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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Blogs for Content Marketing' Category

AiGPT: Unlimited ChatGPT content in WordPress #ad

The launch sale is underway for WP AiGPT for WordPress, a WP plugin that puts ChatGPT inside WordPress. Now you can create: ➤ Unlimited blog posts without leaving your site. ➤ Press releases without leaving your site. ➤ Emails and add anecdotes and facts to them without needing to use a search engine to do your research. ➤ Any kind of content in just 1-Click All thanks to the new AiGPT Plugin for WordPress. Download yours here: WP AiGPT for WordPress. This new plugin is versatile. It writes unique content for you on any topic you want. Look at this wide range of examples: ➤ Blog Posts,... [...]

‘Rise of the Content Machines: How Blogs Became a Secret Weapon’ – Entrepreneur

Christina Baldassarre says, ” Content marketing has been around for centuries. Benjamin Franklin began publishing the journal Poor Richard’s Almanack to promote his print business back in 1732, Michelin launched the Michelin Guide back in 1900, and Jell-O began offering free copies of the Jell-O Recipe Book back in 1901. Those fore-founders of content marketing had the right idea. Offer engaging and useful content to your customers, and it will boost sales, grow your community and increase brand loyalty. Jell-O’s sought-after recipe book contributed to more than $1M in revenue in just... [...]

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