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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Website Design' Category

AI WebProfits: Website Creation on Autopilot #ad

AI WebProfits Site Builder nbsp; AI WebProfits is a brand-new AI app that builds stunning websites in thousands of niches, sites that are pre-loaded with engaging content, images, an AI Bot, and more. With this new tool, you can create these sites and put them to work: ❌ Without Creating Anything Manually ❌ Without Writing Content ❌ Without Promoting ❌ Without Paid Ads  Now you can create and sell (or keep for your own use) stunning eye-catching business websites for architects, dentists, fitness centers and gyms, lawyers, painters, restaurants, financial services, travel organizations,... [...]

Orbit Media Lists 13 Things To Remove From Your Website

Effective web design is crucial for capturing user attention and fostering engagement, ultimately shaping perceptions of a brand’s credibility and usability. It serves as the digital storefront, influencing visitor behavior and facilitating seamless navigation for enhanced user experience. Orbit Media Studios founder Andy Crestodina has published an article featuring 13 things to remove from your website immediately. He says, “This is based on our experience planning 1000+ website projects and reviewing just as many Google Analytics accounts. But there is rarely one correct answer in... [...]

LocalSitesGo Ultimate: 100 local business website designs with AI #ad

  LocalSitesGo Ultimate is perfect for marketing agencies and consultants who help local businesses get their business online. It not only helps you build a brand-new website with just a few clicks but the built-in AI helps you create the content as well. In this release, you get 100 brand new professionally designed, niche specific site layouts. (There are additional optional layouts (over 1000 are available) you can also choose if you like.) These are WordPress sites, making it easy to change them to meet specific needs of your clients. With LocalSitesGo Ultimate, you are moving into a... [...]

MegaSuite: Blue Ocean Market With 58M Active Buyers #ad

  Maybe you’ve never heard of a Blue Ocean Market, like the one MegaSuite addresses. Harvard business professors came up with the concept 20 years ago and published their research in the Harvard Business review and later in book. A blue ocean strategy is finding a unique and profitable market space that is untapped and has little competition. That’s what the creators of MegaSuite, and since this blue ocean opportunity is so large, they have no fear about sharing it with you. They can continue to do well with this niche even if you become a competitor and do well yourself. This... [...]

How To Build A B2B Website Service Page

A B2B Website Service Page is a dedicated section on a business-to-business (B2B) website that outlines the offerings and solutions provided by the company. It serves as a comprehensive guide for potential clients, detailing how the company can address their specific needs and challenges through its products or services. Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina has shared a 13-point checklist for building b2b website service pages. He says, “We hope this guide will help you improve those pages or planning for a redesign. We’ll start with a visual of a B2B website service page that includes... [...]

Reminder- Holistic Website Health & Technical Tips for SEO Success, March 27 [Webinar]

This is a reminder for the SEJ’s webinar to be held on March 27, 2024.  Your website’s technical health is crucial to its overall performance – not only to succeed in SEO but also to drive more user engagement, conversions, and ultimately, revenue. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Holistic Website Health & Technical Tips for SEO Success’ on Wednesday, March 27, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Join us as we’ll discuss the key areas of website health you need to focus on in 2024, and provide actionable tips for how to get the... [...]

SEJ Shares 44 Contact Us Page Designs

A well-designed Contact Us page serves as a crucial bridge between customers and businesses, fostering trust and accessibility. It provides a seamless avenue for inquiries, feedback, and support, enhancing overall user experience and strengthening customer relationships. Search Engine Journal contributor Shelley Walsh has published an article featuring 44 designs of contact us pages. She says, “A Contact Us page should be easy to find on a website. Nothing’s more frustrating for a user to have to hunt down ways to contact a company, leaving them overwhelmed by the time they finally find... [...]

Guide To Find And Fix Dead Ends On Your Website

Effective website design is crucial as it shapes users’ first impressions and influences their engagement, directly impacting a company’s online presence and brand reputation. A well-designed website enhances user experience, increases usability, and ultimately drives conversions, serving as a powerful tool for achieving business objectives. Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina has published an article featuring seven dead ends on your website and tips to fix them. He says, “Here is a quick guide to finding and fixing website dead ends. We’ll list the seven most common... [...]

Build Better Websites with These Free Website Builders

Free website builders offer a user-friendly platform for creating websites without coding expertise, empowering individuals and businesses to establish an online presence effortlessly. With customizable templates and intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, they streamline the website development process, enabling users to bring their ideas to life with ease. HubSpot contributor Caroline Forsey has published an article featuring 7 best free website builders for 2024. She says, “When trying to find the best website builders for this post, I considered workflow to be the most important factor.... [...]

13 Elements You Should Swiftly Remove from Your Website [Video]

Effective website design seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with intuitive navigation, captivating users while guiding them effortlessly towards their goals. By prioritizing simplicity, responsiveness, and user-centricity, effective design ensures a memorable and engaging online experience. Orbit Media Studios has published a new video ’13 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately’ featuring certain elements you should remove from your website. Orbit Media team says, “After 20+ years of planning 1000+ website projects (and measuring performance in Analytics for each) we have... [...]

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