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Friday, January 27, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing News' Category

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Essential Tips for Success [Video]

Semrush has published a new video ‘Achieving Work-Life Balance: Essential Tips for Success’ as part of the Small Business Big Results show. The Semrush team says, “What, exactly, is work-life balance? Who, within a business, is ultimately responsible for work-life balance? Does this solely fall on the shoulders of the business owner to empower their employees or can employees take responsibility for this as well? Brian sits down with Julia McCoy, creator of The Content Transformation System and The Content Hacker to discuss ways to actually maintain a healthy work-life balance... [...]

Data: The 4-Letter Word You Need to Embrace [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a new video from #CMWorld 2022 titled ‘Data: The 4-Letter Word You Need to Embrace’ featuring Inbar Yagur.  The CMI team says, “This is a clip from Inbar Yagur’s session at Content Marketing World 2022 called Data: The 4-Letter Word You Need to Embrace.” Content Marketing Institute  [...]

ShopBuildr effortlessly creates eCommerce affiliate sites #ad

ShopBuildr ls a 5-in-1 affiliate marketing tool for building your Amazon affiliate sites. This is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to build complete Ecom affiliate websites in just minutes. It automatically: ✓ finds you products to promote, ✓ creates the posts for you, ✓ inserts content for you, and even ✓ adds your affiliate link for you. This is true marketing automation. Watch the demo video here:ShopBuildr Demo This brand-new WordPress plugin will create a complete affiliate website in just minutes. For each product on your site, this plugin will automatically: ➤... [...]

CMI Lists Five Essential Elements for a Great Newsletter

Newsletter publishing is a great way to build your follower base and keep them engaged. Content Marketing Institute contributor Jodi Harris has published an article featuring five essential elements for a great newsletter. She says, “If you want your subscribers to look forward to opening and reading your newsletter, optimize for these five elements: 1. Readability Time-constrained audiences often scan newsletters for exciting ideas and relevant information rather than reading from start to end. To make scanning easier, use short sentences and paragraphs that get your message across quickly.... [...]

The MarTech Conference, March 28-29

The MarTech Conference will be held online on March 28-29, 2023. The MarTech team says, “Customers want you to know who they are – regardless of the channel they’re on. And they expect you to deliver highly-personalized experiences while respecting their privacy. A delicate balance to strike — made trickier by the death of third-party cookies and dismantled cookie-tracking in general. The right technology is critical, from data management solutions to automated execution, all aided by AI. So is strategy – understanding... [...]

SME Shares 10 Hacks for Getting More from Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising helps you extend your online reach and grow your business. With the right advertising tactics, you can achieve the maximum ROI. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has published an article featuring 10 hacks for getting more from your Facebook ads. She says, “Want a better return on your Facebook ad spend? Looking for pro tips that can scale your results? In this article, you’ll discover 10 small changes that can make a big difference for your Facebook ad campaigns. #1: Enable Facebook Ads Advantage+ Creative Options To drive optimal campaign performance,... [...]

123 Profit: online income-stream without selling any product/ service #ad

123 Profit has gone live and the launch is underway. It will only be available for three more days after today (until Thursday night) so if it could work for you, don’t delay in investigating it further. You now have the chance to copy this ground-breaking 3-step system so you can build a successful business in 2023. Here are a number of key elements of the program that you should be aware of. In it, you will discover: ➤ How they built a consistent 7-figure online income stream without having to “sell” anything at all ➤ How they earn as much as $1000 per 100 clicks... [...]

Three PPC Trends for 2023

Search Engine Land contributor Anthony Tedesco has published an article featuring three PPC marketing trends to keep a pulse on in 2023. He says, “As we begin 2023, it’s a good time to reflect on the macro-level trends we’ve observed last year. Here are a few trends that I believe have some staying power and should be considered as you build out your 2023 search marketing strategies. 1. A slow economy and heightened focus on efficiency In case you haven’t heard, the economy has been struggling (that’s a joke). I graduated with a degree in economics, but like... [...]

Contact Us Pages Worth Observing

A well-designed contact us page is quite necessary for your website. Search Engine Journal contributor Anna Crowe has published an article featuring 39 amazing contact pages examples from e-commerce, SaaS, agencies, and other brands. She says, “An awesome Contact Us page finds just the right balance between making it easy to reach the company and sharing resources users can use to answer their questions right away. Keep reading to discover 39 examples of Contact Us pages that go beyond the basics and will, hopefully, inspire you to take your site to the next level. 39 Awesome Contact Us Page... [...]

Leadono: One-touch email lists from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Amazon #ad

The new tool Leadono just released. It is the only marketing tool with the world’s first LDO technology. Because of the proprietary LDO technology, the creators say, you can speed up building your mailing list with touch or click email capture and with viral incentivized referral traffic. This tool is solving the big problem with building a list these days: people really hate the effort required to fill out forms on their smartphones. Since more and more people use their smartphones online, this problem is constantly growing. Even though it is easier for people to type the name and the email... [...]