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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Marketing Glossary

Portent’s Website Building Checklist

Building a new website a challenging task. It can be made easier by having a list of procedures you should follow to build a good website.

Portent contributor Andy Schaff has published a checklist for building your website.

Schaff says, “There are many different approaches to handling website designs. Portent typically prefers a component-based design system. In other words, individual components are designed thus that when put together, construct layouts. An alternative approach is individual page comps, where one-off templates are constructed without deliberate reuse of elements. We have found this approach has more margin for error and confusion. For more information on component-based designs, refer to Brad Frost’s Atomic Design theory.

We won’t go over the fine details of Portent’s philosophies on design in this post, as that is an entire topic itself, but here are some general guidelines the development team prefers:

  • Component-based design system–fonts, brand colors, header styles, button styles, etc. — laid out separately and concisely
  • All designs adhere to styling rules with colors, typefaces, and font weights. The goal should be zero edge cases”.

Website Build Checklist: Webdevs Put It All Together


Paid Advertising Beyond the Conversion [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal‘s Brent Csutoras has published a new podcast episode ‘Paid Advertising Beyond the Conversion’ featuring Susan Wenograd.

Listen to this podcast to explore how you can grow your business with paid advertising. Wenograd shares some useful ways to grow your online sales.

Csutoras says, “For episode 197 of The Search Engine Journal Show, I had the opportunity to interview Susan Wenograd, Chief Marketing Officer at Aimclear, as well as PPC Reporter at Search Engine Journal.

Wenograd, who’ll also be speaking at the SEJ eSummit on June 2, discusses how to incorporate and understand paid advertising beyond the conversion”.

Paid Advertising Beyond the Conversion with Susan Wenograd

Search Engine Journal

Profit-Tearz: Pandemic-proof online business (no selling) #ad

Recently, Jason Fulton and Mark Barrett launched Profit-Tearz. This is a simple method of earning a living online, they say. In fact, they say that it earns commissions almost on autopilot. Once you set it up, it takes just 20 minutes a day.

Two steps are needed:
STEP #1 Get Your “Profit Tearz” Link – This is not an affiliate link. They show you where to get your unique “Profit-Tearz” link.

STEP #2 Send free traffic to your link – They share free traffic methods to send lots of visitors to your Profit Tearz link. No paid traffic is needed to make this work.

That’s it. They report that in just a few minutes a day, you can operate this business consistently.

They have assured us that Profit-Tearz can work for you.

It works regardless of the niche you want to target. If you to want to make commissions online, you should check this out.

Automated, no cost traffic that brings in regular commissions; that’s hard to beat. And Fulton and Barrett say that this process is “100% proven by real results.”

So far, over 3,000 of your fellow marketers have believed that promise and invested (and that number is still growing.)

Find out if you can use this software, too, and get results (see their guarantee): Profit-Tearz.

By the way, in case you are wondering, they promise this involves “nothing illegal, black-hat, or anything that could get you in trouble.”

People are seeking news on COVID-19; you can help #ad

The problem with COVID-19 information is that it is scattered all around the web. It would take a long time to track it all down. People would like to have a single website where they could get all the relevant information to protect themselves. You can build a site like this with WP C19 Automated News Site.

This is a WordPress theme customized with graphics and code to target the COVID-19 news niche and auto-post niche-specific articles 24/7. With it you can spread updates about COVID-19 when they become available.

As with any WordPress site, installation is a breeze. It takes about 5 Minutes to install this theme with its pre-loaded data on your site.

This is a complete site, preloaded with Coronavirus news articles, Legal Pages and more.

Whenever it finds a news article or news video, it will automatically publish it.

One especially interesting feature is that your site will contain statistics of the pandemic from all the countries of the world, and these statistics are automatically updated every day.

Your site is monetized with Amazon ads. Specifically, every news article will be monetized with related Amazon products and an Amazon API Key is not needed to display these related Amazon products automatically.

You can use the site you build (and build as many sites as you like) or you can sell your site to others.

There will be no charge for any future updates to WP C19 Automated News Site.

By the way, your site uses the latest WordPress features, so your host needs to provide PHP 7.0 and WP 5.2 or above to your site. This is normal, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Also, we will give our readers who invest in this site two bonuses:
1. CovertDealZon WP Plugin + Whitelabel Rights
2. G-News Curator WP Plugin + Whitelabel Rights

We will place the links to download them in JVZoo.

Now you can help out with getting information quickly to people, and earn commissions at the same time. Get it here: WP C19 Automated News Site.

Portent’s Guide on SEO A/B Testing With Google Tag Manager

Portent contributor Evan Hals has published a comprehensive guide on ‘SEO A/B Testing With Google Tag Manager’. Hall has provided a step-by-step framework for doing SEO A/B testing.

Hall says, “One of the exciting frontiers in Search Engine Optimization is A/B testing. Historically, most of the discourse around split-testing traffic has been for conversion rate optimization or testing ad copy, and it often leaves SEOs out of the fun!

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the idea from Distilled or Etsy’s very influential blog post on their testing practice. When I read Etsy’s post in 2016, I was very excited to start running my own tests. Finally -A way to isolate the impact of my SEO recommendations!

In this post, I’ll show you the process for implementing an SEO split test from start to finish, only using free tools.

