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Friday, September 29, 2023

Archive for the 'SEO Ranking Factors' Category

How to Use Backlinks for Better Ranking [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘How to Use Backlinks for Better Ranking’ to help you correctly use backlinks for improving your SEO rankings. The HubSpot team says, “In today’s landscape understanding SEO and backlinks can be the difference between your site being found and lost. Glassdoor’s masterful SEO strategy has made it the number one search result for over 100,000 keywords. Want to know how to get your website ranking for over 2 million keywords? Glassdoor did it, and we’re going to show you how”. HubSpot  [...]

Impact of Social Signals on Rankings

Your search engine rankings are influenced by several factors. By working on the ones that positively improve your SEO, you can get more traffic. Search Engine Journal’s Julia McCoy has published an article highlighting five SEO misconceptions. She says, “Here’s a quick roundup of the five biggest misconceptions about SEO I’ve seen spouted in the last year, and why they just aren’t true. Recognize any? Misconception #1: Social Signals Impact Ranking Whether or not social signals impact SEO has been a hot topic for at least the last ten years. It makes sense that the more followers... [...]

Think like Google. Raise your ranking #ad

Google can contribute to your website’s success or contribute to its downfall, depending on how it estimates your site’s value to their search clients. Google looks for “signals” that tell it your site is important and helpful. If it finds a lot of these signals (such as backlinks, mentions in social media, even how well it can crawl your site to understand what it is focused on), it judges the site worthwhile and gives it a good ranking. Every webmaster/marketer should pay attention to what Google is looking for and give it the signals that will raise your ranking. But... [...]

CoreSEO: Gain Google’s trust to improve, protect your ranking #ad

Google is important to online marketers. There’s no question about it. If your site and the marketing you do for your site bug Google, your sales will suffer. If you play according to Google’s rules, your sales will improve. What does it take to get Google to like your site? More than it did 10 years ago. For one thing, branding and user experience are becoming increasingly important for Google. If your site isn’t set up only as a store for goods people are already seeking, you have to offer more than just good content and technical infrastructure that is easy for Google to crawl. One... [...]

‘SEO ranking factors analysed: The importance of brand relevancy’ – EConsultancy

James Perrott says, “There have been some great SEO ranking factor studies over the last year, but I thought it would be a good time to wade in with another opinion (that’s right, an opinion – not fact). To keep this as succinct as possible, I am going to look at the following areas for five different business sectors. Domain Trust – defined by Majestic Number of referring domains HTTPS vs HTTP Mobile-friendly score Internal links prioritisation Canonical tags Keyword in meta title, h1 and h2 tags Length of on-page content for ranking pages Brand + product term to define relevance... [...]