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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Marketing Glossary

Post Ideas for Your Instagram Marketing

Creativity remains at the heart of your marketing. Well-designed marketing campaigns can help you boost your  marketing ROI.

Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonnenberg has shared 14 Instagram post ideas for business.

She says, “In this article, you’ll discover 14 ideas you can put to work today to grow your audience and sales with Instagram.

#1: Break Up Long Educational Posts With Carousels

Instagram is the ideal platform for sharing information in small, easy-to-process amounts. First, think about the message you want to deliver to your audience. Maybe you want to show how you source materials or perhaps you want to drive home the benefits of a key ingredient in all of your products.

Then break your message into short snippets that fit on an image or in a video frame.

Instagram carousels work well for this type of post because they hook readers with an introductory image and keep them swiping with up to nine additional images or videos. The Instagram algorithm can place as many as two different posts from a carousel in followers’ feeds, increasing impressions and opportunities for engagement.”

14 Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Social Media Examiner

ProfitDom: Profitably selling expired domain names #ad

ProfitDomAlessandro Zamboni recorded this video course for you, following the instructions of a top domain name seller, which made sales for up to $3,500 per transaction.

We have a lot of domain names (over a thousand, actually), some of which we have owned for as long as 17 years. We have more domain names than we can manage so we have started selling some.

When we saw this training from Zamboni on how to get higher prices when you sell a domain name, we jumped at it.

This course talks about what really works to make money every month, and you don’t need to hold a domain name 17 years to do it.

In ProfitDom, you get everything you need, from A to Z, to become a pro at reselling domain names profitably.

Here is a recap of what you will find inside this training. See if it makes sense to you:

➤ How to know which domain names are worth investing in and which are not
​➤ How to register expired domain names for $7.99 without additional fees
​➤ The three types of domain names that are easy to sell
​➤ How to sell your domain names on two different portals (no, not Flippa, the best-known venue)
​➤ Two markets in which you can sell names with ease
​➤ How to safely transfer domain names to make sure you get paid
​➤ All the training you need to start and run this business like a pro
​➤ And a lot more.

ProfitDom is so comprehensive that that we’re sure we will be profiting in the short and long run. Selling over a thousand names will take us a while. It’s not a short-term project.

And remember that we are at a disadvantage that you can avoid: we used a gut feeling to select our domain names. You can use the scientific method in this course.

Everything inside this course is easy to follow and replicate, and the great thing is you can start making money with your domain names on the same day you start reading the ebook.

There’s an old marketing slogan to the effect that the main thing you need for marketing success is to sell what people want to buy. More and more people want to buy domain names. You can be the one to sell them.

Get your copy today, before the price rises, here: ProfitDom.

By the way, we also bought the first upgrade he offered, which details additional ways to improve your results when selling domain names.

There’s another upgrade (that we decided not to invest in) specifically about crypto-related domain names. Apparently, they are rising in value. If you are interested in crypto-currency, NFTs, etc., then you may also want to get this upgrade.

ProfitDom: Buy & sell expired domain names for a profit #ad

Alessardro Zamboni and Olagbaju Dotun are teaming up to offer ProfitDom, a simple way to locate valuable domain names that have expired and to resell them quickly.

ProfitDom is an easy and complete method to buy and resell expired domains in a few minutes, from the research to the final sale on one of the two platforms presented.

This training is available in eight step-by-step videos and includes a valuable bonus.

People have been “domaining” (i.e., making a business of buying and selling domain names) for years. Finding brand new and never-seen-before domaining methods doesn’t happen often.

Domainers, in general, are following the well-worn paths, doing precisely the same thing, and as a result, they are competing with each other.

In ProfitDom, you have the chance to learn a new powerful method to buy expired domain names and how to flip them for consistent profit.

Zamboni has found a way to avoid the long holding time before profitably selling the domain.

He has put what he learned into this video course for you, following the directions of a top domain name seller, who made sales for up to $3,500 per transaction.

Zamboni says that if you want to establish a passive income business that requires nothing more than 10 minutes, this course will show you how.

The price is low, but you need to act in the first 48 hours for the best price. After that, the price will rise in a dimesale,

Domaining can be a simple way to build an income online, a way that avoids many of the complexities of operating a website or online store. Check it out here: ProfitDom.

