purchase“. How... [...]

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