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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Marketing Glossary

ProfitMeet: Some say it’s a “Zoom Killer” #ad

In the last 9 months, the fame, popularity, and business success of Zoom have soared. As a result, its stock has more than tripled in price.

As you probably know, Zoom hosts online meetings, and many businesses, organizations, and individuals have adopted its technology to allow them to continue operation during the COVID-19 lock-downs.

After seeing the success of Zoom, others have developed competing platforms for online meetings and webinars.

Today, a new electronic meeting platform is being released: ProfitMeet. It is shaping up to be a worthy competitor to Zoom, perhaps even superior.

This new platform is a robust solution for any electronic event, such as webinars, conferences, and classes.

For the moderator of the meeting, it provides a simple but powerful dashboard for managing the gathering, easier than for Zoom, Skype, or Go-to-Webinar.

You can create Instant Meetings with one click. And you can also schedule meetings in advance, of course.

Look at the power of ProfitMeet.
► You aren’t limited in what you can do. You can create unlimited Video Conferences, Live Classes, Webinars.
► All of your events can have unlimited attendees.
► Record Your Sessions for future replays.
► During your meeting, you can share your screen as well as your camera
► The system is supported by fast servers that allow high-definition pictures with no lag time.
► During the product launch, they are offering the service for a one-time one-time investment, without any monthly fees.
► It is equipped with a built-in autoresponder to reach out to your attendees and customers.
► It includes social sharing capabilities so your attendees can help your meetings go viral.

You are getting Full Commercial Rights so you can offer these services to your clients.

If you need any kind of meetings for your business, your club, your extended family, or your organization, check out this new solution here: ProfitMeet.

Preparing a Strong Marketing Strategy for Lockdown 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to be going soon. As the world struggles to deal with it, the Affiliate Insider has shared some useful tips to keep your marketing strategy working during the lockdown 2.0.

The AI team says, “Things are all a bit uncertain these days. Here in the UK we are facing another potential lockdown so how will you manage your marketing strategy if we lose out on sports or other iGaming events?

Nobody can predict the future and managing your marketing strategy can be a bit tough under these circumstances. It’s important to prepare for the possibility that there could be another few month’s with further restrictions – and that this is something completely out of our control. Affiliate marketing doesn’t rely on local restrictions but international impacts can affect your performance too so how will you pivot and change to accommodate local market changes?

Here are some tips as to how you can proof your marketing strategy in the wake of lockdown 2.0

Use the social media mediums available to you

Visibility is key in any kind of business.  During lockdowns human interactions are of course no longer possible, which means we need to make use of the available social media channels to remain connected with our partners”.

How you can future proof your marketing strategy for lockdown 2.0

Protect Your Promotions and Attract Valuable Lifelong Customers With Identity Marketing [Webinar]

SheerID and Retail Dive have made available an on-demand webinar ‘Protect Your Promotions and Attract Valuable Lifelong Customers With Identity Marketing’.

The Retail Dive team says, “In this new webinar, Cheri Davies, Senior Director of Customer Acquisition at Comcast, and Sai Koppala, CMO at SheerID, share the successes they’ve seen with identity marketing and why you don’t have to compromise on your offers or your results to put together profitable customer acquisition campaigns. Attendees will walk away understanding:

  • The concept of identity marketing and how it works
  • How Comcast uses identity marketing to develop successful promotions for the Gen Z market through their case study
  • Ways you can deploy identity marketing successfully”.

Protect Your Promotions and Attract Valuable Lifelong Customers With Identity Marketing

Retail Dive

Portent’s Guide to Setting a PPC Budget

Portent contributor Timothy Johnson has shared a step-by-step guide to help you set right budget for your PPC campaigns.

He says, “Depending on how advanced you are with tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, and digital marketing in general, the short answer may be:

  • Define your SMART business goals for PPC
  • Evaluate past performance using a simple framework like our Click-Worth Calculator
  • Determine your profitability requirements
  • Go!

But let’s take a deeper look at what that means, and review some of the fundamentals that should be informing the “right” budget for your business. That said, we aren’t going to spend much time talking about how to improve profitability here. But if you’re curious, our Building Successful PPC blog series is a good place to start”.

How to Set a PPC Budget

Preparing 2021 Content Marketing Strategy

IMPACT’s Jen Barrell has shared a useful article on ‘what should a 2021 content marketing strategy include’.

She says, “The atmosphere we’re building a content strategy in isn’t like it was last year. I’ve heard the phrase “these are unprecedented times” so often that it should be turned into a (socially responsible) drinking game. We’re all in territories we didn’t think we could never imagine.

And it’s not like the end of the year planning was ever easy to begin with. In the past, I’ve made grand plans for content months in advance, gathered quotes, pitched budgets, and have had to trim and zhuzh in order to get the finances to stretch what was needed.

This year isn’t like that. No year has been like this year”.

What should a 2021 content marketing strategy include?

Profile Mate: Use Instagram for your online marketing #ad

profile mate software

New Instagram Marketing Software Just Released

Luke Maguire has just released new software called Profile Mate. It helps you mine Instagram for valuable data about prospective customers. As we say, it is new, but in less than a day, over 500 copies have been sold.

Profile Mate is the only Instagram analytics tool that enables you to get new email contacts daily and discover insights about your competitors’ fans. It does it legally, ethically, and within Instagram’s terms of service.

Now you can completely automate your Instagram marketing and convert your competitor’s ready-to-contact followers into your own customers.

You can have your fan pages automatically engage with your target audience 24/7, build relationships, and make sales, all on autopilot.