Practical Ecommerce Highlights 15 Tools for Link Building

Link building is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. It helps you improve your site’s credibility.

Practical Ecommerce contributor Sig Ueland has shared 15 tools for link building.

He says, “Here is a list of tools for link building.

Link Building Tools

Ahrefs is an advanced link-building platform popular among SEO professionals. Ahrefs has the fastest backlink crawler in the industry and boasts the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks (over 14 trillion), making its Site Explorer a top tool for backlink research. In addition to a backlink checker, Site Explorer can also perform organic and paid traffic research. The Pages section lets you quickly determine which pages on a target website have the most backlinks and social shares. Use Ahref’s Link Intersect to find sites linking to your competitors but not to you. The Domain Comparison feature lets you compare the backlink profiles of up to five different domains. Price: Plans start at $99 per month.

Hunter is an email finder and verification tool for outreach. Quickly find email addresses from any company name or website, locate the verified email address of any professional, and run cold email campaigns. Hunter integrates with popular CRM, email, and automation tools. Price: Free for one email account. Premium plans start at $49 per month.”

15 Tools for Link Building

PPC Hero Highlights Five B2B Link Building Strategies

Link-building can help you improve your website ranking and drive traffic that may result into better sales.

PPC Hero contributor Owen Baker has shared the top five b2b link-building strategies that actually work.

He says, “According to 92 percent of marketers, link building will remain an essential ranking factor in five years. Therefore, link building is a continuous and relentless process for any organization seeking online success. But you can’t be successful at link building if you’re using outdated strategies.

So, if you’re looking for a link-building strategy worth your time and effort, this post is for you.

1. Write High-quality Guest Blogs

You can build brand awareness and backlinks to your website by publishing articles on other websites.

However, when you write guest blogs, make sure they’re well-written, unique, and not promotional. They should be valuable to the audience you’re targeting. The first step in guest blogging is finding blogs that accept guest posts. You can do this in many ways:

Check out other blogs in your niche (or related niches) and see if they have a “Write for Us”, “Submit a Post” or “Guest Post” link in the navigation or footer.”

Top 5 B2B Link Building Strategies That Actually Work

Podkastr: The future of podcast marketing #ad

PodkastrPodcasts are powerful marketing tools. PodKastr makes them easy, helping you to grow your business and boost your results:

✅ Publishing podcasts will quickly establish you as an authority
in any niche and get people to trust you easily.
✅ Over 450 million people listen to podcasts daily; you can tap
into this traffic pool & get traffic for free.
✅ Podcasts listeners have a very high tendency to become buyers.
✅ You can broadcast your podcast in different languages & expand your audience size, targeting a fresh market that no one is reaching.

Secure your special access now (use coupon “early12” to get a 12% discount).

>> Grab Your Earlybird Access To Podkastr Now: PodKastr
Or, even better,
>> Get The Bundle Deal (Podkastr + All Upgrades) and save:Podkastr Bundle.

This is a 6-in-1 podcasting solution that creates powerful podcasts from any video, text, article, blog post in less than 5 minutes.

With Podkastr, you can create, host unlimited podcasts in over 100 languages… and tap into a massive traffic pool by distributing your podcasts on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

And it works in just 3 easy steps:
Step #1 – create or upload your audio
Step #2 – customize your podcast details
Step #3 – publish & distribute your podcast across over 20 different podcast platforms.

>> Click here To See Podkastr In Action Now

The podcast industry is growing in size and in financial value and is already worth a whopping $95 billion.

With this new software, you can create podcasts for your own business or sell them to entrepreneurs and business owners.

As usual, I arranged this special additional product for you as part of what you’ll get today when you purchase Podkastr through my link:

Bonus: Free Access to a Camtasia-Like Video Editor

It’s currently selling for a very low one-time fee, plus you get an extra 12% Earlybird discount when you take action now.

Don’t miss this.

>> Grab Your Earlybird Access To Podkastr now: PodKastr

>> Get The Bundle Deal (Podkastr + Upgrades): Podkastr Bundle.

PodKastr creates powerful podcasts in 5 minutes #ad

PodKastrIf podcasting weren’t so hard, a lot more marketers would try it. With PodKastr, it just got a lot easier.

