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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Archive for the 'Business in a Box' Category

Strategic Objectives vs. Shiny Objects #ad

ContentSparks has just released a new training package, Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop. They point out that if you don’t have strategic objectives for your business, you are likely to waste both time and money on the shiny objects that are continually appearing in our environment: video this, Facebook that, or AI the other. What is your vision for how your business will help people and earn an income for that help? You need to get that question answered correctly before you set about laying in tools to make it happen. Otherwise, the tools probably won’t be up to the task. Digital... [...]

Asigo for marketing when times are tough. #ad

Asigo is made for times like these. Warren Buffett often has said that tough times are the ideal times to invest. His point is that when other people are too scared to act, the brave take actions that will lead to their success. If you want to succeed, you must act in a way the majority of people don’t. That’s obvious, actually, since if you do what most people do, you will get what most people get, average results, at best. Buffett always advised us to get in at the bottom (when people are afraid and nervous) and ride the wave up. Get out at the top (when people are brave) and take... [...]

[Live Demo] Asigo ‘dropshipping eServices’ #ad

The Asigo Launch is finally here. If you missed the workshop yesterday, there’s another today explaining how you can use Asigo to build your online eServices dropshipping business. The official launch of The Asigo System is your opportunity to partner with Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, the original inventors and innovators of “eService Dropshipping” to grow your very own “eservice dropshipping” store. If you ever considered starting a ‘regular’ dropshipping business, where you make the sales and someone else supplies the product for you, you’ll want... [...]

Asigo Workshop Today: How to dropship eServices #ad

Today is when the Asigo Workshop is happening. It introduces the concept of dropshipping eServices. This extends to the longstanding business model of dropshipping physical goods (having an arrangement with a manufacturer or wholesaler to ship their products to customers you find for them so that the customer sees the products as being yours and knows nothing about the actual source). With Asigo you can do the same thing with online marketing services. You sell the services, and as far as your clients are concerned, you deliver them, but behind the scenes, you send their order for services to a... [...]

Asigo Workshop coming Monday morning; no charge #ad

As we have mentioned in the last few days, Asigo will be released next week. However prior to the release, there will be a workshop online where it will be demonstrated and the ways to take advantage of its power will be shared. Attending this workshop is important if you are (or even, may be) interested in using Asigo to build your online business. Chris Munch and Jay Cruz say that they have taken all the guesswork out of selling eServices online and outsourcing the delivery. Hundreds of their students are doing it, but they say there is still an opportunity in this niche for you because this... [...]

Asigo “Dropshipping eServices” Early-Bird Workshop #ad

  Chris Munch and Jay Cruz are holding an Asigo ‘sneak-peak’ workshop, where they’re going to unveil for the first time their complete updated eService Dropship Model, which they say can generate good money each week in profit from just 10-21 sales. Asigo provides you an automated “copy and paste” eStore, along with buyer traffic, too, that comes to your site at no charge. Did you know there are about a dozen basic steps to get an online business started the traditional way? And for each of those steps, there are at least 5 factors to handle and consider to make... [...]

Ride the eServices wave with Asigo #ad

Asigo is coming soon. If you haven’t watched Jay Cruz’s eService Dropshipping video yet, now is the time. It introduces the concept of dropshipping eServices”, an effective way of building an online business with staying power. That’s important. Many online business models have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Here’s an example of what we mean. 10+ years ago, you could make 6-figures advertising affiliate products directly through Google AdWords. It was so easy then, but so difficult today. 15-20 years ago, people started posting high levels of success doing... [...]

Christmas is coming, but Asigo (Christmas for marketers) arrives first #ad

Asigo addresses a market that is bigger than eCommerce. Some call it”the rising new mega-trend”: e-services. It is currently in the pre-launch phase. There is a Launch Party (a webinar with giveaways, discounts, etc.) a week from today, on Oct 24, 2022. Learn about what’s going on now and get an invitation to the party here: Asigo Launch. The earliest version of Asigo was released in 2014, and it has gotten better ever since then. Here are some of the statistics: ➤ Over $40,000,000+ In Sales ➤ Over 100,000+ Campaigns Delivered ➤ 7 Figure Recurring Revenues ➤... [...]

VarTical for a real online business #ad

Mosh Bari just released VarTical, which he says helps you build a real online business. You can use it to sell DFY digital products included in the package and keep all the profits. It’s a DFY Digital Products Agency. You can set up your site (or sites) where you offer digital products for sale. The best part: It even finds you clients for your site in 1-click. It comes with 1 Million PLR Articles, 100,000 eBooks, Royalty-free Music Tracks, HD Videos, Images, and more. On the site, you can charge a membership sign-up fee or charge for individual products. A Commercial License is included... [...]

MinuteStock launch over, but sales page still active #ad

We just noticed that someone on the MinuteStock sales team forgot to remove the sales page, although the launch closed about 36 hours ago. If you hurry, you can still get a copy and start your own multiple site online business. MinuteStock creates 8 websites for you in a flash, each with not just a product to sell, but with a whole funnel full of products to sell. These products are priced at $9.97, $27, $47, and $67 ($9.97 front end offers and upsells). You just plug in your affiliate credentials, and the system does the rest. You are selling affiliate products, with guaranteed acceptance and... [...]