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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Amazon Selling Tips' Category

AI VideoTales: Capitalize on YouTube’s Little-Known Secret #ad

  AI VideoTales helps you uncover the untapped goldmine in kids stories… You can be a first mover in the kids’ story niche on YouTube. Yogesh Agarwal has found that YouTube stories for children can be a profitable niche to be in, and it has not ben discovered by many marketers. At the core of his process is posting 2-minute kids’ story videos. AI VideoTales lets yu do this without any skills, creativity, or budget. Agarwal says this is the first AI-powered storytelling software. It is offering you your chance to be a first mover in this highly profitable and untapped niche. As... [...]

Amazon holiday shopping outlook [Guide]

Search Engine Land has published a new guide for advertisers called ‘Amazon holiday shopping outlook’. Andy Tylor says, “With Amazon’s October Prime Early Access Sale in the books, Amazon advertisers need to fine-tune their strategy for the core stretch of Q4. Part of that planning revolves around: Mapping out how budgets will be spent over the final month and a half of the year. Which days to push the pedal most on. We dug deep into the more than $400 million in Amazon ad spend under management annually at Tinuiti (my employer) to: Quantify what we’ve seen in the past... [...]

CompareShop builds e-com stores for comparison shoppers #ad

CompareShop was just released by Dr. Amit Pareek. This new software creates “Comparison E-com Stores (similar to stunning BizRate&tm; and Shopzilla&tm;TM ). It selects products based on you keywords and loads these products and video reviews of the products (where available) into your store automatically. This tool also includes a traffic engine to bring traffic to your site. And it’s so simple to use that in under an hour your store can be online. CompareShop optimizes your stores for good SEO. Your store’s products can include products by e-com giants such as Amazon, eBay,... [...]

Amazon SEO, Amazon Ads to Ecommerce and Algorithm Domination #ad

Alex Genadinik is a well-known and popular teacher on Udemy. His courses always get high ratings from students. We have bought several of his courses. And in an email to his students he mentioned one that will have be interesting to many of our readers. In fact, it was interesting to us. We just bought a copy. He calls it Amazon SEO, Amazon Ads to Ecommerce and Algorithm Domination. This is training that will improve the results of anyone wanting to sell products on Amazon. This is a video course containing 28 lectures. Genadinik’s goal is to help you dominate your Amazon product niche by... [...]

Tips to make more from Amazon

Amazon is growing quickly. It has its presence in almost all the countries now. Quality product and the existing user review play a pivotal role in keeping the sales grow on Amazon. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared four pillars of creating a successful Amazon strategy. Gilliland says, “Econsultancy’s Best Practice Guide, Third-Party Marketplaces for Retailers, delves into this topic in much more depth, but in the meantime, here are some key tips for maximising sales on Amazon. Win the Buy Box Unless manufacturers are selling so-called Private Label Goods, Amazon typically... [...]

Three myths that hinder your performance on Amazon

Amazon is the hub for every e-commerce business for getting more sales online and getting established as a brand. To succeed on Amazon what you need to do is learn from the successful businesses and adopt their tactics. Marketing Land columnist Andrew Waber has shared three myths that prevail among the marketers which they should stop believing. Waber says, “Between my work and what I see across the e-commerce landscape, it’s clear that brands need to let go of some of these prior practices to address the current market realities of e-commerce. Additionally, by fostering better interdepartmental... [...]

Tips to increase Amazon profit margin

Amazon is growing and with it the sellers are also having bright chances to boost their sales and get more profits. There are several ways marketers can continue to boost their sales but when it comes to growing profits, it is a challenge. Forbes contributor Kiri Masters has shared three ways to help marketers increase their Amazon profit margins. Masters says, “While Amazon has become a significant sales channel for many brands, the growing multitude of selling and fulfillment fees narrow profit margins, making Amazon more and more costly as a sales channel. Fortunately, many brands have... [...]

Five things you should know before selling on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular global e-commerce network today having maximum number of sellers and buyers. Knowing how the company works can help the newly joining sellers adjust quickly in the selling process. Forbes contributor Kate Harrison has shared five things that you should know before joining Amazon as a seller. Harrison says, “sing Amazon as a commerce platform is not as straightforward as one might think, according to James Thomson. Thomson is a Partner at Buy Box Experts and co-author of The Amazon Marketplace Dilemma. He believes that a company looking to win on Amazon... [...]

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