It is the World’s first 6-in-1 Podcast Creation, Hosting, and Distribution System, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

This new app has six tools to create podcasts from six kinds of content:
➤ The Content Converter Engine allows you to type in your content and convert it to Podcast.
➤ The Article Converter Engine allows you to convert any Article to Podcast.
➤ The eBook Converter Engine allows you to convert any eBook to Podcast.
➤ The Video Converter Engine allows you to convert any YouTube Video Content to Podcast
➤ The Audio Recorder Engine allows you to record your Audio inside the PodKastr App.
➤ The Audio Uploader Engine allows you to upload your Audio in .mp3 format.

Once you have the text for your podcast, choose one of PodKastr‘s 100 life-like voices to speak your text in your podcast. There are over 40 human languages supported so you can podcast internationally.

It will embed your podcast on your website and then distribute links to the 20 major podcast directories, so you will get substantial publicity for your podcast.

Plus, it will distribute links to the top social media sites.

At 11 AM EDT, Forbes-featured software creator Jai Sharma and his team will release PodKastr to the world. One hour earlier, they will demo this new software on a training webinar.

Sharma will show you how you can potentially reach millions of listeners by having your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Index, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, HeartRadio, Overcast, Castbox, and many more.

Attend this free live training at 10:00 AM Eastern to qualify for a free copy of PodKastr. 10 free copies are being given away.

In addition, every attendee will get 10 software apps worth $1000 for free just for attending the live session.

Sign up to attend or to learn more here: PodKastr. If you don’t get to attend the webinar, this link will also give you a prerecorded demo of this new tool.

With the help of Jai Sharma, we have attanged a major collection of bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers: PodKastr Bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers.

By the way, you are getting a commercial license to the software so you can also sell podcasting services to as many clients as you can handle.

Printable Labels Empire is Live; trending niche #ad

Printable Labels EmpirePrintable Labels Empire has just been released by Alessandro Zamboni. He describes this niche as “a new untapped goldmine.”

This training is a step-by-step webinar that will be aired soon (and will have a replay for people who can’t attend live.) In the webinar, you will learn how to create easy labels in four incredible sub-niches where there is less competition and where people actually buy.

Zamboni will show you how to create four different types of labels, and he will give access to all the final projects he creates on the webinar to attendees (including replay attendees).

Printable Labels Empire is you key to getting sdtarted in this valuable niche. You will find a ton of hidden gems inside. Not the usual information, but a whole new way of marketing online.

Right now, he is offering it at a nice introductory discount. But the price won’t last.

Maybe you never thought too much about printable labels, but they are selling like crazy. And you don’t need any special expertise to build this business online.

This Printable Labels Empire webinar will show you how to create custom labels in four incredible niches in less than ten minutes per day, which you can then sell online.

Digital labels that you can customize and print out are the craze right now. They are used a lot in this period of uncertainty to create a lot of products at home.

If you want to join this new trend now while there are only a few competitors, check out this offer. It’s available for a low price, but only for a few hours, here: Printable Labels Empire.

Problogger on Growing Your Blog with Viral Content

Problogger’s Darren Rowse has published an article highlighting some useful tips to grow your blog with viral content.

He says, “I’d encourage you to take some time out to analyze the types of posts that are going viral in your niche (and other niches) at present. The simplest way to do this is to look at what’s ‘hot’ on social media sites like Digg, Medium, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Techmeme etc

I regularly spend time on these sites and find myself learning a lot from looking at what’s most popular on them.

  • What is it about them that seems to be key to them doing so well?
  • What can you learn from them?
  • How can you put some of these principles into action in your own writing.”

How to Grow Your Blog with Viral Content


Perfectly Optimized Content from Start to Finish [Ebook]

Search Engine Journal has published a new ebook ‘Perfectly Optimized Content from Start to Finish’ to help marketers optimize their ebooks for SEO.

The SEJ team says, ”

Content optimization best practices and strategies can satisfy the needs of bots and your audience alike, powering your content up the SERPs and driving success in search.

Download our ebook Perfectly Optimized Content from Start to Finish to learn what this perfectly optimized content looks like and how you can create it, too.

In it, you’ll find everything you need to ensure each element on the page is helping you rank and generate traffic.

You’ll learn exactly what to do with page content, including:

  • Targeted keywords.
  • Search-friendly URLs.
  • Optimized H2 tags.
  • Last updated timestamp.
  • Use of images and video.”

Perfectly Optimized Content from Start to Finish

Search Engine Journal