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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category

Advert AI: World’s First Google-Powered AI Ad Creator App #ad

Advert AI was just released. It uses Google’s new artificial intelligence services called Adanet & TensorFlow to create advertisements from keyword prompts you supply. It Creates Ad Copy, Ad Creatives, Ad Graphics, Ad Videos, and Automated Ads instantly in response to Siri-like voice commands or keywords. As an action taker who invests in this new AI advertising tool during the launch, you will receive lifetime access to Advert AI. Here are the Unique Benefits of Advert AI: ➤ Creates Stunning Visuals, Ad Copy, Ad Creatives, and Ad copies in seconds with a single keyword. ➤ Ai-Generated... [...] 10X Faster and more responsive AI-powered copywriting #ad

Yesterday we told you about‘s Landing Page Builder and Funnel Builder. Today we want to explore its copywriting capabilities. And we want to remind you that at 1:30PM Eastern (10:30AM Pacific, 5:30PM GMT), there will be a Training Webinar for to demonstrate how to use this powerful tool in your business. With this new copywriting tool, you can say goodbye to writer’s block and create world-class copy that sells, thanks to‘s cutting-edge AI copywriting technology. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, speed and responsiveness are crucial... [...]

[Closing] Bypaiss: Humanized AI Content Creator #ad

Bypaiss addresses one major problem (or two, depending on how you count):It’s becoming more and more important for anyone using AI content to dress it up so that its origins don’t interfere with its marketing work. ➤ Sometimes AI-created text doesn’t sound genuinely real. It sounds robotic. That’s not good for engaging your readers, prospective customers, or actual customers. ➤ It’s also not good for search engine rankings since the search engines may doubt its value for people doing searches. Bypaiss adds a human touch to text, including text created by an AI... [...]

Bypaiss removes “AI traces” from AI-generated text #ad

For a lot of reasons, you don’t want your content sound like a robot created it (even if it did.) Bypaiss revises your content so that anything that “smells” like a robot talking is changed to sound like a real human. This is important because your readers want to read content that flows smoothly, with the nuances of writing that a human would naturally include. Further, search engines prefer human content to AI content. Did you know that: ➤ There already have been rumors about search engines possibly starting to penalize AI content ➤ There are already nearly a dozen “AI... [...]

The Copywriter’s Brain: Your Shortcut to Persuasive Writing #ad

The Copywriter’s Brain is for marketers who are tired of struggling to write persuasive copy that captivates your audience and drives sales. Maybe that includes you. Do you wish you could tap into the minds of the greatest copywriting experts and learn their strategies to skyrocket your conversions? Look no further! We’ve got the ultimate solution to supercharge your copywriting game: The Copywriter’s Brain. Imagine having the combined wisdom of the most brilliant copywriting minds in history at your fingertips. With Copywriter’s Brain, you gain exclusive access to a treasure trove of insights,... [...]

The Science of Copywriting: Psychological Principles that Drive Conversions [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘The Science of Copywriting: Psychological Principles that Drive Conversions’ featuring useful strategies to build a high-converting homepage for your website. The HubSpot team says, “Good copy turns words into money. Here are some of the best practices you can start using straight away to convert more customers and win more business through the power of words.” HubSpot  [...]

Strategies to Grow Your Audience Through Writing

A persuasive piece of content can do magic. It helps you move close to your audience and win them. Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone has published an article citing three types of tone in writing that can help you grow loyal audiences. She says, “Because when you get the tone right, your copywriting strategies start to resonate with the perfect audience for your product or service. Then your content can really start to shine. Tool #1: The words you choose All careful writers know that there’s no such thing as a true synonym. Every word carries its own set of associations and nuances that... [...]

Avoid These Copywriting Mistakes

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of marketing. An effective copy helps you to persuade your target audience to take an action. WordStream has published an article featuring 21 copywriting mistakes to avoid for better marketing results. The WordStream team says, “Below you’ll find a list of copywriting mistakes that are often all too easy or tempting to make.  Some are minor while others can really impact your marketing results. 1. Not understanding the copy’s target The most obvious yet often ignored mistake some writers still make: They craft content in a way that makes... [...]

PitchKickstart makes ChatGPT work for marketers; webinar at 11 #ad

At 11:00 EST today, Andrew Darius, creator of PitchKickstart for ChatGPT (or just PitchKickstart, for short), will be hosting a free training webinar on how to 10x your business with ChatGPT. In the first part of the training, you will learn: ➤ How to boost your email deliverability, open rate, and affiliate authority with ChatGPT ➤ How to turbocharge your ChatGPT prompts ➤ The simplest ChatGPT business you can start immediately In the second part of the training, he will share his 3 pillars of how to generate high-impact sales scripts with ChatGPT without writers’ roadblocks or reinventing... [...]

CopyNova AI Copywriter Launch pricing ends in 24 hours #ad

The CopyNova launch is closing. You have less than 24 hours to get the best pricing. Every marketer needs copy – text that explains what they are selling. You do; we do; every online business in the world does. We all need not just copy, but high-converting copy for ads, emails, videos, websites, and more. Our businesses depend on it. With CopyNova, it could be you that provide it to these marketers in need. even if you are not a professional writer and have no skills to operate technical software. Now you don’t need either one. All you have to do is choose your niche/market and answer... [...]