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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Business Marketing Strategies' Category

How Customer Experience (CX) Impacts Remote Business Mgt. Strategy

Consider this scenario. You are building a remote workforce, perhaps scattered around the world. And you are committed to doing everything in your power to help your remote staff thrive. As part of your efforts, you need to reassess your customer experience (“CX”) initiatives. Internal communication between your remote workers and you (and with each other) can impact how well you meet your customers’ needs. That review of your customer interactions can show you misalignments between these initiatives and your remote business management strategy.  Understanding the Relationship... [...]

Five Marketing “Must Haves” for Success

Maybe you’ve been online a long time, or maybe you are new in this profession. Either way, avoiding mistakes (either rookie mistakes or careless mistakes) will improve your results. Keep your eye on the ball. What is your mission? What is the purpose of your activity? Of course, it is likely to ultimately be to earn a living, but that can be done in many ways. Why are you publishing your newsletter or updating your website? The answer, to be effective, needs to be user-focused. What are you trying to help your readers/ users/ customers accomplish? That’s the key to successful online... [...]

How to create your marketing messaging for better growth, Cyber Monday only #ad

To be successful online (or in any business, for that matter), you need to understand what your business should mean to your clients: ➤ What position should it hold in their minds? ➤ What are you uniquely qualified to do for them? ➤ Why should they trust you? ➤ When they think of you, they think ______. All this is controlled by your messaging, your statement of your business purpose, how you intend to help your clients, how their business will improve when they work with you. Content Sparks has released a new course, Create Your Marketing Message, to show you how to captivate your audience... [...]

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business

Starting a new business requires detailed planning and goal setting. You need external help to do required planning for creating a successful business. Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has shared a 23-step guide to starting a new business. Lofgren says, “I’m not going to show you how to build or grow your business in this article. These are the practical steps necessary to begin operations. First, define your business 1. Put together a very high level and basic business plan Don’t overthink this. You just need to be able to answer two big questions: What do you... [...]

Finding Your Next Big Idea and Seeing It Through [Video]

The Entrepreneur magazine team has published a video on ‘Finding Your Next Big Idea and Seeing It Through’ featuring Paul Rabil, Martellus Bennett and Evita Robinson . In the video the trio shares their own experiences to help fellow entrepreneurs instill more creativity in the business they are pursuing. Entrepreneur team says, “There’s never been a better time to grow your brand and business. That’s what lacrosse player and entrepreneur Paul Rabil told the audience at Entrepreneur Live, citing new media and technology as key factors in rapid growth. But, how do... [...]

The Secret to Success No One Tells Entrepreneurs [Video]

The Entrepreneur magazine team has published a video on ‘The Secret to Success No One Tells Entrepreneurs’ featuring Kim Parell . Entrepreneur team says, “Kim Perell’s first business venture left her bankrupt and lost, but she didn’t give up. She had a big idea for online marketing, and when the banks refused to offer her a loan, she reached out to her grandmother. And though her grandmother didn’t know much about internet marketing — or even about the internet, for that matter — she gave her $10,000 to try a fresh start. For three years, Perell did... [...]

Improve your marketing by observing these brand strategies

In marketing, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. It is an experimental process that leads to success and failures. You would agree that following the set examples of brands can help you design successful campaigns. Learning from these brands can get you success in your marketing endeavours. Entrepreneur contributor Jim Joseph has shared the marketing strategies adopted by five major brands. Joseph says, “Marketing is a spectator sport. We can all learn from each other by observing what brands do in the marketplace, even if we don’t have big budgets. Specifically, we’re... [...]

Strengthen you business growth with these strategies

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in US about 50% of small businesses fail in the first four years. Establishing and growing a business is a tough task. You need to have a vision and passion to face the hurdles on the way to your entrepreneurship journey. To help business owners get their businesses rooted well, Entrepreneur guest contributor R L Adams has shared ten strategies. Favoring the use of social media for growing a business, Adams says, “You can’t ignore social media. That’s where all the so-called magic is happening. Some businesses have been built solely... [...]

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