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Friday, March 1, 2024

Archive for the 'Generative AI for Marketing' Category

NicheSites AI creates niche websites in just 180 seconds #ad

  NicheSites AI launches at 11 AM EST today. At 10 AM, there is a demonstration webinar that shows you how to take advantage of its power to quickly create attractive websites for yourself or for clients. Besides the training, there will be a special deal only offered on the webinar. If it is too late for the webinar, click here to watch the recorded demo now: NicheSites AI Demo Recording. NicheSites AI is new innovative software that is a website builder’s best friend. Why? Because it creates profit-pumping niche websites in just 180 seconds. With this new tool, you can create… ➤... [...]

11 AI Bundles-Christmas Sale; AI software at a surprising low price #ad

11 AI Bundles Christmas Sale is a package of software and training programs that turbocharge your marketing strategies using AI. From PromptMerchant to ShortsFactory AI, each tool is a gem, designed to grow your success. This deal isn’t for everyone. It’s for go-getters ready to put AI to work in their business. The 11 products are: Prompt Strongbox for ChatGPT AI Shorts Factory Prompt Merchant Pitch Kickstart for ChatGPT The Ultimate AI Lead Magnet Formula Create Offers that Sell using AI 5-day Challenge Incognito Traffic with AI AI Prompt Ace Leadono Speedlir Funnelify This is a... [...]

Accelerate Your Marketing with ChatGorilla’s AI Brain #ad

ChatGorilla, which has just been announced, is an AI tool designed to assist in a wide range of marketing tasks. Chat Gorilla uses over 1,000 prompts to help create effective marketing campaigns and provides solutions for queries related to marketing asset creation. It’s aimed at various business sectors including small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, e-commerce stores, and more. It offers capabilities such as content creation, marketing strategy development, and automated customer engagement. With ChatGorilla you can: ➤ Create stunning images right inside the platform ➤... [...]

SiteGenius AI builds impressive affiliate sites in seconds #ad

SiteGenius AI is an AI-powered app that lets users instantly build profitable affiliate niche sites while AI does all of the work. The sites it creates are filled with 100s of helpful articles, making them an authority on any topic and earning affiliate commission from product reviews. With the help of ChatGPT, SiteGenius AI does everything for users including: ➤ Suggests the best niche to focus on ➤ Helps with domain selection ➤ Writes 100s of helpful articles and affiliate product reviews that get ranked in search engines and drive free traffic ➤ Plus, a lot more. It’s a fully automated... [...]

Trends in Generative AI for Marketing [Report]

Generative AI helps create content that resonates with customers. This can include personalized product recommendations, targeted advertising, and interactive experiences. Salesforce has published a new report ‘Generative AI for Marketing’. The Salesforce team says, “Hear from 1,000+ marketers on how they’re adopting AI. In our “Trends in Generative AI for Marketing” report, we’ve broken down how marketers are experimenting with AI, including: Saving time on mundane tasks Building trust with human oversight Growing skills for managing AI-powered tools.” Generative... [...]

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