Remember: We’re Not Doing CRO Testing

A/B testing for SEO is a bit different than what we would do for conversion rate optimization or user experience testing. We’re still presenting users with two different versions of our content to see which they prefer. In this case, we’re also trying to see what search engines prefer”.

SEO A/B Testing With Google Tag Manager


Plain-English Guide to Meta Tags & SEO [Guide]

Your website’s meta tags tell search engine crawlers what your site is about. These tags play a critical role in indexing your site pages.

Jaan Kanellis has published a comprehensive guide on how to use meta tags for better SEO performance. The guide is called ‘Plain-English Guide to Meta Tags & SEO’.

Kanellis says, “Meta tags are useful from an SEO perspective since they allow search engines to more easily categorize your web page’s content. There are several types of meta tags and their attributes, and how you use them will depend on your strategy.

Meta Tags Example

Examples of meta tags include canonical tags, meta content type, robot meta tags, meta descriptions, and title tags. You might use a canonical tag to tell search engines which page is the ‘master’ one. Alternatively, you might use robot meta tags to ensure search engines don’t index a page you don’t want on the SERP’s, like a search results page on your site.

Let’s dive into some of these now.

1. Canonical Tags

If you have a single page with multiple URLs, or different pages with similar content (such as a page with a mobile and desktop version), search engines see these pages as duplicate versions of the same page”.

The Plain-English Guide to Meta Tags & SEO

Jaan Kanellis’ Blog Giveaway Contest #ad

We received an email from Andrew Hunter, letting us know that he is running a contest in which he is giving away his training and products. If you want to build an online business around recurring revenue, then make sure you check out his contest.

After you enter to win 5 years of access to his membership program, you can receive 6 months of free access to his complete training library by inviting others to his contest.

Go here to enter: Andrew Hunter’s Plugin Results Contest.

We signed up and are now enjoying his training. Take a look at what is included.

Plugin Results free training

Progressive Apps Builder: convert your site into Android/iOS app in minutes #ad

There’s a relatively new technology being adopted by leading edge marketers, called Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Its primary use is on mobile devices. It has the advantages of a historic mobile app (now called a “native mobile app” to distinguish it from PWAs), but have two major advantages:
1. You don’t have to deliver them using the Apple or Android app stores (and that avoids costs and eliminates the chance of rejection)
2. You don’t need an Apple version and an Android version, one app works on both.

Your visitors can install your PWA on their iPhone directly from your web site using their Safari browser; a similar process installs it on an Android phone with Chrome.

This works regardless of how the visitor arrived at your site, whether social media shares, SEO, SERPs or paid ads.

Now to see your site, they just select your app. No starting a browser and entering your URL. Just a tap will do.

Today a new application will be released at 11 AM EDT that simplifies (and reduces the cost) of building a PWA. Now, you don’t have to hire expensive programmers. You can do it yourself in minutes.

This new tool is called Progressive Apps Builder.

The developers say you can easily convert your existing SSL-secure responsive website into a PWA within 15 Minutes.

These PWAs are auto-updating. Whenever your site is updated, the PWA will follow.

If your website is GDPR compliant (it should be), your PWA will also be compliant.

You app is easy to create. Just let Progressive Apps Builder scan your website. It will give you the code to add on your site to make it a PWA. That’s all there is to do.

These PWAs:
1. Are Super-fast
2. Can be Browsed in Offline Mode
3. Support Push Notification on all Android Devices
4. Websites in any niche can take advantage of PWAs.

We have an earlybird coupon you will want to use for a nice discount: “earl30off”.

And we have a collection of bonuses that will enhance your results:

Progressive Apps Builder Bonuses
Progressive Apps Builder
Progressive Apps Builder
Progressive Apps Builder

Get the whole story here: Progressive Apps Builder.

Podcasting Still Matters [Podcast]

Content publishing is the best way to give an edge and expanded reach to your marketing efforts. Podcast publishing is one such thing that gets you followers who could be prospects and later – your customers.

Rainmaker’s Darren Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart have published a new podcast episode ‘Podcasting Still Matters’ featuring Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

Rainmaker team says, “These days it seems like everyone has a podcast, but there are some pretty staggering stats that show podcasting is just as viable for connecting with an audience as it ever has been.

In this episode, Darrell and Pat talked about:

  • How Pat got his start in podcasting, and why
  • Why its not too late to start a podcast
  • The reason you don’t need to break the bank or get in the weeds launching your show
  • Why podcast production gets easier by the minute
  • The power of storytelling and teaching in content production
  • How Pat’s podcast strategy has changed over the years and the 20% rule he uses
  • An examination of Super Fans and their importance for your business
  • And a defense of self-publishing”.

Podcasting Still Matters, with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income


Personalized Video Marketing Tools: The Future of Conversations [Video]

Your marketing strategy needs to evolve with passing time so that you can influence your prospects and turn them into customers. Video plays a vital role when it comes to extending your reach online.

Social Media Examiner team has published a new video ‘Personalized Video Marketing Tools: The Future of Conversations’ to help you improve your marketing with video tools.

SME team says, “Want to establish deeper connections with your prospects and customers? Wondering how personalized video can help fast-track the process? Video marketing expert Steve Dotto explains why video is an exceptional interpersonal communication tool.

You’ll discover personalized video tech and tools to help you nurture client and colleague relationships at scale, and hear real-world examples of successful personalized video communication”.

Personalized Video Marketing Tools: The Future of Conversations

Social Media Examiner