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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'AI for Content Creation' Category

How To Avoid Getting Burned By AI-Gen Content Creation [Video]

Artificial Intelligence has been growing consistently contributing to several domains and content creation too is not left out. Copyblogger has published a new podcast episode ‘How To Avoid Getting Burned By AI-Gen Content Creation’ featuring Tim Stoddart and Ethan Brooks. The Copyblogger team says, “On this week’s episode, Tim Stoddart (@timstodz) and Ethan Brooks (@damn_ethan) explore writing, humour, and how to avoid getting burned by the explosion of AI-generated content.” Copyblogger  [...]

High Ticket AI: build a profitable online business with AI #ad

James Renouf and Dave Espino just released High Ticket AI. Anyone can use the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to build or enhance their online business, according to Renouf. Whether you are a beginner online or a seasoned professional, this is for you. It levels the playing field. Renouf says that those that use this succeed. Those that don’t lose out on a remarkable way to grow their business. It is as simple as that. The specific AI strategy in High Ticket AI can work for you whether you have products of your own, or work as an affiliate marketer, or cooperate in JV Partnerships. This... [...]

EazyFlipBook creates fully-functional Flipbooks (low cost) #ad

EazyFlipBook lets you profit from the untapped marketing channel of Flipbook marketing with a low cost process. Rick Ng the creator, says that thousands of early adopters have quietly started making good profits already from this untapped goldmine: Flipbook marketing. Specifically, he says 134 Beta Testers have earned $179,051 in affiliate commissions with EazyFlipBook. This brand new app auto-creates fully-functional Flipbooks in a flash. When you sell the Flipbooks you make, you keep all the profits. You can make any Flipbook you need, but to get you started instantly, he has included with the... [...]

Addictive Site Builder Builds 100% Automated Sites #ad

Building a website is the start of your online marketing career. But it takes expertise so you need to either learn to do the work or hire someone to do it. The third alternative is to find software that will build your site for you. To a limited degree, WordPress, the free software platform, will do that. You will need to do some customization work to get a site that has the look and the content you want, but WordPress gives you a foundation to start with. Most web hosting companies will set up basic WordPress as a part of their hosting package. If that degree of automatic setup still isn’t... [...]

How to empower your content using technology

Automation is at the heart of every business today and content development and marketing is not an exception. Of course it will be creativity that we may miss out when bots create the content. But still artificial intelligence is seen as a big player in the content marketing process. Content Marketing Institute columnist Jodi Harris has shared information on how thirteen brands are using technology to empower their content. Harris says, “As Paul Roetzer, founder of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, told the CMW 2017 audience, you don’t need a degree in computer... [...]

CMI’s five-stage AI framework for content marketers

Artificial Intelligence is helping marketers innovate the content creation and distribution efforts. The Content Marketing Institute columnist Marcia Riefer Johnston has shared an AI framework for marketers. Talking about the Planning component, Marcia says, “Planning, the first category of the AI framework, relates to marketing activities like predicting consumer behaviors, defining strategies, prioritizing activities, and determining allocation of resources. In this area, not much AI technology is available yet. Topic clusters One example of AI-supported planning is HubSpot’s... [...]

CMI shares examples of content creation robots

The use of artificial intelligence for content creation is on the rise. Automation in content creation will be a great aid to the content marketers and many brands have started adopting it. Content Marketing Institute columnist Julia McCoy has shared some examples of content creation robots. McCoy says, “The Associated Press, one of the nation’s oldest news networks, was founded in 1846 when five newspapers from New York City funded a pony express-type route to bring news of the Mexican war faster than the U.S. Post Office could. It’s crazy to think that today... [...]

All you should know about automated content

With the evolution of Artificial Intelligent, it has been possible now that your content is created automatically as per your needs and requirements. Here has shared some AI created articles. Econsultancy columnist Magnus Linklater has published an informative article on AI for content creation focuing on human touch. Linklater says, “When it comes to automation, our gut reaction is inevitably one of distrust. There are multiple factors to take into consideration when crafting content: marketing objectives, tone of voice, target audience, empathy and emotional context. It’s... [...]