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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'AI for Content Creation' Category

Your Content as AI Training Fodder: Can You Stop It? [Video]

AI for content creation streamlines the writing process by generating high-quality, relevant content quickly. It also personalizes material to engage audiences more effectively, saving time and resources for businesses. Content Marketing Institute has published a new video ‘Your Content as AI Training Fodder: Can You Stop It?’ featuring Karen McFarlane. The CMI team says, “Meta joined the growing list of tech platforms notifying users that their content is being used to develop and improve AI products. Brands and consumers have been vocal about their concerns but have little recourse... [...]

Copyblogger Lists 12 AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools enhance creativity and productivity by generating content, offering suggestions, and improving language quality. These tools leverage advanced algorithms to assist with a variety of writing tasks, from drafting emails to crafting complex reports. Copyblogger contributor Megan Mahoney has published an article featuring the 12 best AI writing tools. She says, “There are many AI writing tools on the market, and it’s hard to understand how they differ from each other. We analyzed many of the most popular AI writing tools, and this post explains how each tool works, key differentiators,... [...]

Is It OK for Platforms to Train Their AI With Your Content? [Answered]

AI enhances content development by generating engaging text and optimizing it for SEO, ensuring relevance and higher visibility. It also personalizes content, tailoring messages to specific audience preferences, improving user engagement and satisfaction. Content Marketing Institute has published an article answering the question “Is It OK for Platforms to Train Their AI With Your Content?”. The CMI team says, “It’s a perfect metaphor for where big technology seems to be headed with your content. Marketers think, “If my content is here, and your content is here, doesn’t... [...]

Watch These 33 Minutes To Become An AI Expert [Podcast]

AI skills in marketing are essential for leveraging data-driven insights, automating tasks, and personalizing customer experiences, leading to more effective and efficient campaigns. Mastering AI technologies enables marketers to stay competitive, adapt to evolving trends, and make informed decisions that boost ROI and customer satisfaction. HubSpot has published the latest ‘Marketing Against The Grain’ podcast episode ‘Watch These 33 Minutes To Become An AI Expert’. This video covers the following: Startups... [...]

The Human Touch in AI Copywriting [Podcast]

AI copywriting harnesses artificial intelligence to generate compelling and engaging written content, saving time and enhancing creativity for marketers and businesses. By analyzing vast amounts of data, it can craft tailored messages that resonate with specific audiences, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates. The latest Digital Marketing Institute podcast is ‘The Human Touch in AI Copywriting’. The DMI team says, “In this episode, DMI podcast producer and today’s host, ⁠Emma Prunty⁠, is joined by marketing strategist ⁠Julie Atherton⁠, and veteran... [...]

Last chance to get AI MarketingHub; It’s now or never #ad

If you haven’t grabbed AI MarketingHub yet, you need to do it today if it meets your needs because… The required investment is about to rise substantially, and the bonuses will be gone forever, starting at midnight tonight. So don’t delay. Get your own AI MarketingHub right now with huge discount. The creators report that this is the world’s most powerful All-In-One AI marketing platform. AI MarketingHub helps future proof your business growth with 8 powerful apps under one roof… This means that AI Marketing Hub offers everything you need for marketing your business and its products,... [...]

AI MarketingHub: Powerful All-In-One AI Marketing Platform #ad

With AI MarketingHub, you can cancel subscriptions to any expensive or complicated marketing platforms you may be using… and probably improve sales performance at the same itme. Here’s what AI Marketing Hub offers: 🌟 Stunning Websites & Pages 🎬 Mind-Blowing Videos 🎨 Eye Catchy Graphics 🎙️ Engaging Voiceovers 📝 Conversion Boosting Marketing Copies 🖌️ Dynamic Text-to-Image 🎞️ Attention Grabbing GIFs 🤖 Personalized Customer Replies 🚀 Generates Red Hot Leads Using Trained Chatbots And the best part? AI MarketingHub is available for a low, one-time price... [...]

AI MarketingHub: 8 Powerful Marketing Tools in One Place #ad

  AI MarketingHub is live. It is the one-stop-shop that saves you hard-earned money each month that you would otherwise spend on various tools, subscriptions, and freelancers. AI MarketingHub offers you 8 powerful AI tools under one roof at a low, one-time price. And by using this, you can save tens or hundreds of dollars you have been spending on other tools. Here’s what AI Marketing Hub Can do For You: ➤ Build Stunning Websites ➤ Craft Mind Blowing Landing Pages ➤ Create Eye Catchy 4K HD Videos ➤ Design Pro Level Business Graphics ➤ Create 100% Human Like Engaging Voiceovers ➤... [...]

BizBudd: Marketing content in a flash with AI #ad

  BizBudd, launching today, is the new cutting edge multi AI-powered app that can seamlessly switch between multiple AI Models via one Smart Dashboard and linked to the BizBudd Assistant AML browser extension to query, research, summarize and create original content for any niche, market or purpose. No recurring fees are requird and hopping from tool to tool or tab to tab. Plagiarism-free content creation has never been this easy. WHAT MAKES BIZBUDD UNIQUE? BizBudd users can now do everything that they can do on ChatGTP but at the same time query and command 4 AI Models (6 on OTO1) without... [...]

Gemini for Social Posts: Game Edition [Video]

Google Search Central has published a new video ‘Gemini for Social Posts: Game Edition’. The GSC team says, “In this episode of Search Off the Record, Gary Illyes, Lizzi Sassman, and John Mueller put Large Language Models (LLMs) to the test and compete to create the best social post using generative AI. Listen along as they weigh the pros and cons, assess how accurate the posts are, stumble on some owl facts, and see how Google’s own GenAI tool, Gemini, can be used as a creativity tool. ”  [...]

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