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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Archive for the 'Facebook marketing' Category

Facebook Marketing: An In-Depth Guide For Beginners [Guide]

Search Engine Journal has published a new guide ‘Facebook Marketing: An In-Depth Guide For Beginners’ featuring useful advice for Facebook marketing success. Brian Fredrick says, “The very first thing you need to do to launch your marketing efforts on Facebook is to create a page for your business. It’s free to set up and gives you a place for people to like or follow you. It also gives you a chance to engage with your customers (and potential customers), and share content with them via posts. In your web browser, go to and select the category that... [...]

How to Get Facebook Ads Working for You in 2023 [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published a new episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast ‘How to Get Facebook Ads Working for You in 2023’. Michael Stelzner says, “A few years ago, Facebook advertising dominated the social media marketing landscape. It was much easier to get Facebook ads working. Then… things got quieter. What happened? Facebook ads got expensive and there was more competition for ad space on Facebook and Instagram. It was harder to get a return on your ad spend. Are your Facebook ads underperforming? Wondering what can be done to increase your conversions?... [...]

Leadono builds viral mailing lists of real buyers #ad

Leadono is groundbreaking tech with smart LDO technology that finally allows you to effortlessly capture verified emails with just a touch or click &and grow your list virally on autopilot. You will be able to auto-build your subscribers list even without a website, and easily capture people’s emails from both social platform users and cream-of-the-top Amazon buyers with a touch or click from them. All the emails you collect will be already verified and automatically synced to your autoresponder account. On top of that, you will also get direct access to the most powerful free traffic... [...]

How to Use Facebook to Build a Community in 2023 [Video]

Social media platforms have strengthened businesses all over. With proper utilization of social media, we can enhance our online presence and grow sales. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Use Facebook to Build a Community in 2023’ sharing some useful tips to build a community using Facebook. The SME team says, “Want to develop a loyal and engaged following on Facebook? Wondering what types of content develops community? Discover how to develop communities with Facebook.” Social Media Examiner  [...]

Leadono siphons emails from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, & Amazon buyers #ad

Leadono allows you to capture names and email addresses, with a touch or click, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, and the biggest eCommerce company on the planet – Amazon. This clearly would be a premium list of prospective customers, from the most successful online merchants ever. They are much more likely to buy than anonymous people you send cold emails to. The creators say that these are exactly the people you will be adding to your email list when you use Leadono. Plus, on top of that Leadono includes an incentivized referral traffic system for viral traffic.... [...]

Hootsuite Shares Creative Facebook Giveaway Ideas for 2023

A Facebook giveaway is a popular subcategory of Facebook contests. Giveaways always involve the gifting of something of monetary value to the contest winner. Hootsuite contributor Alyssa Hirose has published an article featuring seven creative Facebook giveaway ideas for 2023. She says, “Running a Facebook contest is easy enough, but there’s a few things to know before you embark on your first giveaway — both for the success of your Facebook marketing strategy and to make sure you’re not breaking any of the platform’s rules. Step 1: Know your goals Why are you running... [...]

PowrSuite 2.0 One-Time-Offer (Your Questions Answered) #ad

As we mentioned yesterday, PowrSuite 2.0 just went live and it’s worth investigating. It solves many problems for an online marketer and, by replacing many other tools you would otherwise need, can save you a good deal. Click here to check it out and get access to the early-bird discount: PowrSuite 2.0. If you are the type of person who wants to look before you leap, here are some facts that you will be interested in. They’re in the form of questions and answers. What exactly is PowrSuite 2.0? PowrSuite 2.0`is a complete marketing solution that consists of thirteen integrated apps... [...]

Leadono: One-touch email lists from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Amazon #ad

The new tool Leadono just released. It is the only marketing tool with the world’s first LDO technology. Because of the proprietary LDO technology, the creators say, you can speed up building your mailing list with touch or click email capture and with viral incentivized referral traffic. This tool is solving the big problem with building a list these days: people really hate the effort required to fill out forms on their smartphones. Since more and more people use their smartphones online, this problem is constantly growing. Even though it is easier for people to type the name and the email... [...]

SellingLive: Facebook Live selling made easy #ad

SellingLive is an eCommerce personalization platform that lets people easily buy and sell on Facebook Live based on a person’s comment. It also helps you manage all aspects of any eCommerce operation and improve your sales by converting social media comments into sales. Beyond that, SellingLive enhances the invoicing process by automatically placing items in the shopping cart and sending invoices to your customers after their comment leads to a purchase. You can use it to implement social selling on both Facebook and Messenger. If you are stuck with poor results from your Facebook Live sessions,... [...]

How to Advertise on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide [E-book]

Advertising on Facebook is a powerful way to reach people interested in your product or service. Search Engine Journal has published a new e-book ‘How to Advertise on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide’. The SEJ team says, “Search Engine’s Journal’s new ebook, How to Advertise on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide, covers the basics you need to know when advertising on the world’s largest social network. Read this Search Engine Journal ebook to learn: How Facebook Ads work. The types of paid ads available and how to set up a campaign. How to choose... [...]