Here is a summary of what you need to know about this new software.

Q: What is Profile Mate?

A: It’s an easy-to-use, but powerful web-based tool that automates growing your following on Instagram and then keeping your followers engaged.

Q: Why is Instagram important for my marketing?

A: Over 1 billion active users on Instagram automatically makes it important. Add to this the fact that they have been proven to be 52 times more likely to buy from you than a Facebook use and 127 more likely than a Twitter user, and now the importance is clear.

Q: What does Profile Mate actually do?

A: It is a complete Instagram marketing suite. It finds potential customers among followers in other Instagram accounts in your niche. Watch the demo video now to understand in detail: Profile Mate.

Q: Is it hard to use or does it require any special skills?

A: Not a bit. You let the system do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is enter the account information for a competitor in your niche and press Start.

It mines the follower data for you to use. It automatically generates hundreds (possibly, thousands) of warm leads every day. Then it uses their address to email them for you.

Because it is cloud-based software, Maguire will probably change it to a recurring monthly plan when the launch week special is over in order to cover his ongoing expenses.

So make sure you take advantage of the early bird offer and get in at the low one-time fee today.

However, we should warn you that there may be price increases throughout the launch week, so you probably want to get involved now: Profile Mate.

Preparing for the Uncertain Future for SEO [Podcast]

SEO is the key to your organizational growth today. With the changing search algorithms, you need to keep your SEO strategy dynamic – for best results.

Searchmetrics has published a new episode of ‘Voices of Search’ podcast titled ‘Preparing for the Uncertain Future for SEO’ featuring Tyson Stockton and Benjamin Shapiro.

The Searchmetrics team says, “Predicting what happens next in this chaotic year is ineffectual. What organizations can do is analyze their data and examine trends in their industries to set a path forward to success. Join host Ben as he concludes New Buyer’s Journey Week with Searchmetrics’ Director of Services Tyson Stockton as they discuss what lies ahead for SEO during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • The best predictive method you can take is to continue improving your organization’s processes to ensure your company remains efficient and competitive.
  • As you prepare for the end of the year it’s important you nail down and implement technical improvements now. One leading technical improvement to adjust for is to prepare for the debut of web vitals in the new year.
  • You can prepare for longer buying cycles by producing top of funnel content now while positioning yourself to be flexible and agile when timelines shift”.

Preparing for the Uncertain Future for SEO


PR Rage software makes domain flipping easy #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the second generation of PR Rage 2.0.

This new software helps you flip a $10 investment in a domain name into a profitable sale or, if you prefer, into passive rental income, all without any technical skills.

Here’s the simple process for finding a domain to flip
Step 1: Enter a domain name you think would be perfect. (It may or may not be available.)

Step 2: PR Rage 2.0 generates a list of similar names that are available to buy. You can narrow the results based on age, number of backlinks, amount of traffic, social signals, estimated value and more.

Step 3: Choose domain(s) to invest in (PR Rage 2.0 handles the purchase process for you), then either rent the domains for a monthly fee or sell them for a profit.

Maybe you have no clue about domains and domain flipping. That’s won’t stop you because PR Rage 2.0 is a simple point-and-click system that requires no prior experience or tech skills .

You may think Domain Flipping is a complicated process. If you were to do it manually, you would be right.

But that’s exactly why Bayliss has created this new software. It helps regular people like you and me build a business flipping domains, a process many people are afraid to even try.

Here’s what one user says about his experience:

PR Rage software testimonial

If this sounds like a business you would enjoy, you need to check this out quicky because you’ll probably end up paying a lot more after the launch, and it may go from a one-time fee to a monthly fee.

This may be your chance for online success. Check it out here: PR Rage 2.0.

PPC 101: A Complete Guide to PPC Marketing Basics [E-book]

Search Engine Journal has published a new  e-book ‘PPC 101: A Complete Guide to PPC Marketing Basics’ to help marketers understand the PPC marketing.

This 16-chapter guide will help you to discover and learn the basics of PPC.

The SEJ team says, “If you’re new to the world of paid search, it can be overwhelming. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing – also known as search engine marketing (SEM) – is complex. It’s easy to blow through your budget and have nothing to show for it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are so many:

  • Advertising formats: Text ads, Responsive text ads, Video ads, Image ads, Call-only ads, and so much more!
  • Ad networks: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Adroll, Gemini, etc.
  • Terms and acronyms: Quality Score? Ad Rank? CTR? ROAS? CPC?

That’s why we created PPC 101: A Complete Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing Basics. This in-depth ebook will guide you through the fundamentals and essentials of PPC.

PPC, done right, is incredibly valuable for businesses and brands of all sizes who want to grow and be profitable.

Want to drive more qualified visitors to your website who are further down the buyer funnel and more likely to convert? Paid search advertising can help you do that”.

PPC 101: A Complete Guide to PPC Marketing Basics

Search Engine Journal

Paul Ponna drawing for a free copy of his new DoodleMaker software #ad

Doodle maker Software

Next month Paul Ponna is releasing new software he calls DoodleMaker. As the name implies, it creates doodle videos We have seen this software in action, and it is the best doodle video software we have ever seen.

We recommend you check out his demo video

To build interest in advance of his product launch, Ponna is holding a drawing for 20 free copies (plus cash prizes.)

There’s no obligation for registering for the drawing. You might be the chosen winner, so why not?

On September 1, he will hold a webinar to introduce the product launch. On that webinar, he will announce the winners.

Go here to (1) register for the drawing, (2) sign up for the webinar, and (3) watch the demo video: DoodleMaker.