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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Business in a Box' Category

No Hurdles D4U Funnel gets your online business running in minutes #ad

Val Wilson and Andy Waring have just released No Hurdles D4U Funnel. Now you can build a list and create an online income without any of the technical hurdles. No HTML, no FTP, no hosting – have your No Hurdles Funnel up and running in a matter of minutes As the name suggests, it’s a “Done For You” (D4U; get it?) Funnel, one that comes with a landing page, a follow up email sequence, and a related affiliate offer (that you are guaranteed approval for). Now there are a lot of ‘Done For You’ funnel products out there, but there are some features to this one that... [...]

[Closing] How to Acquire Your Ideal Coaching Clients #ad

At midnight tonight, Content Sparks is shutting down its sale on How to Acquire Your Ideal Coaching Clients, their latest PLR course. If you need high-value clients in your business, use this training for your own business growth. This course shows you how to leverage proven tactics for attracting, converting, and retaining high-value clients. They have positioned this training for coaches, but that was just a marketing decision for them. The training (90 percent of it, at least) applies to any niche business needing to find and serve clients willing to invest in your premium services. There’s... [...]

Personal Branding Mastery PLR: Brand New Biz in A Box #ad

Personal Branding Mastery PLR is a brand-new PLR “Business in a Box” that has just been released, and you can get your hands on it today for a very small investment. Right now, the price is extremely discounted, but it’s going to increase quickly. With Personal Branding Mastery PLR, you get everything you need to start building a new online profit center as soon as today. Here is what you are getting: • Module 1: High Quality Printable Guide “Personal Branding Mastery ” • Module 2: Resource Cheat Sheet • Module 3: Mind map • Module 4: Resources Report • Module... [...]

Brand New “Market Disruption Domination” Business in A Box #ad

Market Disruption Domination PLR is a brand-new PLR Business in a Box that has just been released. But like many products in the online marketing niche, it’s only available for this low launch week price for a few days. Right now, the price is extremely discounted, but it’s going to increase quickly. With the Market Disruption Domination PLR package, you get everything you need to start selling this training online as soon as today with your name on it. Here is what is included: • Module 1: High Quality Guide “Market Disruption Domination” • Module 2: Resource Cheat... [...]

PrimeDomainAI creates self-updating GoDaddy-style domain-selling sites #ad

Now, with PrimeDomain AI, you can start selling domains to the public, and because of your low operating costs, you can sell them at a lower cost than the big name registrars, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap. With PrimeDomain AI, you will benefit from: ➤ Smart domain name generation using AI ➤ Auction your domains by paying a low listing cost ➤ Automate the process of adding millions of domains from every TLD (.com, .net, .org, etc.) ➤ Effortlessly sell limitless domains to global customers ➤ Save money by canceling your current domain subscription; move your domains here ➤ Easy monetization... [...]

PLR Funnels: Create auto-updating PLR funnels for any niche #ad

PLR Funnels was just released. It fills a need that many marketers have, especially those who are: • Not tech-savvy • Those who are just beginning (but its benefits will attract some established marketers, too. A marketing funnel is key for a marketer’s lonng-term success. Selling a single product to a customer doesn’t build a business very quickly. You want to have a series of products that you can offer to your customers who bought your first product. People who invest in your first product may find that related products that you offer are also attractive and buy them as well. This... [...]

Quarsi PLRHub: Ultimate Platform to Succeed With PLR #ad

Quarsi PLRHub is a PLR business-in-a-box solution that gives you a fresh approach to profit from PLR without needing to create any content. Here’s what you get with Quarsi PLRHub: ➤ 1,000 high-quality, high-converting PLRs ➤ Free sub-domain ➤ Free hosting ➤ 3 automated traffic apps (only for the first 150 fast action-takers) ➤ A unique, creative strategy to profit from PLR ➤ Add your own PLR ➤ Add your own logo ➤ Built-in newsletter manager ➤ Discount manager ➤ Admin revenue report ➤ And many more features designed for your PLR success Quarsi PLRHub is built to be easy... [...]

Strategic Objectives vs. Shiny Objects #ad

ContentSparks has just released a new training package, Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop. They point out that if you don’t have strategic objectives for your business, you are likely to waste both time and money on the shiny objects that are continually appearing in our environment: video this, Facebook that, or AI the other. What is your vision for how your business will help people and earn an income for that help? You need to get that question answered correctly before you set about laying in tools to make it happen. Otherwise, the tools probably won’t be up to the task. Digital... [...]

Asigo for marketing when times are tough. #ad

Asigo is made for times like these. Warren Buffett often has said that tough times are the ideal times to invest. His point is that when other people are too scared to act, the brave take actions that will lead to their success. If you want to succeed, you must act in a way the majority of people don’t. That’s obvious, actually, since if you do what most people do, you will get what most people get, average results, at best. Buffett always advised us to get in at the bottom (when people are afraid and nervous) and ride the wave up. Get out at the top (when people are brave) and take... [...]

[Live Demo] Asigo ‘dropshipping eServices’ #ad

The Asigo Launch is finally here. If you missed the workshop yesterday, there’s another today explaining how you can use Asigo to build your online eServices dropshipping business. The official launch of The Asigo System is your opportunity to partner with Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, the original inventors and innovators of “eService Dropshipping” to grow your very own “eservice dropshipping” store. If you ever considered starting a ‘regular’ dropshipping business, where you make the sales and someone else supplies the product for you, you’ll want to investigate this new twist,... [...]

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