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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing News' Category

Winning the Race for Digital Skills [Report]

Econsultancy has published a new report ‘Winning the Race for Digital Skills’. The Econsultancy team says, “In a world of perpetual change, how do businesses stay ahead?  The answer lies in learning. As the shift towards online purchasing accelerated during the pandemic, companies underwent a decade’s worth of digital transformation in just six months. Now, with an increased demand for digital skills, organisations must aggressively pursue learning to stay current and lead their markets. However, our research has revealed only 27% of businesses believe they currently possess... [...]

SEO Trends 2023 [E-book]

Search Engine Journal has published a new e-book ‘SEO Trends 2023’ featuring useful tips to strengthen your SEO strategy. The SEJ team says, “You’ll learn how to recalibrate your SEO strategy for maximum results by identifying the key trends that will affect the search landscape next year. Some of the SEO trends covered in this ebook are: Search features and rich results. AI content tools. On-page factors. And more.” SEO Trends 2023 Search Engine Journal  [...]

HubSpot Releases ‘The New Manager’s Guide to Effective Leadership’

HubSpot has released ‘The New Manager’s Guide to Effective Leadership‘. Rebecca Corliss says, “One of the biggest challenges when going from individual contributor to people manager is having to change the way you value your own impact. Every day prior to this promotion you were evaluated on the impact you personally had on the business. From here on out, you’re evaluated on the impact driven by your collective team. This comes with some good news and some “bad” news: The good news – You and your team combined can most likely have a larger impact on the business... [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Google Topic Authority

Your site’s authority in Google’s eyes affects how well you’re able to rank in search engine results. Search Engine Journal contributor Matt G. Southern has published a detailed article on Google Topic Authority. She says, “Google has revealed new information about a ranking system called ‘Topic Authority.’ This system aims to deliver more relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and News for queries on specialized topics. Why Topic Authority? The inception of Topic Authority is an attempt to address a common challenge Google users face when seeking... [...]

KleverNews AI: AI-Generated Trending News, Articles, Contents #ad

    KleverNews AI is a system that helps create (and operate or sell) self-updating ChatGPT3-powered news sites in minutes, in any niche, with a single keyword. As we announced Friday, it was launched over the weekend. There are many ways you can put it to work in your business. Here are a few ways, for example: 1) Monetize the sites you build with affiliate offers from Clickbank, Amazon, W+, etc. 2) Build an email list, promote CPA and affiliate offers 3) Offer sponsored posts for a fee 4) Generate revenue through Adsense (Klever News AI write unique content so it can meet Google’s... [...]

ListProdigy: a super affiliate’s secret’s of list building #ad

ListProdigy has just been released. It shows you how to build and get the most from a “buyers email list”. Maybe you already know that having a buyers email list (a list of people who have already bought products in your niche, preferably from you) is the most powerful tool you can have if you want to earn money online. With a good one, your sales process is virtually “click send…make sales”. As a result of investing thousands of dollars on being coached and trained, Trevor Carr, Fergal Downes, and Max Gerstenmeyer have mastered the art of leveraging email lists to extract the... [...]

GPTProfit builds your online business in minutes, not weeks #ad

GPTProfit is a brand new tool that builds an online business in just minutes with the help of GPT Technology from OpenAI. It does this by: ➤ Building Business Websites ➤ Writing unique content with AI from GPT ➤ Adding relevant affiliate products embedded with your affiliate links ➤ Spreading the word on multiple social media to drive traffic, leads, and sales ➤ Capturing leads in your autoresponder to help you build ongoing profits ➤ Plus, a Commercial License is included so you you can build business sites for other marketers, too. But how is GPTProfit different from most affiliate... [...]

AiPlex: AI-powered solution for affiliate marketing #ad

AiPlex was just released. It is a ChatGPT4-Powered marketing tool that creates an affiliate system that builds pre-sales pages, ebooks to use as click magnets, landing pages, and emails for promoting your affiliate offer (that is, an offer for which you are an affiliate.) After automatically building these assets for you, it will drive traffic to your landing pages and pre-sales pages. Do you sense what it just did? It did everything for you. You just tell it what product or niche you need and it does the rest. It’s a new app that is just released to the market… And you can pick up your copy... [...]

Update Your Online Marketing Strategy with AI: Here’s How (Part 1)

Marketers have long been intrigued by the prospect of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their marketing strategy. Indeed, many businesses are already employing AI as a tool for their online marketing endeavors – from remarketing audiences to content recommendations. Yet despite its apparent potential, AI remains in its infancy. It’s still in the process of maturing and developing into a force that could rival humans when it comes to comprehending data, finding patterns and making decisions. This presents an opportunity for marketers to utilize AI today while it’s... [...]

Ai CB Profitz builds ChatGPT-powered ClickBank Sites #ad

Ai CB Profitz creates self-updating ClickBank product review sites. ClickBank is, we believe, the world’s largest collection of info products that accept affiliates who want to earn a commission when they send a new client to a product. It has products in hundreds of niches, from finance to physical fitness to gardening to weight loss and hundreds more. Whatever niche you are interested in, ClickBank probably has one or more products in the niche that you can promote. There are abundant opportunities for building your online business promoting ClickBank products. If you haven’t tried... [...]