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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Marketing Glossary

Put Social First to Drive Revenue Growth, July 10 [Webinar]

Social media has forever transformed consumer behavior, but most brands fail to leverage essential social touchpoints for meaningful engagement. Yet the brands that have mastered the art of meeting consumers exactly where they are on social platforms have seen unprecedented growth.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Put Social First to Drive Revenue Growth’ on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, at 1.00 pm ET.

The Adweek team says, “Discover how putting social at the core of your marketing can directly impact your company’s bottom line from Viral Nation’s chief business development officer, Emma Ferrara, and director of community and social, Madison Gaudry-Routledge. You’ll find out:

  • How to elevate your community management efforts into a multifaceted listening tool that drives ROI
  • Why influencer and brand alignment is key to successful campaigns
  • How to meet audiences on social platforms with always-on, high-volume social content”.

Put Social First to Drive Revenue Growth


Proving Your Worth: How to Measure the Success of Your Social Marketing [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published the latest Social Media Marketing Podcast episode ‘Proving Your Worth: How to Measure the Success of Your Social Marketing’ featuring Emeric Ernoult.

This episode covers the following:

  • Why Marketers Should Track Their Social Media Marketing Efforts
  • The Struggles of Measuring Social Media Marketing Success
  • How to Identify Trackable Elements in Your Social Media Marketing
  • How to Implement UTM Parameters for Granular Tracking
  • How to Leverage Google Tag Manager
  • How to Interpret and Report on Social Media Marketing Data.

Social Media Examiner







Privacy-Centric Targeting Strategies That Deliver, June 27 [Webinar]

Privacy-Centric Targeting focuses on delivering personalized advertisements while safeguarding user data, using techniques that avoid intrusive tracking methods. It aims to balance effective marketing strategies with respect for consumer privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Privacy-Centric Targeting Strategies That Deliver’ on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 1.00 pm ET.

The Adweek team says, “Explore how to leverage cutting-edge technologies and strategies to deliver impactful results while prioritizing user privacy with experts from Semasio. You’ll find out:

  • The impact of ID uncertainty on ad targeting in light of delayed cookie deprecation
  • How identifiability and privacy-centric targeting approaches can coexist
  • Strategies for maintaining reach and identifiability without compromising privacy”.

Privacy-Centric Targeting Strategies That Deliver


PLR Stack 2024 limited availability is ending #ad

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PLR Stack 2024: Massive PLR Bundle of Quality DFY Content #ad

PLR Stack 2024

For one week, through May 30th, PLR Stack 2024 gives you access of over 40+ products with a real value of over $2,100 for a tiny fraction of the cost.

PLR Stack 2024 is a collaborative effort by more than 40 online business owners who have all contributed a product that will help you accelerate your content creation. You will recognize many of the names, including top Online Publishers Jimmy D. Brown, Jen Perdew, Alice Seba, Kevin Fahey, Connie Ragen Green, and many more.

The bundle includes done-for-you content (PLR), templates, DFY Workbooks, DFY Planners and training about how to monetize PLR products.

If you are interested in growing your list and nurturing your subscribers with awesome content, you should check this out.

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Pinterest SEO: Do THIS and the Algorithm Will LOVE You [Video]

Pinterest SEO involves optimizing your pins and boards with relevant keywords and descriptions to increase visibility and reach on the platform, maximizing organic traffic and engagement opportunities for your content. By understanding user intent and leveraging Pinterest’s algorithms, businesses can effectively boost their presence and attract their target audience.

HubSpot has published a new video ‘Pinterest SEO: Do THIS and the Algorithm Will LOVE You’.

The HubSpot team says, “Pinterest SEO is one of the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal and it is SO easy to do, all it takes is a little time and attention. In this video we’ll show you essential tips and tricks to boost your business by taking advantage of Pinterest SEO and explain the steps you need to take to get the Pinterest algorithm to love your content. You’ll learn how to create discoverable Pinterest boards, optimize your pins for visual search, and so much more — including some quick and easy tips that will help increase your Pinterest SEO value in no time.”


Podcasting Potholes [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a new video ‘Podcasting Potholes’ featuring A. Lee. Judge.

The CMI team says, “Say goodbye to sifting through irrelevant “Best Practices” (designed for entertainment podcasts) and hello to targeted insights. In this clip from Content Marketing World 2023, speaker A. Lee Judge (Co-Founder and CMO, Content Monsta) share tips on taking your podcast game to the next level.”

Content Marketing Institute

Professional Services Marketing [Podcast]

Professional services marketing involves strategically positioning and promoting specialized expertise to attract and retain clients, emphasizing trust, credibility, and value proposition. It focuses on showcasing industry knowledge, building relationships, and demonstrating tangible results to effectively differentiate services and drive business growth.

Digital Marketing Institute has published its new podcast episode ‘Professional Services Marketing’ featuring Heart with Roy Sexton.

The DMI team says, “How do you market an organization made up of diverse individuals – in this case a global firm of over 700 legal professionals? We were delighted to have an insightful conversation with ⁠Roy Sexton⁠, head of marketing at Clark Hill, on how marketing can be a force for good, the overlap between B2B and B2C marketing, working on a company’s personal brand, considerations about putting your marketing behind social movements, and lots of tips for marketers at any stage of their career”.

Digital Marketing Institute

Personalization Perfected: Conversational AI’s Impact on Demand Generation, April 24 [Webinar]

Personalized marketing tailors messages and offers to individual preferences, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. By leveraging data insights, it creates targeted experiences that resonate with consumers on a personal level, driving conversion and satisfaction.

MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar ‘Personalization Perfected: Conversational AI’s Impact on Demand Generation’ on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 12:00 pm ET.

The MarketingProfs team says, “Conversational AI is the future of personalized digital marketing.

More than a pre-programmed chatbot, Conversational AI turns casual website visits into meaningful interactions, redefining engagement and driving demand like never before.

In this free session from AI for Demand Gen Marketers, Caitlin Seele (Director of Revenue Marketing at Drift) explores how intelligent chat and personalized conversations are revolutionizing the way your business connects with website visitors.

Register now to discover how Conversational AI:

  • Streamlines demand generation workflows with Conversational AI
  • Empowers content personalization through AI insights
  • Enhances customer connections with predictive analytics.”

Beyond One-Time Use: Extending Content Shelf Life With AI in Marketing


Prepare: The Data Apocalypse Will Come (Eventually) [Video]

The term “Data Apocalypse” refers to a catastrophic event caused by the loss, corruption, or misuse of vast amounts of digital information, leading to severe disruptions in various aspects of society, economy, and governance. Safeguarding data integrity, privacy, and security is paramount to mitigate the risks associated with a potential data apocalypse scenario.

Content Marketing Institute has published a new video ‘Prepare: The Data Apocalypse Will Come (Eventually)’ featuring Robert Rose.

The CMI team says, “A new IAB report finds only 42% of marketers expect third-party cookies will disappear in 2024, and less than 60% are actively exploring Google’s Privacy Sandbox for alternative options. Are they in denial about the impending loss of vital audience data or just lacking the measurement clarity to plan ahead for its impact? Either way, Robert Rose points to some actions to start prioritizing in preparation.”

Content Marketing Institute