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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Local Marketing' Category

LocalSitesGo Ultimate: 100 local business website designs with AI #ad

  LocalSitesGo Ultimate is perfect for marketing agencies and consultants who help local businesses get their business online. It not only helps you build a brand-new website with just a few clicks but the built-in AI helps you create the content as well. In this release, you get 100 brand new professionally designed, niche specific site layouts. (There are additional optional layouts (over 1000 are available) you can also choose if you like.) These are WordPress sites, making it easy to change them to meet specific needs of your clients. With LocalSitesGo Ultimate, you are moving into a... [...]

Create Rapid Growth with Vumu Bundle Offer #ad

Vumu is live and is the ideal tool for marketing agencies looking to book more local businesses for their marketing services. According to the 2023 Agency Benchmarks report, client acquisition is a major challenge for 57% of marketing agencies. In a marketplace saturated with competitors, drawing in new clients is getting harder each day… However, with Vumu, you can get 20-30 bookings with hot prospects without running ads by using hyper-personalization technology. This new app called Vumu has been responsible for generating 6-figure deals in a matter of days and right now you can get it with... [...]

EZDeals Advanced: You can now challenge Groupon #ad


AI Open Door launches today for marketing agencies and consultants #ad

  As we reported yesterday, AI Open Door will be available at early bird prices at 11:00 EST. Also, remember, at 10:00 EST there is a webinar available to show you how to use it in your agency or consultancy: AI Open Door Launch Webinar. On the webinar, Neil Napier will show you how to land clients faster than anyone else using AI. The mistake many people make is they approach prospects just like everyone else… In the prospects’ minds, you did no homework… no research on their business… You’re just another email- or message-sending agency begging to be hired. AI Open Door is... [...]

PitchPerfect AI builds marketing services “pitches” to local businesses #ad

  PitchPerfect AI isn’t your run-of-the-mill online marketing aid. Think of it more as your silent co-pilot, an unseen strategist, sharing the secrets of every lead so you can customize your offerings to their needs. It lets you see the unseen: The Lead Score Technology isn’t just about spotting leads. It’s about discerning which ones are filled with potential, ready to improve their online marketing. Say goodbye to cold leads. PitchPerfect AI can warm them up. Think of the Lead Analysis feature as checking the pulse of your prospect’s digital heartbeat. Everything, from... [...]

MOZ Highlights 12 Local Search Developments

Local search refers to a type of internet search that uses specialized search engines to find local businesses. It helps local businesses grow quickly through search engines. MOZ contributor Miriam Ellis has published an article featuring 12 local search developments from Q3 2023. She says, “The previous quarter in local search has felt slightly more mellow than the first two of this year, but industry experts have definitely made some noteworthy discoveries, and Google has made one major move. With the holiday shopping season up next, now is the time to examine any emerging opportunities... [...]

Pages software creates automated websites for local businesses in seconds #ad

As we reported, Pages by Convertlead was released to the public yesterday. Neil Napier, the leader of the Convertlead company, the company that created it, describes it as the “World’s First Intuitive Website Builder For Local Businesses”. In today’s world, every local business needs a fresh beautiful website with several pages to spread the company name and company news. Even the businesses that already have a website, for the most part, have ancient-looking websites that look especially bad on smartphones. As a result, they are losing business every day. It could add up to... [...]

AIPlex builds you an affiliate system from scratch #ad

AiPlex is the first-ever AI-driven app that creates affiliate sites and related marketing materials. Just tell it what you want. The easiest way to get started on line is affiliate marketing; no product development, no customer support; . All you do is send customers to other marketers who handle the sale and give you a commission for the sales you send to them. There are several ways you can promote products as an affiliate, but one of the best is to create a website where you do a “show and tell” about the products you promote. Mosh Bari has created AiPlex, which he calls, “the... [...]

VidProposals 2.0: Neil Napier’s free training tomorrow #ad

One of the keys to growing any business, local or online, is getting deals made. Neil Napierhas created VidProposals 2.0, which he calls “the perfect system for getting signed contracts online in a way that’s never been done before.” People want digital services more than ever because it’s so effective to go online and outsource online marketing tasks. So Neil has put together VidProposals 2.0 to help you step up your deal closing success rate so you can start your marketing consulting or outsourcing right away while avoiding all the confusing and frustrating work that keeps... [...]

AI Authority Blog: Full PLR to complete Lead Gen Website #ad

Nick Mann released AI Authority Blog today. It’s the latest “done for you” solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to build assets for online marketers. As you know, AI has made significant inroads into marketing, automating a lot of activity that formerly was done manually or with rudimentary tools. If you are an authority on AI (or can quickly become one) there is an opportunity in selling your services to marketers. At least being familiar enough with AI to provide basic AI consulting can give you the start along that road. Most businesses have no clue... [...]

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