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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Archive for the 'Topic Clusters' Category

Topic Clusters: Everything You Need to Know

Topic clusters help you to organize and present your blog content to the visitors. The clusters contain the topic and sub-topics of your blog for informing your audience what you have to offer them and secondly, to persuade the search engines. SEMrush contributor Connor Lahey has published a step-by-step guide to help you understand and use topic clusters. Lahey says, “Regardless of your organization’s industry, you can boost your digital media marketing efforts by delivering thoroughly thought-out content. In this next section, we’ll cover the steps you will need to create topic clusters. Step... [...]

Aja Frost on Topic Clusters, Featured Snippets, Image SEO & Suggested Clips [Video]

A well-developed SEO strategy focuses on multiple dimensions of achieving to achieve rankings in search engines. You need to consider different ways to influence search engines and secure higher placement. Topic clusters, featured snippets, image SEO etc. are some of the techniques that help you to make most from your SEO efforts. Rusty Brick has published a video interview with HubSpot’s Aja Frost. In this video Frost talks about the importance of Topic Clusters, Featured Snippets, Image SEO & Suggested Clips. Brick says, “Aja Frost (@ajavuu) is the senior SEO strategies at Hubspot,... [...]

Topic clusters: The next evolution of content strategy (Video)

Content marketing is evolving fast and so the content marketing techniques. Topic clusters is a technique that focuses on topics to form an SEO strategy. The HubSpot team has published a video on topic clusters. HubSpot team says, “People don’t search like they used to. Does your SEO strategy reflect this changing behavior? Meet the topic cluster model: an SEO strategy that focuses on topics — as opposed to keywords — to improve your site’s architecture, make it easier for Google to discover related content, and ultimately, boost your search engine visibility. Learn more about the... [...]